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Rogue Echo Bike Review 2024

Air bikes have become hugely popular amongst fitness enthusiasts as a way to increase fitness, build muscular endurance, and burn calories. They are easy to operate and can be used at any level of fitness.

Released in 2017, the Rogue Echo bike has become popular in the fitness community. It was an early cardio product released by Rogue and combines the best features of the Assault Airbike and Schwinn Airdyne pro to create one of the Best Air Bikes currently available on the market.

Hard Training With Assault Bike

If you’re looking to choose an Air bike for your home gym or commercial setting, I’ll provide a comprehensive Rogue air bike review, looking at the design, bike features, versatility, and value for money.

Let’s take a look at the Rogue Echo Bike in more detail.

Rogue Echo Bike Review Quick Summary

Rogue Echo Bike Review Quick Summary

Founded in 2007 from a small garage in America, Rogue has quickly become a world-leading supplier of commercial and home fitness equipment. 

Now comprising 1400 team members globally, their strength and fitness equipment are regarded as the best in the fitness industry.

As they are the leading supplier of the fitness games, the World’s Strongest Man competition, the Arnold Strongman Classic, and the USA weightlifting team, their equipment has been extensively tested. 

They manufacture racks, weights, accessories, and cardio equipment. The brand goal is to provide high-quality equipment to athletes at all levels at a reasonable price.

Before making the Echo Bike, Rogue largely focused on manufacturing strength and conditioning equipment such as racks, weights, and accessories that are geared towards the competitions they supplied.

Whilst the Rogue fan bike was a newly produced piece of cardio equipment, the quality stands out.

  • Resistance mechanism: Air resistance
  • Fan diameter: 27”
  • Type of drive system: Fan belt
  • Dimensions: 58.9″ L x 29.9″ W x 52.8″ H
  • Maximum height: N/A
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs 
  • Monitor: LCD
  • Weight: 127 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years

The Rogue Echo bike is constructed of steel with a plastic casing around the drivetrain. The support bases measure 23.5” on the front and 20” on the back and feature adjustable caps.

The Echo bike weighs 127 lbs and can support a weight capacity of 350 lbs. On the front bike base is a set of 1” polyurethane wheels.

The bike uses a belt-driven steel blade fan which is encased in plastic. It also features an adjustable seat and 1.5” diameter rubber-grip handles. The Echo bike has 4.5” footpegs and metal pedals and includes a steel step plate.

An LCD console is mounted between the bike handles that allows athletes to track a range of measures. The standard bike model is available at $845,00, which does not include the accessories.


The Rogue Echo Bike combines heavy-duty steel, precision engineering, and convenient customization to forge a stronger, sturdier fan bike.

Value for Money:0
Materials Quality:0


  • Larger blades offer more resistance
  • Belt driven
  • High weight capacity
  • Polyurethane front wheels

Could be better:

  • Accessories cost extra
  • Handles not adjustable

Detailed Rogue Echo Bike Review

1. Overall Build Quality

The Rogue Echo bike is constructed of heavy-duty steel with a plastic casing around the drivetrain. The 23.5” front and 20” back support bases provide a stable base, making the Echo bike one of the most durable bikes on the market. 

The strong build quality and good support base create a very stable riding experience. Even when performing a high-intensity workout moving your arms side to side, the bike doesn't sway and sticks firmly to the ground. 

The bike is one of the heavier bikes on the market at 127 lbs. The heavier frame supports up to 350 lbs, which is 50 lbs more than most bikes. This makes the Echo bike suitable for a good range of athlete shapes and sizes.

The overall build quality of the Echo bike is very impressive and is reflected in the riding experience. The bike looks and feels good when you start pedaling.

2. Footprint and Portability

The Echo bike measures 59″ long, 30” wide, and 53” high, meaning it's one of the larger air bikes available to buy. It's also heavier than most bikes at 127lbs.

Despite the bike's bigger footprint, it includes 1” polyurethane front wheels and a rear handle, making it more portable than other smaller bike options. Rogue also sells a tuft tire and handle kit that makes moving the bike around a lot easier.

Each support base includes two adjustable caps, which can be raised or lowered depending on your floor level. This gives you a level riding experience even with an uneven gym floor.

Detailed Rogue Echo Bike Review

3. Assembling

Once purchased, the Rogue Echo bike comes neatly packaged with step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the bike easily. Each box contains all the hardware and tools needed. The main part of the bike is already built meaning there aren't too many parts to assemble. 

On the Rogue website, most reviews talk about how easy the bike is to assemble, taking around 30-40 minutes.

4. Drive System

What sets the Echo bike apart from most other bikes is the drive system. Air bikes use either a chain system or a belt system.

The belt drive used by the Echo bike is considerably less noisy when compared to a chain drive. This makes the Echo bike a great option for people who need to work quietly at home or just simply enjoy a quieter ride experience.

A belt drive is also easy to maintain. You don't need to worry about periodically lubricating the belt to keep it running smoothly, and it's less likely to snap. In the unlikely event that you need to replace the belt, it's much easier to do.

5. Fan and Blades

Alongside the belt drive system, the fan and blades separate the Echo bike from the competition. The 27” fan has a total of 10 blades, whilst most other bikes have 6-7. The Echo bike features channeled blades with raised edges which are more effective at trapping air than the flat-profile blades used by other bikes. The Echo bike blades are also thicker, measuring 3” wide.

These factors combine to give more resistance, creating a more challenging ride experience. The larger blades increase the airflow produced which can help to cool you down on a hot day.

If you don't like the cold air or the weather isn't hot enough, Rogue sell a wind guard. Unfortunately, this is an extra cost and not something you may be willing to pay extra for.

Fan and Blades

6. Seat

The padded seat is bigger than most other bike seats, measuring 10.5” long and 10.75” wide. The vinyl finish on the seat is nice, with quality red stitching to finish. 

The seat has eight different height settings and five horizontal front-to-back settings. Whilst this isn't as many as some other bike options, it still gives a decent adjustable range for a comfy ride.

If you're not a fan of the larger seat, the seat can be easily replaced with a more suitable version. Again, this would be at your own cost.


7. Pedals

The Echo bike features 4.5” by 4” metal bike pedals, giving a decent amount of foot support. The pedals have raised nodules to ensure your feet don't slip when cycling at higher intensities. 

The bike also has 4.5” heavy-duty knurled footpegs. Whilst footpegs are fairly common on most air bikes, the ones on the Rogue echo bike rotate and can be easily used if you want to operate the bike using just your arms.

If you prefer a different type of metal pedal, they can be easily swapped out for one of your choice.

Echo bike features

8. Handles

The 40mm handles are thicker than other bike models. They are surrounded by 1.5” rubber grip handles that are welded directly to the bike's arms to give them added stability and provide a more comfortable grip.

The knurled footpegs are directly underneath which allows you to place your feet on them whilst using the Echo bike. This allows you to operate the bike with the handles using only your upper body.

The Rogue fitness bike can also be operated normally using just your legs, giving you multiple upper and lower body workout options. 

The handles are not adjustable, which may be a problem for some users.

40mm handles

9. Monitor and Features

The mounted LCD monitor measures 6.4” x 6.4” and features a clear, organized display. The monitor's simple layout is operated via raised buttons, giving it a nice feel.
Athletes can track a wide range of metrics which include:

  • Speed (mph)
  • Watts 
  • Cadence (rpm)
  • Heart rate (bpm)
  • Calories burned (kcal)
  • Distance (miles)
  • Time

The monitor allows you to select a wide range of exercise programs which include a set or custom intervals, target time, target distance, and target calories. Once set, the monitor will count down towards the target.

The monitor is also compatible with third-party heart rate monitors via ANT+. It is powered by two AA batteries that are included in the package. 

The monitor is one of the biggest selling features of the Echo bike, but some things could be improved. It doesn't include Bluetooth and lacks a backlit display that makes it harder to read during low light. 

Overall the monitor is a great feature of the Echo bike and could be made better in future models with the inclusion of Bluetooth and a backlit display.

The Echo bike features a steel step plate, a nice addition that can help with foot traction when stepping on and off of the bike if you're sweating.

monitor is a great feature

10. Accessories

In terms of accessories, Rogue offers the following options that can be purchased at an extra cost on top of the standard model price:

  • Turf tire & handle kit
  • Wind guard
  • Cell phone holder
  • Water bottle holder 

The Echo bike has mounting holes to easily install each of the accessories. If you were to purchase all four, you would be looking at around $150. 

Whilst this is an extra cost, it gives you a much better ride experience, making it a worthwhile investment.

The Rogue Echo bike is easily customized. You can add your pedal, seat, and heart rate monitor if you want.


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11. Warranty

The Rogue Echo bike comes with a 2-year frame and parts warranty. Whilst the bike is extremely well built, this is quite a short period and something for Rogue to improve in the future. 

12. Price

The Rogue Echo bike is available to buy online in the standard model for $795.00. This is about half the price of other available bike models. With this smaller price, is the Rogue echo bike worth it?

The Echo bike doesn't have many extra features, which is what makes it a cheaper bike option. Despite the cheaper price, it still has a high-quality build.

The added accessories, which need to be purchased as add-ons, cost around $150 making the total price approximately $950 if you want the full package. 

Who is the Rogue Echo bike for?

The Rogue Echo bike is a well-designed air bike that is suitable for beginner to elite athletes looking to achieve a range of different goals.

Some features of the Echo bike make it particularly suitable for:

  • People looking to perform a variety of cardio workouts. These include High-intensity interval training and steady-state rides
  • People who want the freedom to work different body parts. One of the Rogue Echo bike benefits is that allows you to work your full body or upper and lower body separately
  • Athletes who want to track multiple metrics whilst exercising. The convenient LCD display and heart rate monitor capability makes the Echo bike a good choice
  • Those needing a durable air bike that's easy to maintain and use
  • Home-gym users who need to work out in a quiet environment. The belt drive on the Echo bike is much quieter than other drive trains.

Rogue Echo Bike Alternatives

Whilst the Rogue Echo bike is a great option, there are other Air bike alternatives available on the market.

1. Rogue Echo Bike vs Assault Air Bike

A popular competitor to the Rogue Echo bike is the Assault Airbike. Before the Echo bike, the Assault bike was the official bike of the fitness Games. During this time, it has built up a good reputation among fitness enthusiasts and has often been the more popular choice. 

The Assault bike has some notable features to compare with the Echo bike. 

The biggest difference between the Echo bike and the Assault bike is the drive train. The Echo bike uses a belt drive whilst the Assault bike uses a chain drive. As I mentioned above, a belt drive is much quieter and easier to maintain compared to a chain drive. It also doesn't need replacing as often.

In terms of resistance, the bigger blades on the Echo bike offer much more resistance compared to the Assault bike. This might make the Echo bike more suitable for athletes looking for a bigger challenge. 

Another key difference between the two bikes is the footprint. The Assault bike has a much smaller footprint than the Echo bike, standing at 51” long and 30” wide. If you're looking for an Airbike to put in a smaller gym space, the Assault bike may be the more suitable option.

The Assault bike is much lighter than the Echo bike, weighing 98 lbs vs 127 lbs of the Echo bike. With this lighter weight comes a smaller weight limit. The Assault bike can support 300 lbs compared to the Echo bike, which can support 350 lbs.

Both bikes have good LCD monitors which track a variety of measures. Whilst both offer an optional wind guard, the Echo bike has many more accessory choices (water bottle holder, cell phone holder, and turf tires and handle). 

In terms of price, the Echo bike costs around $100 more than the Assault bike. Despite this higher price tag, the Echo bike feels like it's worth the extra cost.

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Assault Air Bike

2. Rogue Echo Bike vs Schwinn Ad 7 Airdyne Bike

Another popular competitor to the Echo bike is the Schwinn AD 7 Airdyne bike. Like Rogue, Schwinn is a popular brand when it comes to Airbike production.

Whilst both bikes are constructed from mainly metal, the AD 7 is lighter, weighing 113 lbs vs 127 lbs of the Echo bike. The AD 7 Airdyne bike has a larger footprint, measuring 53” long and 26.5” wide.

With this, the Echo bike is noticeably more compact looking. This may make it more suitable for those looking for a smaller, heavier bike design. Despite these differences, both bikes can support a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs. 

Both the Echo bike and AD 7 use the same belt drive train and feature a 27” fan. This makes both bikes ideal for those looking for a bike that's easier to maintain with a quieter ride experience.

Other similar features between the bikes include similar LCD monitor functions, adjustable seats, and standard pedals.

However, these are some notable differences that are worth mentioning. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two bikes is the warranty. The AD 7 has a 10-year frame and 2-year part warranty whilst the Echo bike only offers a 2-year warranty for both.

The AD-7 comes with an air diverter and water bottle holder, whilst they need to be purchased separately from the Echo bike. Alongside this, the AD 7 comes with multi-grip handles whilst the Echo bike doesn't.

For these reasons, the AD 7 has much better features compared to the Echo bike.

Lastly, the AD 7 costs $1099.00, which is $350.00 more than the Echo bike. So whilst the AD 7 has more features, it also costs significantly more.

Schwinn Ad 7 Airdyne Bike

3. Rogue Echo Bike vs Concept2 BikeErg

The Concept2 BikeErg isn't an Airbike like the Rogue Echo bike. It uses a different resistance system.

Whilst the Rogue Echo bike has 10 blades that provide air resistance via a belt drive, the Concept2 uses an Erg to provide the resistance, similar to that used on a rower.

With the BikeErg, you use your legs to pedal against the Erg. It includes a damper that allows the user to vary the resistance accordingly. With this, the BikeErg gives the user more workout options compared with the Echo bike.

Other main differences between the two bikes are the weight and footprint. The BikeErg is much lighter than the Echo bike, weighing under 70 lbs. Despite this, the BikeErg has a bigger footprint than the Echo bike, measuring 48” long and 24” wide. This means that whilst the BikeErg should be easier to move, it will take up more of your floor space.

Both bikes feature adjustable seats, with the Echo bike seat noticeably larger. The BikeErg also has adjustable handles, giving the user a better range of workout positions.

The LCD monitor on the BikeErg is what separates it from the competition. It's similar to the PM5 monitor on the Concept2 rower and has many more built-in features compared to the Echo bike. The BikeErg monitor has a cool memory feature where you can save your workouts and features a backlit screen, unlike the Echo bike.

One of the biggest differences between the two bikes is the price. The Concept2 BikeErg costs $1,100 which is considerably more than the Rogue Echo bike. This means it might not be suitable if you're looking for a more budget-friendly option.

The Concept2 BikeErg


Is the Rogue Echo Bike a Full Body Workout?

Yes, it is. The Rogue Echo bike can be used normally to work the lower body muscles. You can cycle using the moveable arms if you want to work your upper body muscles as well, giving you a range of options to work your full body.

Can You Build Muscle With a Rogue Echo Bike?

The Rogue Echo bike can be used to build muscle as part of a high-intensity workout. Using your legs to pedal works your quads, hams, calves, and core. If you want to work your upper body muscles, use the movable handles to cycle.

Can You Lose Weight With a Rogue Echo Bike?

The Rogue Echo bike offers a great way to lose weight. You can perform a variety of low-intensity steady-state and HIIT workouts as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The Echo bike also offers a great low-impact cardio option.

How many Calories do you burn on a Rogue Echo Bike?

According to research using the Echo bike, it takes around 8 seconds to burn a calorie when cycling at 100rpm. This would equal 60 calories a minute at 100 rpm or 30 at 50 rpm.

Is the Rogue Echo Bike Good for Short People? 

The adjustability of the bike seat makes it more suitable for short people. However because the arms are not adjustable, they might be difficult to reach if you have shorter arms.

Conclusion - My Final Verdict 

The Rogue Echo bike is a high-quality, durable Airbike that comes at a decent price point. It's become increasingly popular amongst fitness enthusiasts and has been well tested, being the official bike of the fitness games.

The Main selling points of the Echo bike are the drive system, footprint, and price point. Future Echo bike models can be improved with adjustable handlebars, a backlit LCD screen, and more included accessories.

Now that I've provided one of the most comprehensive Rogue Echo bike reviews, what do you think of the Echo bike? Have you used any of the other bikes I've talked about above? Let me know down below!

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