Editorial Policy & Standards

You’ll find no universal formula for a perfect training or nutrition program to fit each athlete. Here we are to help you find the proper way to build up a personalized nutrition plan and workout schedule that will work best for you, including your physical condition and fitness goals.

Torokhtiy Weightlifting team creates Olympic weightlifting training programs, as well as strength and conditioning and nutrition online programs for athletes of all levels.

Considering tons of information on the web about how to build a fitting training regime and choose the right diet, you may face false statements that can even hinder your progress. Here you need experts’ easy-to-understand advice to follow the right path specifically to your case.

Our qualified sports and fitness specialists possess extensive knowledge in their fields, ensuring confidence in their advice and treatment provided to individuals. Lots of professional weightlifters, recreational athletes, and novices in sports come to us to get answers to their queries regarding training and nutrition. Our certified coaches, dietitian nutritionists, physiotherapists, and strength & conditioning specialists work responsibly to find the answers to your questions.

We’ll provide you with scientifically proven facts by clarifying them if needed and searching for effective solutions that will meet your needs. We convey the results of the latest research in simple words by presenting you with step-by-step solutions. Moreover, we’re doing our best to keep you motivated and persistent on the way to achieving your destination.

Besides creating workout programs and adjusting them to your preferences and fitness goals, we also focus our attention on the quality equipment, gear, and training machines you can use to achieve better progress. We make reviews for diverse sports equipment and supplements to help everyone choose the best option for their intentions. Additionally, we’re creating media content and preparing news from different world competitions in weightlifting. By interviewing world champions and analyzing their training routine and performances, we can render real feelings and convey the needed information that could fit the particular reader’s case.

1. Mission and Purpose of Content

Torokhtiy Weightlifting creates Olympic weightlifting training programs, as well as strength & conditioning and nutrition online programs for athletes of all levels. We believe that everyone can get great results in sports, particularly in weightlifting.

That’s why our task is to create solid and engaging content about strength workouts, well-considered and personalized training, and nutrition regimes that will facilitate your progress in any sports discipline. We’re eager to help you to choose the proper training or dietary plan to achieve your fitness goals.

Our mission is to popularize sports and engage more and more people to take up any sports discipline they’ll find attractive to them. We want to create a place where both novice and pro athletes will find some important and useful information for themselves. You’ll find on our website:

  • free educational programs about how to train correctly;
  • comprehensive workout programs for different fitness goals;
  • nutrition plans to get better training results;
  • sports equipment reviews;
  • sports news;
  • video interviews with famous athletes and videos about their lives, etc.

1.2. Content Types

1.2.1. Training Programs

We offer training programs for athletes of all levels, both for men and women, that aim to help athletes set personal records in Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Each training program is divided into several periods and consists of several workout weeks and days. Also, it includes weekly step-by-step video coach instructions.

Also, you’ll find a Performance Nutrition plan that is specially designed to fit the specific needs of athletes: get the perfect balance of nutrients for athletes with specific training loads and recovery dynamics.

1.2.2. Fitness Product Reviews

When curating a list of products for review, we conduct a meticulous analysis to determine which items to include. We check several authoritative sources and get in touch with official manufacturers to get more detailed information about the product. We also can ask them to share their personal thoughts about the specific sports equipment or supplement or provide some facts that aren’t available on the web.

We personally test each selected product to discern its strengths and weaknesses, ensuring the quality and reliability of each item. We then rate them based on a predefined set of characteristics. You may find our full review process described here

1.2.3. Interviews With Athletes

Before the interview, we gather interesting facts about the athletes, encompassing both their professional and personal lives. Our team checks all credible sources to find the needed information about the athlete’s prior accomplishments and their current performance successes. Moreover, to present our readers with precise facts about sportsmen, we visit World Championships and other contests to be closer to this competition atmosphere and be able to render it as close as possible to details.

1.2.4. Industry News

When working on news, we keep track of the major events of the weightlifting world, follow all social media, and compare numerous official sources. When we visit competition events, it helps us to highlight the latest news in the live mode. So, our audience gets fresh news from the first hand.

Torokhtiy Weightlifting team is responsible for providing high-quality content: reasonable and fact-checked articles, informative reviews, comparison guides, infographics, and photos. We are also preparing interviews with famous weightlifters and the latest news about the key events in the world of sports generally, and focusing on weightlifting specifically, i.e., continental and world competitions and championships.

We cover a wide range of topics about strength sports, namely weightlifting, training routine, and nutrition, including sports products and supplement reviews, thorough analysis, tips, and opinions from reputable health & fitness experts, as well as directly from experienced lifters and world champions. So, this way, we hope it will encourage you to perform better and improve your current performance.

We’re dedicated to further growth and promotion of strength training and preparing a consistent nutrition schedule appropriate for athletes of different levels.

1.3. Credible Authors

We have a great team of expert-level writers and researchers who are true professionals in their respective areas. Moreover, they’re not just qualified content makers, but also some of them are PRO athletes, scientists, dietitians, nutritionists, physicians, rehab and physical therapists, personal trainers, gym owners, and other highly specialized experts. When writing scientifically based articles our writers render the meaning of the content in a clear way by clarifying all controversial and double-meaning moments.

The majority of sports-oriented content, i.e., training programs, and workout plans, is written by athletes for athletes. We understand well all the needs of professional and recreational lifters, as well as amateur athletes and beginners by accommodating the information provided to their needs and fitness goals.

No automatically generated content by using artificial intelligence (like ChatGPT) is used on our website. You’ll find only human-written content that meets your queries.

1.4. Diversity of Voices

When creating different types of content we preserve the diversity of voices: we provide our audience with the opinions and viewpoints of specialists of different professional areas. Besides using trusted and reliable sources to back up the statements in our articles and guides, we also add advice and opinions from our experts.

This way we increase the credibility of the content by giving you ideas of personal coaches, nutritionists, and doctors concerning questions that matter to you most. What’s more, they’ll present you with unbiased statements based on their personal experience, real-life situations, and scrupulously chosen scientific facts.

We try to demonstrate each product from different sides when creating the Product Review section by engaging different experts. We mention the advantages and disadvantages of each product and also choose items considering different athletes’ intentions.

1.5. Ethics Code

Our writers always report truthful facts: they collect, analyze, systemize, interpret the found information, and then render it properly. We treat all team members, sportsmen, athletes, and our readership respectfully by avoiding conflicts of interest.

1.6. Intended Audience

Torokhtiy Weightlifting’s audience consists of diverse groups of athletes, sports experts, novices, and recreational sportsmen. The intended readers are generally interested in strength-related sports, training, and nutrition programs, including the corresponding research and scientific facts. The public is interested in staying informed about the latest novelties in the sports industry, namely new equipment and supplements.

Additionally, our readers will know first about competition results, and be able to track well-known athletes’ performance and accomplishments. We vouch for comprehensive content that is open to everyone interested in the health and fitness industry and everything connected to strength training and sports supplements to promote personal progress.

2. Editorial Independence

With more than 10 years of coaching experience and countless hours of customer support, we are passionate about what we do. Together, we built a business that not only supports our professional athletes and sports enthusiasts, but also lets us stay tuned on the weightlifting world news.

2.1. Ownership and Funding

Founded by a professional Olympic weightlifter Oleksiy Torokhtiy, we’re not owned by any other individual or corporation.

Starting in 2016, Oleksiy founded the Warm Body Cold Mind company specializing in crafting strength sports training equipment and accessories. Today, this brand stands as a renowned and successful sports entity, having earned a global reputation due to the team’s unparalleled dedication and passion.

2.2. How We Earn Money

Our revenue comes from different sources including affiliate links, and advertising blocks. We also earn income from sponsored product reviews and events like training programs and educational masterclasses presentations and seminars.

Many of our gear and supplement reviews have affiliate links, since we maintain affiliate and sponsorship relationships with numerous companies specializing in the creation of sports gear, equipment, apparel, accessories, etc., as well as sports supplements.

We always disclose sponsored posts and products on our website, the rest of the content reflects our subjective point of view based on the product review and/or information from other sources on the web.

3. Verification and Fact-checking Standards

The entire content on our website is verified by several skilled editors who have expertise aligning with the content topic. We guarantee that all the guides and product reviews are understandable, trustworthy, precise, and contain up-to-date information.

Our editor’s board consists of certified health and fitness specialists, namely professional sportsmen, personal trainers, dietitians, physicians, and other experts. They check the accuracy and adequacy of the information by confirming it with scientific and medical facts or opposing it with proven statements alike.

Our reviewers check and confirm whether the used sources are relevant and possess the needed evidence. Regarding fact-checking standards, our editors and reviewers’ teams vouch for content integrity and consistency.

We check all used scientific research, claims, and recommendations to guarantee their up-to-date nature, possess scientific and practical value, and meet the standards, claims, and recommendations of academic institutions, government, and medical organizations as well.

3.1. References, Sources, and Citations

When creating an article to learn more about the major topic, we use only trusted and authoritative sources. As usual, we use at least 5 relevant medical or scientific sources relevant to the topic we observe. For additional information and proof of our statements, we also can add links to other credible sources.

We use only authoritative sources across our website such as scientific articles, books, and research results that can be found on sources like PubMed. We also maintain contact with the official manufacturers of the sports products we review to obtain the most accurate information possible regarding each specific training tool, piece of sports equipment, or apparel item.

All the used sources are located in the reference list at the end of every article and are also marked throughout the text.

4. Plagiarism

Content at the Torokhtiy Weightlifting website is free of plagiarism and material fabrication. We never pass off the information from another website as our own. If violating these rules, it may result in termination pending a review from the company.

The entire content on our website is originally written or can be replicated or cited with the permission of the original author. We don’t recognize copying/pasting from other websites and placing it on our website. If using content from other sources, we make all possible modifications and changes to create another written content by preserving its initial sense.

If you notice plagiarized content, notify our editorial team to fix the situation. To avoid plagiarism, we use Grammarly, Copyscape, and other software to check the content before publication.

5. Corrections Policy

We’re responsible for the correctness of the information provided. But, in case an error has been made, we’re obliged to tell the readers about it and correct it as quickly as possible. We’re also committed to identifying the nature of the mistake and correcting it in the text. We preserve transparency if the error is identified, a small or large one, and we note it in the correction notice at the bottom of the text.

If you find any error, or discrepancy in any article, or review, please report about it by writing to our email – [email protected]

6. Byline Policy

You can see the authorship of each article through a byline, which links to an author’s biographical profile page. Our articles also contain a tagline at the end which describes the author’s expertise in more detail. Some articles feature additional taglines representing article reviewers, product testers, and other important people who took part in article creation.

7. Editorial Contact

If any question occurs, or you have some comments, concerns, or propositions, addressed or not addressed to our content, please contact us by emailing [email protected]. Also, you can fill out the quick form on our website and we will call or write you back as soon as possible.