8 Assault Bike Benefits (Pros/Cons, Muscles Worked)

The assault bike has become more and more popular, especially, thanks to the fitness community. This community has shown how it can be a good option if you are looking for a high intensity workout.

The assault bike also known as air bike is different from traditional stationary bikes. Traditional stationary bikes. The main difference is that on the assault air bike you adjust the resistance by pedaling and moving the handle faster. Besides that, the assault bike benefits are numerous!

Benefits of Assault Bike

The main assault bike benefits are: It trains the entire body; Improve mental toughness; It helps building muscles; Improves aerobic conditioning; It’s great for burning calories; It puts little or no stress on your joints; The device is small and light and It is a great tool for HIIT workouts.

Using Assault Bike

Assault Bike Workout Benefits

The assault bike, or air bike, offers many benefits to your body and workout. Among them, we brought you the 8 benefits that we believe to be the most appealing ones:

1. It Trains the Entire Body

When we talk about the benefits of air bikes, it is one of the main ones. As you have arm paddles to move back and forth during your workout you end up working many muscles in your body. You work hip flexors, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, back muscles, rear deltoids, biceps, front deltoids, chest muscles, triceps, abdominal and lower back muscles and oblique.

2. Improves Mental Toughness

As the assault bike demands a lot of energy to your body, we can say it will help you improve mental toughness. How is it possible? At some point your body is going to try to make you stop before ending the workout or reaching your goal, but the will to go on, to reach that “extra mile” will make you stronger not only physically, but mentally.

3. It Helps Building Muscles

As pedaling on an assault air bike uses many of your body muscles, it will be stimulating many of them. This process stimulates their growth by using resistance and also by changing the way you usually use them in a traditional workout.

4. Improves Aerobic Conditioning

To start, an assault bike is a cardio machine. So, using it will improve your metabolism, make your body oxygen your muscles faster and pump more blood throughout your body, which will improve your muscles oxygenation leading to a better cardiovascular endurance. It will also make your heart stronger and improve your breathing.

5. It’s Great for Burning Calories

Unlike other cardio machines, it trains a wider range of muscles, forcing your body to burn more calories to keep the working going. It also makes your body need more energy to recover after the workout session, as it will have more muscle groups to recover. 

6. It’s Low-Impact

The air bike is a low-impact machine. Unlike other cardio activities, like running, you do not have to carry all your weight “on” your joints.

It helps you work out safely, especially if you are a beginner, as it does not require much technique. All it takes is a proper seat height and depth adjustment.

7. It Is Small and Light

Unlike other cardio devices, it does not require a lot of space, making it easy for you to find room for one at your house. Besides, it is light making it also easy to be moved around.

Hard Trainig on Assault Bikes

8. It Is a Great Tool for Hiit Workouts

One of the Assault Air Bike benefits is that it is great for high-intensity interval training as it works your entire body, improves your metabolism, make you challenge yourself (as the exercise becomes harder with the effort you put on pedaling and moving your arms) and it is also low-impact, making this training session safer and more beginner friendly than any other HIIT workout on cardio machines or running.

What muscles does assault bike work?

You may be wondering what does the assault bike work? As said before it works the entire body! Here we have listed the main muscles it works:

1. Main lower body muscles: hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and glutes (Besides those, if you switch to standing positions you are going to use a widest range of muscles).
2. Main upper body muscles:Front deltoids, chest muscles, triceps, back muscles, biceps, abdominal and lower back muscles, and oblique.

1. Main Lower Body Muscles

When you are pedaling, your leg muscles have to work to keep it moving. If you do it at a high intensity, you make your leg muscles work even harder. 

If you switch positions to standing ones you are going to recruit even more lower body muscles as you will need them to help keep your balance and keep moving the pedals.

Let’s briefly understand how the main lower body muscles are used when we are on the air bike:

  • The Hip Flexors allow you to draw your knee up and bend your torso. One of the hip flexor muscles is also one of the four-quadriceps muscles. It means that it influences your quadriceps strength and on how you use it.
  • Quadriceps is a large muscle group responsible for extending your knees.
  • Hamstrings is a muscle group located in the back of your thighs responsible for bending your knees.
  • Calves are divided in two: the gastrocnemius and soleus. The gastrocnemius is responsible for the plantar flexion and the soleus helps with dorsiflexion.
  • Glutes are responsible for extending (straightening) your hips and helping you to move side to side. They also help stabilize your body.

Training With Assault Bikes

2. Main Upper Body Muscles

Now we are going to briefly understand how the main upper body muscles are used when we are on the air bike:

  • Front deltoids, chest muscles and triceps are recruited to push the handle.
  • Back muscles and biceps are recruited when you pull the handle.
  • Abdominal, lower back muscles and oblique are activated throughout the exercise to stabilize your spine and pelvis while exercising and will also help your body move properly.

Assault Bike - Product Review

The Assault Air Bike is a reinvention of the traditional fan bike. You can instantly customize it by choosing the best seat adjustments to make it more comfortable for you and setting your own pace. It has a LCD display that is easy to navigate and is filled with advanced tech.

Rogue Fitness Assault Air Bike

Besides those benefits, this Air Bike is made with high quality materials guaranteeing a great durability and requiring zero maintenance over thousands of hours of use.

Assault Air Bikes

Assault Bike Alternatives

Assault Bike vs Rogue Echo Bike 

Rogue Echo Bike is a strong and sturdier fan bike. It is very light, but has a solid foundation, which makes it more portable than others. It also has a great design.

Rogue Echo Bike

Besides those benefits, this Air Bike is made with high quality materials guaranteeing a great durability and requiring zero maintenance over thousands of hours of use.

Three Athlets Using Echo Bikes

Assault bike vs Concept2 BikeErg

Concept2 BikeErg

If you are more like an old school kind of person and still prefer an ergometric bike, Rogue also has a great option for you. It is lighter in weight than most in its category. It is also designed to have flywheel resistance, making the workout harder and more intense according to the effort the athlete that is using it puts on the pedal. It is also a portable model, easy to assemble and very adjustable. 

Concept2 BikeErg at Home

photo by @gym_box_3.11


Do Assault Bikes Burn Belly Fat?

Yes, it does. It improves your metabolism and uses more body muscles, making your body burn more fat even after the workout session.

Why is an Assault Bike So Hard?

Actually, it depends on the point of view. The assault bike does not require a lot of technique. However, it is as hard as the effort you put on. Your effort determines how easy, or not, it will be.

Is the Assault Bike Better Than Running?

Yes, it is. It will help your body burn more fat, work a wider range of muscles and do it all with less impact on your joints.


We cannot deny that the air bike and the fan bike benefits are numerous.

And more importantly the Assault air bike is beginner’s friendly and having one, even at home, is possible and an interesting option.

Besides that, the assault bike results are incomparable to other cardio machines, if we think about all the benefits.

How about you? Have you already done a workout on an air bike? How many of the benefits have you already had? Share your experiences below!

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