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Freebeat Lit Bike Review (2024)

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Want to maintain good physical condition without wasting time and money for gym membership? Get this premium home gym cycle with gamified technologies. You’ll get a cutting-edge cycling experience that enables you to manage your intensity level. Use the Freebeat Lit Bike review and be assured that it’s exactly the tool that will bring you a smooth home ride.

freebeat lit bike

Freebeat Lit Bike Quick Summary

Freebeat Lit Bike

Freebeat Lit Bike
  • Dimensions: 49.3″ L × 58.8″ H × 22.6″ W
  • Screen: 21.5″ diagonal
  • Flywheel: 28.6 lbs
  • Weight: 113.3 lbs 

Considering the Lit Bike reviews and information on the official website, it is equipped with Cutting-Edge Ride Tech that involves the hardware suite with a 21.5″ rotatable HD touchscreen, an intuitive Auto Resistance System, and Smart Saddle Detection, ensuring a cutting-edge cycling experience.

The package includes: a complete bike, a monitor for workouts, two 3-lb dumbbells, and assembly tools.

It features Swiss design and engineering: the bike comes with a wood-covered flywheel blend delivering a premium riding experience.

freebat lit bike at home

You’ll also get a 21.5″ HD rotatable touch screen for easy transition to strength, sculpt, stretch, and other types of training. The option of the Auto adjust resistance system is automatically adjustable to match instructor recommendations in a moment without interrupting from training.

Another innovative option of Smart Saddle Detection+ detects riding in and out of the saddle via sensors to deliver proper intensity to fulfill the results.

The bike is almost fully adjustable: you can change the saddle position up and down, back and forth. While the handlebar is 2-way adjustable only – up and down.

You’ll also get a personalized workout plan with a Personal Trainer Algorithm that evaluates your performance. Additionally, the bike presents gamified workouts that are updated daily, with real-time metrics data. 

Due to this option, the bike applies the proper balance of a challenging and fun intensity to push a rider at the right speed and resistance level. The bike can be synchronized with the HR monitor for you to track your heart rate during the ride.

freebat lit bike details

The bike features a space-saving design, fitting the size of a yoga mat.

Being connected to the Freebeat fitness app, you can earn rewards, and points, and gain a reputation by competing against other users. You also can choose different classes that will fit your needs and fitness level. Experience studio fitness from your home with numerous on-demand classes.


The bike is almost fully adjustable: you can change the saddle position up and down, back and forth.

Drive system:0
User interface:0

Freebeat Lit Bike Review

Let’s determine the key features of this indoor exercise bike by analyzing the general Freebeat Bike review. These characteristics will display the real functionality and performance of this equipment.

1. Adjustability

You can adjust the bike according to your preferences and anatomic features. The saddle is 4-way adjustable, meaning you can adjust it up and down, back and forth. While the handlebar is 2-way adjustable only: you can move it up and down.

2. Drive system

The bike features a wood-covered flywheel that is connected to the pedals. It helps to keep the bike moving forward and makes pedaling easier. It also helps to keep the bike from wobbling. Due to the flywheel, you can pedal more smoothly and with less effort.

view on freebat lit bike

3. Durability

The bike feels very sturdy during intense riding sessions.  The base is wide and durable and includes wheels to assist in moving the bike.

4. Portability

The bike is equipped with transport wheels that help to move it around the apartment. Moreover, with a weight of 113 lb, you can easily pull it from one room to another one.

5. Comfort

The adjustability options enable you to tune in this equipment according to your height. With the Auto-adjust system, you can fix the bike to a specific intensity based on the instructor's cues and adapt to any unique riding style. The option of Smart Saddle Detection+ defines in and out of the saddle riding via sensors to guarantee proper intensity and gain results.

6. User interface

The bike comes with a 21.5" HD touchscreen you can rotate to transit between various workouts: cycling, stretching, strength training, etc. Due to a Personal Trainer Algorithm, it's easy to evaluate your performance by tracking your speed, intensity level, distance, cadence, and time. 

freebat lit bike screen

The bike can also be connected to the Freebeat fitness application that enables you to join studio fitness classes from your home, compete with other users, and earn points and rewards increasing your rating on the scoreboard. The Freebeat membership can be paid separately: you need to pay $39 per month. It's required to access full content on Freebeat bikes.

7. Assembly

The assembly is easy. Instructions are provided in the package and are pretty clear. All the needed tools to assemble the bike are also provided which are functional and of a good quality, but you can use your own tools as well. However, using a ratchet/socket set is easier and faster than the tools provided.

8. Price/Quality

The bike is worth the money it costs: showcases Swiss precision, durability, and sleek design. It's one of the first stationary bikes that turns home spinning into a game.


The latest reviews of must-have home gym training equipment, apparel, and supplements that will enhance your performance and bring you new results.

Freebeat Lit Bike Alternatives

In this section, we’ll investigate a few other decent models of exercise bikes from the ProForm and Peloton brands. So, by reading this comparison guide you can decide which bike is right for you.

Freebeat Lit BikeProForm Pro 22Peloton
Dimensions49.3” L × 22.6” W × 58.8” H56.5” L/ 21.9” W/ 54” H51” L/ 24” W/ 51.25” H
Item weight113.3 lb140 lb135 lb
Display features21.5"10″ HD touchscreen22" HD Touchscreen with 360° of movement
Technical characteristics4-way adjustable seat & 2-way adjustable handlebar;
goes with toe straps only
22 levels of resistance;
4-way adjustable seat & 2-way adjustable handlebar;
SPD pedals & toe cages
4-way adjustable seat & 2-way adjustable handlebar;
cleats for cycling shoes only
Interactivity/ App connectivityFreebeat fitness app;
Auto Resistance System;
Smart Saddle Detection+;
Personal Trainer Algorithm
iFit platform;
Android-based operating system;
SmartAdjust algorithm option
Peloton Bike & Peloton App;
can be connected to AppleWatch;
HR monitor connectivity
Extra optionsTwo 3lb dumbbells are includedTwo 3lb dumbbells are included-

1. Freebeat Lit Bike vs ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22

ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22

proform studio bike pro
  • Dimensions: 51” L/ 24” W/ 51.25” H
  • Screen: 10″ HD touchscreen
  • Extra options: two 3lb dumbbells are included

ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 is one of the best interactive exercise bikes that is a great substitution for more expensive bikes on the market. Alike the Freebeat Lit bike, it's equipped with a large 22” touchscreen that brings high interactivity to your cycling workouts. It provides a wide variety of iFit library workouts. It has a built-in camera and microphone array. However, there’s no connectivity to third-party apps and services except from the iFit application.

Unlike Lit Bike, the ProForm bike features a smooth magnetic resistance system, so you can regulate the resistance level with a knob below the handlebar on the frame.

proform studio bike 22
Photo by @bblosingit

It also has a highly sturdy frame, so you won’t feel any vibration and wobbling during intense pedaling. Concerning the bike adjustability, the ProForm bike looks the same with the Lit Bike: it comes with a 4-way adjustable seat and 2-way adjustable handlebars. However, it goes both with toe clips and straps, so you can ride it wearing training and cycling shoes.

The package also includes a pair of 3 lb dumbbells, placed on the back of the seat that you can use during the session to involve your upper body.

Another option that looks similar to the Lit Bike's Auto-adjust system and the Personal Trainer Algorithm is the SmartAdjust algorithm: this program adjusts the proper resistance based on your stats from the previous workout. 

2. Freebeat Lit Bike vs Peloton Indoor Exercise Bike

Peloton Indoor Exercise Bike

peloton exercise bike
  • Dimensions: 56.5” L/ 21.9” W/ 54” H
  • Screen: 22" HD Touchscreen with 360° of movement
  • Weight: 135 lb

Speaking about the Lit Bike vs Peloton comparison, the Peloton Indoor Stationary Bike is another decent indoor cycling bike, which is equipped with a 22" HD touchscreen display as well as the Freebeat Lit Bike. Thus, it provides access to endless workout classes via the Peloton app. Also, it can be connected to AppleWatch.

Like with the Freebeat Lit Bike, you’ll be able to track your metrics, i.e., speed, heart rate, resistance, wattage, and general performance efficiency. So, you’ll progress constantly on the leader's board and will improve your records over time. You'll also get a personal trainer and cycling studio classes access in one by using the Peloton application.

Peloton Stationary Exercise Bike Insta
Photo by @sam_wiernucki

You can ride the Peloton bike wearing your cycling shoes as it comes with clip-in pedals only. 

The bike features a magnetic resistance mechanism and comes with 100 resistance levels. The Peloton Bike has a compact, 4"x2" footprint, a 4-way adjustable seat, 2-way handlebar, and a touchscreen, which tilts to accommodate different heights. 


Whether the Bike Is Stable on the Floor During High-Intensity Pedaling? Are There Transport Wheels or Supportive Legs?

The bike is very stable during intense efforts. The base is wide and sturdy and includes wheels to assist in moving the bike

Whether the Bike Has Two Options for Pedals: Are There Both Straps and Clip-in Pedals for Cycling Shoes?

No, the bike has just one option - these are straps, so you can't use cycling shoes on this bike.

Assess the Performance of the Flywheel: Is It Noisy, or Operates Quietly and Smoothly?

The flywheel operates very smoothly and quietly. So, even when placed in the living room, the bike works quieter than the microwave oven.

If There’s a Display, Can I Track My Training Performance and Compare My Previous Stats?

Yes, the bike features a 21.5" HD touchscreen and can be synchronized with the heart rate monitor as well. You can track your stats during the workout like time, speed, cadence, and resistance level.


To summarize the Freebeat Lit Bike review, we can confirm that the Freebeat Lit Bike is a decent piece of equipment for home cycling. You can get an all-inclusive workout on this cycling machine with numerous gamified opinions. This bike is an absolutely worthy investment for your fitness goals you’ll achieve without leaving your home.

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