In this article, I will enlighten you regarding the various types of straps, hooks, lifting straps with hooks, and the best hooks for lifting.

I cover what a lifting belt does, when to start using a lifting belt and the different types available. I'll also answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding belts in the gym.

After the Olympics in Tokyo, we made some interesting research in order to “draw the picture” of an Olympic weightlifter. We studied the medal distribution between the countries and analysed all kinds of TOP athletes’ features of different weight classes, both male and female.

You need to stay healthy to hit big weights. Keeping your joints healthy prevents losing progress and getting hurt.
Today, I want to talk about wrist wraps and the big question: what do wrist wraps do? How can they help your weightlifting?

One of the most easily misused lifting gear is the weightlifting belt. It serves as a wall you flex your abs against to generate truncal tension and to support your torso, however, getting the right fit can be tricky. Knowing how tight should a weightlifting belt be is vital to maximizing your training.

If you struggle to make your grip firm and safe, you definitely know about gym chalk. But are you in two minds about liquid chalk vs regular chalk? In this article, I have prepared a full guide about the main characteristics, pros and cons of using both types of gym chalk.

How to use wrist wraps – a question that, unfortunately, not many weightlifters ask. Instead, they quickly search for a question like “Do wrist wraps help bench more weight?”. And then they are off to the store to buy a pair, which they begin to use randomly, whenever they feel like it.

I have picked up the best liquid chalk for lifting in this article. Read about the properties, effects, pros and cons of the most popular liquid gym chalk.
I have picked 9 options – the most reliable and effective. 


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