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concept2 skierg review (2024)

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Want to push the limits in your high-intensity workouts and face new sports challenges? Boost your cardio capabilities with the Concept Skierg rowing machine. Get to know more essentials about this innovative equipment from our Concept2 Skierg review to get assured that this is a worthy gym tool.

concept2 skierg in gym and woman

Concept2 Skierg Review Quick Summary

Concept2 is an American-based company that is believed to be a leading one in the manufacturing of precision-engineered rowing machines. Back in 1976, the first items were produced such as racing oars and the production was transformed into the creation of rowing machines, i.e, SkiErg and BikeErg. Today, this high-class sports equipment manufacturer aims to provide clients with premium-quality indoor and outdoor rowing machines accessible to all-level athletes.

  • Resistance mechanism: fanned flywheel resistance
  • Dimensions: 85” H/ 24” W/ 52” L
  • Monitor: PM5 Performance Monitor
  • Weight: 46 lb (SkiErg), 35 lb (floor stand)
  • Warranty: 5 years for frame parts, 2 years for all parts

In this review, we’re going to uncover the major peculiarities of this original rowing equipment, the mechanism of its operation, and its benefits. Also we will compare it with other alternatives available on the market.

To start with, this rowing machine consists of two parts: Concept2 SkiErg itself, which can be mounted on the wall, and a floor stand designed specifically to provide better stability and grip surface. It comes with a performance monitor PM5 where you can find real-time training data such as the speed of your rowing, force curve and watts, distance, and calories.

With the help of a USB, you can transfer the statistics after each workout to your device. The rowing machine is also compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth, any fitness apps, and accessories to track your HR.

Additionally, it’s possible to sync the PM5 display with the Concept2 ErgData and track your performance via your mobile. Moreover, it works with third-party applications to bring more interactivity and a wider range of training sessions. A holder for your device is included in the package.

Concept2 skierg and athlete in gym

Concept2 SkiErg machine operates with the help of the air resistance mechanism generated by the flywheel, and comes with a spiral damper and durable lightweight cords, along with new ergonomic and strapless handles for a secure, moisture-resistant grip.

The rowing machine is perfect for professional athletes and skiers to improve their technique and general physical performance. Also, people with injuries can exercise this tool as a part of the rehabilitation period and arrange adaptive training as well.

SkiErg SkiErg is highly adaptable equipment that can fit the needs of athletes with lower body limitations by offering comprehensive training for their upper body muscles, and core, enhancing cardiovascular health, and increasing their endurance. It can be used in the seated position from a stool, wheelchair, or in standing and kneeling position.


The Concept2 SkiErg is an upper-body cardio upright rowing machine that is gaining increasing popularity among sports devotees.

Value for money:0
Materials Quality:0


  • A great addition to the circuit workout
  • Can train your upper body muscles
  • Empowers cardiovascular capabilities
  • Fits athletes of any level and people with lower body limitations and injuries
  • Can be used as rehab training, i.e., in case of a heel (calcaneus) stress fracture, ACL sprain, or back injury

Could be better:

  • Handles don't absorb sweat
  • Need to buy a standing floor separately
  • The flywheel resistance mechanism makes some noise

Concept2 Skierg Review

The Concept2 SkiErg is an upper-body cardio upright rowing machine that is gaining increasing popularity among sports devotees. The key point of this equipment is to simulate the motions of Nordic skiing by bringing you unique intensive and low-impact cardio simultaneously. Concept2 SkiErg will make your heart rate increase greatly as if you just started running. Moreover, it will help to strengthen your upper body most, but still, not excluding your core and leg muscles.

Concept2 SkiErg item in gym and athlete

1. Overall Build Quality

The Concept2 SkiErg is an upper-body cardio upright rowing machine that is gaining increasing popularity among sports devotees. The key point of this equipment is to simulate the motions of Nordic skiing by bringing you unique intensive and low-impact cardio simultaneously. Concept2 SkiErg will make your heart rate increase greatly as if you just started running. Moreover, it will help to strengthen your upper body most, but still, not excluding your core and leg muscles.

Generally, the rowing machine has durable construction: it's also equipped with strapless handles that bring secure gripping and always stay dry during intensive rowing. They are suitable for any hand size and don't require any adjustment.The frame is made from aluminum with a powder coat finish.

2. Resistance Mechanism

Speaking about the drive system, the Concept 2 Ski machine operates with a fanned flywheel, so you have full control over the resistance and intensity of rowing. The harder you pull the cord, the faster the flywheel spins creating more resistance. It needs to be mentioned that when training with this tool, you don’t need to hold the end straight-arm position too long before movement reverses because you’ll lose flywheel resistance, and lower your rhythm down.

The damper consists of a lever on the side of the flywheel housing, or fan cage controlling the airflow capacity. The fan cages are numbered, so you can set the damper lever to a particular number from 1 to 10, indicating how much air is drawn into the cage with every pull. With more air, it slows the flywheel and it makes a person work harder for the next pull.

concept2 skierg machines in gym

3. Dimensions

The SkiErg dimensions are quite compact as the manufacturer mentions on the site:

  • Wall Mounted: width at bottom: 19", width at top: 20.5", depth: 16", height: 85"
  • Mounted on Floor Stand: 23.5" x 50" x 85"

Since it's mounted on the wall, it takes minimum space both to train and store.

4. Weight capacity

Since this information isn’t defined at all (although, it’s not a surprise because this equipment doesn’t require lifting weights). Here we can talk about the drag factor. So, the drag factor is a measure of fan load. The PM5 display self-calibrates on the SkiErg by recalculating the drag factor on every pull. You can adjust the drag factor by moving the damper lever on the flywheel. As the manufacturer mentioned on the official website, SkiErg has a drag factor of 55 or less at a damper setting of 1 and 150 or more at a damper setting of 10.


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5. Monitor

The tool is equipped with a PM5 display that is easy to use and tracks your rowing performance that includes distance, speed, pace, calories, and watts. You can also view additional metrics, i.e., force curve and pace boat. Your data can be stored in the inner memory of the machine, or you can transfer it to your PC or Mac via a USB Flash Drive.

Another useful feature is the opportunity to connect the console with a heart rate monitor through the ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart. Thanks to the Memore option in the menu, you can compare your ongoing metrics with the previous data and move your progress further.

Concept2 skierg in gym and woman athelete

6. Weight

The SkiErg rowing machine itself weighs 46 lb, and a floor stand that comes optionally for the specific price is 35 lb.

7. Warranty

The Concept2 manufacturers provide a 5-year warranty for the frame and 2 years for the components. Another option you get is a 30-day money-back guarantee: if you buy SkiErg directly from the official website, but aren't satisfied with the purchase for any reason, it's possible to return it within 30 days of shipment. In a short time, you'll be refunded fully.

Who is Concept2 Skierg For?

Generally, the manufacturers designed this rowing machine for everyone who wants to improve their performance, particularly developing upper body muscles and overall endurance. No matter what your sports background is, you can perform rowing at your own maximum pace.

Nevertheless, the Concept2 Ski machine is useful for people with injuries to their lower bodies and those who can't do cardio workouts. This training tool gives an exceptional low-impact experience with no pressure on the knees and joints. It’s also the perfect cross-training equipment for runners or those who practice a high-impact sport that puts stress on knees, hips, and ankles, i.e., football, basketball, soccer, etc.

Concept2 Skierg Alternative

There are dozens of disputes about what Concept training machine is the best option for a comprehensive workout by involving the entire body and with maximum benefit to physical performance. Considering the Concept2 SkiErg vs Rower, you get almost the same operating mechanism, but these machines involve the body in different ways. The rower is mostly a full-body training that besides arms, incorporates legs, upper and lower back muscles.

In this block, we’re going to compare SkiErg with other alternatives from the Concept2 company, by offering useful information for each of the examined workout tools.

1. Concept2 Skierg vs Assault Air Bike Pro

To start with, SkiErg and Assault Air Bike Pro are completely different training machines considering their visual design, performance, and functionality. Assault is a hybrid fan bike designed for daily high-intensity cardio and strength training.

Moreover, it has the same operating mechanism as the SkiErg: both of them use air resistance that defines how hard you’ll work. The mechanism is clear: the harder you pedal, the greater the resistance you achieve, so it adapts to the athlete's output. Additionally, it’s possible to adjust a seat and handlebars for a more customized body position.

Speaking about compatibility and interactivity, Assault Air Bike Pro also can bring exceptional training experience for an athlete offering even hardcore workout options for the most durable sporters. Contrary to the SkiErg, it’s equipped with another display that is the Elite-style LCD compatible with Bluetooth and ANT+ with programming options and a competition mode.

An athlete can track their heart rate, speed, RPM, time, distance, and calories, additionally setting up HIIT interval training programs. Also, you can download the Assault Fitness app on your device and sync it with your training regime to always stay on track with your progress.

With the Assault bike you’re constantly working, there’s no rest time. You’re pedaling, pushing, pulling, and as soon as you stop moving, the fan gears down, and the pedals and handles keep moving. There’s no free-wheel option, so you can’t even rest when you get tired, the bike still makes you move some amount.

With an Assault machine, you have your arms moving, unlike with a stationary exercise bike, by adding upper body muscles for better stability.

2. Concept2 Skierg vs Concept2 BikeErg

If you want to fill your home gym with a piece of efficient, useful, and versatile equipment, these two options are great to complete your training box. Both of them are worth purchasing but yet each of them has its specific features and benefits. Let’s go through the key points concerning these two pieces of cardio machines.stability.

Both SkiErg and Bike Erg operate on the flywheel technology and are equipped with the same performance monitor PM5 to provide an athlete with an efficient and consistent workout.

It’s obvious that the BikeErg machine is more weighty than SkiErg: its weight is 68 lb, while the SkiErg has 46 lb. However, if you compare BikeErg with other exercise bikes, then, it’s lighter than most stationary bikes.

The same feature is the flywheel air resistance that allows an athlete to manage their intensity of pedaling, like with the SkiErg tool when you can control the forces you make to pull the cord. With BikeErg, the harder you pedal, the more intensive and more challenging the workout will be. The inclusion of a clutch enables you to freewheel like with an ordinary bike, while a wide damper range re-creates the effect of changing gears.

The BikeErg comes with a 4-way adjustable seat and handlebars. It’s even possible to change the saddle, handlebars, and pedals and attach your own parts to make a maximum customized indoor ride.

Concept2 Skierg 

Concept2 Bike erg sample
  • Product weight: 46LB (SkiErg); 35LB (Floor Stand)
  • Length: 50"
  • Width: 23.5"
  • Material Type: Powder-Coat Finish
  • Color: black

Speaking about the display, the PM5 provides the same range of statistics, including watts, cadence, time, distance, and calories. These metrics are saved automatically in the monitor’s inner memory or you can transfer them to your device via a USB stick. The display is both Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible and can be connected with wireless HR belts, Concept2’s ErgData, and other third-party apps.

What muscle group you’ll succeed to train by working out on these gym machines? As we already mentioned, SkiErg focuses most on the upper body with slightly less involvement of the core and leg muscles. Although, still, they also work during the rowing as you pull the cord with higher intensity for more effective output. BikeErg involves more lower body, since you need to pedal hard, at the same time keeping your hands on the handlebars for better stabilization and transferring more power.

So, it’s difficult to compare these two cardio machines because the first one is a vertical rowing tool that imitates Nordic skiing, while the second one is a stationary bike. The Concept2 SkiErg is great for shorter interval cardio or sprint training. Meanwhile, BikeErg can be used for long-distance rides. Although, these two pieces of equipment are targeted to improve your cardio performance, aiming at working out different muscle groups.

concept2 skierg and athletes working out


Is the CONCEPT2 Skierg a Good Workout?

Definitely, yes, it is. This is an upper-body-centered rowing machine that is 10 times more tiresome than it seems at first sight. It activates the upper body well and also involves the core and leg muscles, i.e., quads and hamstrings, and glutes for better stabilization and keeping your upper body straight and stable. It’s easy to add several intervals of SkiErg rowing to your workout.

So, you’ll pump up your cardiovascular system greatly. For instance, you can try other variations of rowing: the butterfly motion looks like a swimming butterfly stroke, one-legged rowing for bigger core involvement, and the kneeling version with the whole work of the core and upper body.

Is Skierg Harder Than Rowing?

Concept2 SkiErg machine provides the same rowing experience but is vertically positioned. Like a standard rowing workout, it simulates the movements of real cross-country skiing with an option of both double-pole and classic alternating arm techniques. Such movements are one of the most challenging and exhausting strength and stamina tests among the existing cardio machines.

Can You Build Muscle With Skierg?

Yes, you can. When you go through the motion, you work out your upper and low back muscles, lats, shoulders, and triceps. While pulling the cord, you also strain your abs to transmit the power into each stroke.

With the double-pole technique, besides the upper body, each pull engages the legs in a downward crunch, using body weight to accelerate the handles.

The classic (or alternating pulling technique) ski technique engages fewer muscles than double-poling and has less leg involvement. Nevertheless, it's superb ski-specific training for Nordic skiers.


Having made such a consistent overview and comparison, and looked through tens of Concept2 SkiErg reviews, we can state that Concept2 SkiErg is an excellent cardio equipment that can be used to warm up, cool down, and be incorporated as a cardio exercise in between your major sets. So, want to try it and get an exceptional full-body workout? Write to us and we’ll give you detailed information on how to order SkiErg from reliable dealers.

You'll see noticeable results just in several months: your lifts will become more powerful and you'll succeed in strengthening your core, shoulders, and lats greatly. All in all, Concept2 SkiErg is a highly versatile rowing machine that will be a great supplement for your WODs and can be easily combined with different movements.

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