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IWF Olympic Qualification Ranking for the 2024 Olympics in Paris [as of May 2024]

Less than three months left until the start of the 33rd Olympic Games, which will be held in Paris. So, the countdown to the Olympics 2024 has already officially kicked off for weightlifters all over the world.

We’ll be looking forward to witnessing their striking performances on the grandest stage.

In Olympic weightlifting in total, 120 athletes will compete in Paris, which is a drop compared to 196 in Tokyo and a drop from the 260 at London 2012 and Rio 2016.

As the host country, France gets four quota places: two for men and two for women.


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There’s a specific list of the requirements for lifters to meet in order to qualify for the Olympics:

  • Athletes must be born on or before 31 December 2009.
  • Athletes must participate in the 2023 IWF World (Senior) Championships and the 2024 IWF World Cup.
  • Athletes must participate in a minimum of three of the following events: 2022 IWF World (Senior) Championships, 2023 Continental (Senior) Championships (or Continental Senior Games);
  • 2023 IWF Grand Prix I / Q2-Q3, 2023
  • 2023 IWF Grand Prix II / Q3-Q4, 2023
  • 2024 Continental (Senior) Championships, Q1-Q2, 2024.
  • Athletes and their NOCs must be clean in terms of Anti-Doping violations. 

Speaking about the Olympic weightlifting weight classes that will compete at the Olympics in Paris, just four categories remain the same as during the Games in Tokyo 2020: Men’s 61 kg and 73 kg, and Women’s 49 kg and 59 kg.

IWF Olympic Qualification Ranking

The IWF and International Olympic Committee regularly update the lists of the athletes who succeeded in getting a quota for the 2024 Olympics. So, let’s recall these weightlifters from male and female weight categories who are in the hunt to win a medal and bring their countries triumph on the international arena.

Let’s observe the Top 10 athletes in each category and their IWF results after the final qualification event performance.

Women’s Categories

Women’s 49 kg

  1. HOU Zhihui (CHN) – 217 kg
  2. MIRABAI Chanu Saikhom (IND) – 200 kg
  3. KHAMBAO Surodchana (THA) – 200 kg
  4. DELACRUZ Jourdan Elizabeth (USA ) – 200 kg
  5. CAMBEI Mihaela-Valentina (ROU) – 199 kg
  6. SUZUKI Rira (JPN) – 197 kg
  7. STERCKX Nina (BEL) – 193 kg
  8. ECHANDIA ZARATE Katherin Oriana (VEN) – 193 kg
  9. FANG Wan Ling (TPE ) – 192 kg
  10. PIRON CANDELARIO Beatriz Elizabeth (DOM) – 191 kg

The category leader is Hou Zhihui who did her career-best performance, showing an impressive total of 97-120-217. Such a result surpassed her winning total in Tokyo by 7 kilos, proving her progress in weightlifting, and preserved the spot for the Olympics.

Hou Zhihui at Grand Prix II 2023
Hou Zhihui at Grand Prix II 2023

Mirabai Chanu from India finished third from Group B: it was the first time she competes after her absence of six months because of injury. Winning silver at the Tokyo Olympics, Chanu finished 12th overall with a total of 184 kg (81 kg Snatch and 103 kg Clean & Jerk).

Surodchana Khambao from Thailand succeeded in ranking third with a total of 200 kg. Although, at the final qualifying event, the World Cup in Phuket, she finished fifth.

Women’s 59 kg

  1. LUO Shifang (CHN) – 248 kg
  2. KONOTOP Kamila (UKR) – 236 kg
  3. CHARRON Maude G (CAN) – 236 kg
  4. ALVAREZ CAICEDO Yenny Fernanda (COL) – 234 kg
  5. KUO Hsing-Chun (TPE) – 232 kg
  6. VENEGAS VALERA Anyelin Maria (VEN) – 229 kg
  7. ANDO Elreen Ann (PHI) – 228 kg
  8. LAWAL Rafiatu Folashade (NGR) – 227 kg
  9. GOMEZ VALDIVIA Janeth (MEX) – 223 kg
  10. STERCKX Nina (BEL) – 220 kg

The category’s leader became Luo Shifang: she succeeded in setting a new World Record in a total of 240 kg at the World Cup in Phuket.

Luo Shifang at IWF Weightlifting World Cup 2024
Luo Shifang at IWF Weightlifting World Cup 2024

Another leader in the category is the Ukrainian athlete Kamila Konotop. Despite the withdrawal before the 2024 World Cup, she secured her spot at the Olympics previously by winning gold at the 2024 Europeans in Sofia.

Canadian Charron Maude showed a remarkable performance, she even admitted that it was her best session as she ranked third in Phuket falling behind the powerhouses from China and PRK.

Women’s 71 kg

  1. REEVES Olivia Lynn (USA) – 268 kg
  2. PALACIOS DAJOMES Angie Paola (ECU) – 261 kg
  3. TOMA Loredana-Elena (ROU) – 256 kg
  4. SARNO Vanessa (PHI) – 249 kg
  5. SAID Neama Said Fahmi (EGY) – 246 kg
  6. CHEN Wen-Huei (TPE) – 246 kg
  7. SANCHEZ PERINAN Mari Leivis (COL) – 244 kg
  8. VALODZKA Siuzanna (AIN) – 242 kg
  9. EZE Joy Ogbonne (NGR) – 239 kg
  10. DA COSTA Schott Amanda (BRA) – 238 kg

A promising weightlifter from the USA Olivia Reeves ranked second on the IWF Olympic Qualification Ranking as she set a personal best in the Clean&Jerk of 150 kg and a total of 268 kg at the culminating qualification event.

At the World Cup in Phuket, Reeves took the top spot on the podium ahead of her rival Guifang. According to the USA weightlifting qualifying totals, Reeves has great chances to preserve the leading position in the category.

Olivia Reeves setting World Record in C&J at IWF Weightlifting World Cup 2024

Angie Palacios Dajomes succeeded to rank third in the weight class, despite finishing sixth at the World Cup in Thailand.

Despite the poor performance of Toma Loredana at the 2024 World Cup in Thailand, namely, she ranked 12th with a total of 235 kg, this Romanian lifter succeeded in becoming third in the weightlifting Olympic qualification ranking list. 

Women’s 81 kg

  1. DAJOMES BARRERA Neisi Patricia (ECU) – 269 kg
  2. AHMED Sara Samir Elsayed Mohamed (EGY) – 268 kg
  3. KOANDA Solfrid Eila Amena (NOR) – 266 kg
  4. CIKAMATANA Eileen Floanna Maria (AUS) – 263 kg
  5. KIM Suhyeon (KOR) – 256 kg
  6. MEDINA ROCA Ayamey Damiana (CUB) – 254 kg
  7. NASCIMENTO AMARO Laura (BRA) – 253 kg
  8. MEJIA PEGUERO Yudelina (DOM) – 252 kg
  9. CHIRINOS LEON Dayana Aracelis (VEN) – 244 kg
  10. MUNKHJANTSAN Ankhtsetseg (MGL) – 243 kg

Neisi Dajomes from Ecuador who is also the Tokyo 76-kg gold medalist performed all five good lifts, refusing her final attempt in C&J. She’s first in the ranking with 269 kg in total, thus no Chinese contender is present in this weight category.

Neisi Barrera Dajomes at IWF Weightlifting World Cup 2024

Ahmed Sara Samir succeeded in occupying the second place in the OQR list just with one kilo difference from the leader. By the way, she was already competing at the Olympics in 2016 in Rio, resulting in bronze and a total of 255 kg.

Koanda Solfrid made a solid performance, making her career-best Snatch of 123 kg. But because of two failed attempts in Clean & Jerk, she lifted 152 kg. As a result, she ranks fourth in total. 

Meanwhile, don’t forget about an emotional Australian athlete Eileen Cikamatana. She improved her best total and finished with the results of 114-149-263. Thus, she became third in total at the World Cup and fifth in the Olympic Qualifying ranking.

Women’s 81+ kg

  1. LI Wenwen (CHN) – 325 kg
  2. PARK Hyejeong (KOR) – 296 kg
  3. CAMPBELL Emily Jade (GBR) – 287 kg
  4. CHAIDEE Duangaksorn (THA) – 286 kg
  5. THEISEN LAPPEN Mary Anne (USA ) – 283 kg
  6. AYOVI CABEZAS Lisseth Betzaida (ECU) – 276 kg
  7. ABBAS Halima Abdelazim Sedky (EGY) – 275 kg
  8. PEREZ REVERON Naryury Alexandra (VEN) – 267 kg
  9. SIPAIA Iuniarra (SAM) – 267 kg
  10. SANTANA PEGUERO Crismery Dominga (DOM) – 263 kg

In the super heavyweight category, Li Wenwen holds a convincing cushion ahead of her rivals. She’s first in the ranking with 325 kg in total, with a 29 kg gap. Thus, she created the greatest lead in the ranking list across all weight divisions.

Li Wenwen Gold C&J at IWF Weightlifting World Cup 2024

Let’s remember American Mary Theisen-Lappen who is number 1 in the USA weightlifting rankings at +81 kg and number 5 in the world. At the 2024 IWF World Cup, she finished fifth overall and came in as the third-highest-ranked American lifter in the Olympic weightlifting rankings.

PARK Hyejeong gained 296 kg at the 2024 World Cup, placing 2nd spot after her Chinese opponent. So, she got the same place in the Olympic Qualification Ranking. In recent years, Park Hye-Jeong performed with success, by winning the 2023 World Championships and this year’s Asian Championships. It’s obvious that she maintains a good form to withstand intense competition in Paris, where she’s one of the supposed leaders.

Final points

Considering the Top 10 lists of the most profound female lifters, we can claim that the Chinese team dominates greatly in almost all weight categories, except for the 71-kg and 81-kg divisions. It means Chinese athletes have great chances to get winning spots in lightweight and super heavyweight classes. 

Men’s Categories

Men’s 61 kg

  1. LI Fabin (CHN) – 314 kg
  2. MORRIS Hampton Miller (USA) – 303 kg
  3. MASSIDDA Sergio (ITA) – 302 kg
  4. IRAWAN Eko Yuli (INA) – 300 kg
  5. CENIZA John Febuar (PHI) – 300 kg
  6. SILACHAI Theerapong (THA) – 299 kg
  7. MISHVELIDZE Shota (GEO) – 298 kg
  8. MOHAMAD ANIQ Bin Kasdan (MAS) – 296 kg
  9. TRINH Van Vinh (VIE) – 294 kg
  10. DIMOV Ivan Petkov (BUL) – 293 kg

The obvious leader Li Fabin from China is number 1 on the OQR list due to setting a World Record in Snatch by lifting 146 kg at the 2024 World Cup.

Li Fabin at IWF World Cup 2024

A young weightlifter from the USA Hampton Morris is second in the category rating: he showed unbelievable performance in Phuket setting the first Senior World Record for the USA in the Clean & Jerk session in over 50 years by lifting 176 kg. Considering the USAW qualifying totals 2024, for Men’s 61 kg bodyweight division it’s 210 kg total, Morris finished with a huge weight margin.

His Italian rival Sergio Massidda fell behind Morris just by one kilo. He was at his peak form at the World Cup in Phuket, improving his results in Snatch by 4 kilos, Clean Jerk by 7 kilos, and total by 14 kg. So, he truly deserves the third position in the Qualification Ranking list.

Men’s 73 kg

  1. JUNIANSYAH Rizki (INA) – 365 kg
  2. SHI Zhiyong (CHN) – 356 kg
  3. MIYAMOTO Masanori (JPN) – 350 kg
  4. WICHUMA Weeraphon (THA) – 349 kg
  5. ANDREEV Bozhidar Dimitrov (BUL) – 348 kg
  6. BAK Joohyo (KOR) – 345 kg
  7. SUHAREVS Ritvars (LAT) – 341 kg
  8. OZBEK Muhammed Furkan (TUR) – 341 kg
  9. MAYORA PERNA Julio Ruben (VEN) – 339 kg
  10. MOSQUERA LOZANO Luis Javier (COL) – 337 kg

Let’s remind you of the tough battle between two Indonesian athletes at the 2024 World Cup – the competition between Rizki Juniansyah and Rahmat Erwin Abdullah. Rizki succeeded in setting a World Record in totals of 365 kg. Thus, he surpassed his compatriot and threw him back from the first spot in the category. Thus, unfortunately, Rahmat won’t go to Paris.

Rizki Juniansyah at IWF World Cup 2024

In Phuket, the Chinese legend Shi showed excellent snatch show, claiming gold with a lift of 165 kg and evoking his peak performance of the past, remembering his triumph in Rio and Tokyo. However, his failed Clean & Jerk resulted in a 5th place and second in the overall OQR weightlifting list.

Japanese lifter Miyamoto Masanori succeeded in setting three personal records in the 73-kg weight division at the 2024 World Cup in Snatch – 158 kg, Clean & Jerk – 192 kg, and totals of 350 kg. So, he finished 4th in the competition and got 3rd position in the Olympic ranking.

Men’s 89 kg

  1. NASAR Karlos May (BUL) – 396 kg
  2. LOPEZ LOPEZ Yeison (COL) – 392 kg
  3. VALLENILLA SANCHEZ Keydomar Giovanni (VEN) – 385 kg
  4. JAVADI ALIABADI Mir Mostafa (IRI) – 384 kg
  5. ABOKAHLA Karim Ibrahim Ibrahim Ali (EGY ) – 381 kg
  6. PIZZOLATO Antonino (ITA) – 380 kg
  7. ROBU Marin (MDA) – 378 kg
  8. KARAPETYAN Andranik (ARM) – 377 kg
  9. YU Dongju (KOR) – 375 kg
  10. ASAYONAK Petr (AIN) – 374 kg

The battle between Karlos Nasar from Bulgaria and Columbian Lopez Yeison became another spotlight at the 2024 World Cup in Thailand. We saw back-to-back World Records in Snatch. First, Nasar set a record by lifting 181 kg, but, in the next lift, Lopez surpassed him by one kilo resulting in 182 kg.

Karlos Nasar at IWF World Cup 2024

Nino Pizzolato from Italy improved on the Clean & Jerk session, with a lift of 210 kg on the second attempt, winning the bronze medal for the event. But, his total of 390 kg left him outside the podium, staying in 4th place. By the way, he has already competed at the 2020 Olympics winning bronze. Currently, Antonino is ranked sixth on the Paris IWF OQR list.

Keydomar, the Venezuelan lifting star, says that he has no rival on the American continent, being consistently among the top three athletes at both continental and world competitions. In Phuket, he shocked everyone by his withdrawal after the Snatch session. However, his prior accomplishments enabled him to become third in the Olympic qualification rating.

Men’s 102 kg

  1. LIU Huanhua (CHN) – 413 kg
  2. KARAPETYAN Garik (ARM) – 401 kg
  3. ELBAKH Fares Ibrahim E. H. (QAT) – 400 kg
  4. DJURAEV Akbar (UZB) – 400 kg
  5. TSIKHANTSOU Yauheni (AIN) – 400 kg
  6. JANG Yeonhak (KOR) – 399 kg
  7. PAREDES MONTANO Lesman (BRN) – 398 kg
  8. HASANBAYEV Davranbek (TKM) – 392 kg
  9. CHKHEIDZE Irakli (GEO) – 391 kg
  10. OPELOGE Don (SAM ) – 391 kg

The leader in the 102-kg weight category is Liu Huanhua: at the 2024 World Cup he set a new World Record in the C&J of 232 kg and a total of 413 kg. Thus, he’s a dominant athlete in the category.

Liu Huanhua at IWF World Cup 2024

While second-place Garik Karapetyan knocked out his compatriot Samvel Gasparyan. As a result, the latter will miss his chance to go to the Olympics this summer. Gasparyan falls behind the leader by 12 kilos in total.

Meso Hassouna, the Tokyo gold medalist, claimed he was in perfect shape in the World Cup heading into the competition. However, he got injured while preparing for the culminating event, so he didn’t compete in the 102 kg category. Still, he’s eligible for Paris and has great potential to win.

Men’s 102+ kg

  1. TALAKHADZE Lasha (GEO) – 474 kg
  2. MINASYAN Gor Tigran A. (BRN) – 464 kg
  3. LALAYAN Varazdat (ARM) – 463 kg
  4. DAVOUDI Ali (IRI) – 454 kg
  5. ASAAD Man (SYR) – 445 kg
  6. ZIAZIULIN Eduard (AIN) – 436 kg
  7. ELSAYED Abdelrahman Mohamed A. A. (EGY) – 433 kg
  8. RUBAIAWI Ali Ammar Yusur (IRQ) – 427 kg
  9. BIDANI Walid (ALG) – 426 kg
  10. MURAKAMI Eishiro (JPN) – 421 kg

Two-time Olympic champion Georgian Lasha Talakhadze had a knee injury and withdrew from the 2024 World Cup. Being the holder of the all-time world records in Snatch (225kg), Clean & Jerk (267 kg), and the total (492 kg), he focused on the recovery before Paris.

Lasha Talakhadze C&J at IWF WWC 2023

The second-ranked athlete from Bahrain, the Olympic silver medalist in the Olympics in Rio, Gor Minasyan, also withdrew from the World Cup in Phuket deciding to save his strength before the great game.

An Armenian lifter Varazdat Lalayan confidently won at the World Cup in Phuket, achieving a total result of 463 kg. He surpassed his opponent Ali Davoudi by 9 kilos.

The final point

Compared with the female lifters’ performances, here we have representatives of different countries who are supposed to be among the leaders. Chinese weightlifters prevail just in two weight categories – 61 kg and 102 kg divisions, while the rest are reigned by Indonesian, Bulgarian, and Georgian athletes.

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