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Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Review

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If you’re planning on getting an exercise bike, this Schwinn Airdyne AD6 review is exactly what you need to read before purchasing.

While the right exercise bike can greatly enhance your workout experience, the wrong one can negatively affect your training. I know how difficult it is to find the right fitness equipment, so I specifically reviewed the Airdyne AD6, so you can know where to spend your dollars.

If you’re looking for a high-intensity workout tool for your entire body, it’s hard to find a bike better than the Airdyne AD6. Not only does it burn calories, but it also helps to build strength.

From build quality to portability and monitor size, this Schwinn AD6 review covers it all. We cover all the important aspects of this exercise bike and its main characteristics and features you must know before buying it.

Schwinn is an American fitness brand that sells fitness equipment. Schwinn’s Airdyne line of products is so popular that many users think that Airdyne is a type of bike. The Airdyne is actually a fan bike, and Airdyne is only the name of Schwinn’s fan bike range.

Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Review

Key Specifications

Schwinn AD6 falls right in the middle of the older AD2 and the higher-end AD7 Airdyne models. Compared to the AD2, it has a much bigger console screen, an easy-to-change seat, and overall added comfort. The AD6 is also much smoother than previous models and steadily increases resistance as your pedaling speed increases.

Schwinn AD6
  • Dimensions: 49.7” x 25.7” x 50.9”
  • Resistance Mechanism: Wind resistance via the frictionless fan
  • Display Type: High-resolution LCD
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Type of Drive System: Dual-stage super-torque drive belts
  • No. of Programs: 6
  • Machine Weight: 112lbs
  • Material: Metal
  • Seat Height: Adjustable for users 5 feet and up (Goes up to 51 inches)
  • Max User Weight: 300 lbs
  • Height: 51 inches
  • Warranty: 10-year frame, 2-year mechanical, 1-year electrical, and 6-month labor warranty.

If you’re looking for a high-intensity workout tool for your entire body, it’s hard to find a bike better than the Airdyne AD6. Not only does it burn calories, but it also helps to build strength.

Material Quality:0
Value for Money:0


  • A large console that shows multiple metrics simultaneously
  • Infinite resistance levels, great for high-intensity workouts
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • In-built water bottle holder, windscreen, and reading wrack

Could be better:

  • Cannot adjust the seat in the horizontal plane
  • Difficult to read LCD screen in low-lit rooms

The Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Review

1. Overall Build Quality

Schwinn Airdyne AD6 is a great, budget-friendly, mid-range exercise bike. Yes, it doesn’t offer many advanced features that come with the higher-end bikes, but it's one of the best deals for its price point.

The bike is sturdy and weighs about 112 lbs. The material used in the bike is a high-quality metal.

2. Footprint And Portability

This bike is quite compact and can easily fit into multiple rooms. You don’t necessarily need an entire home gym to store this bike. The cycle is about 50 inches long and 27 inches wide, so it can easily fit in your bedroom.

When you’re not using the bike, you can attach the given strap, which stops the handlebars, pedals, and fan from moving. This is also extremely important if you’re transporting the bike, as it will save the bike from any damage.

Transport wheels are attached to the front of the bike, so moving it from one spot to another is also quite easy. Simply tip the bike forward onto the wheels and move it. The wheels are quite sturdy and can easily handle the weight of the AD6.

3. Assembly

It’s quite easy to assemble the AD6, as it comes with an easy-to-follow manual. All you have to do is attach the handlebars, the stabilizers, the console, and finally, the seat. It took me less than an hour to assemble mine, and I'm no pro at DIYs.

The bike comes with a small screwdriver, an Allen wrench, and all the necessary screws for assembly. Schwinn just saved you a run to home depot.

I recommend you have an extra set of hands to help you carry some of the stuff. The bike is quite heavy, and you may need someone to hold the parts while you attach them.

4. Drive System

Schwinn AD6 has “dual-stage super-torque drive belts” that allow you to enjoy a quiet and smooth workout. The drive belts are pretty low maintenance but will need replacement eventually. When it's time to replace the belts, I recommend leaving it to the professionals.

Like any exercise bike, the more you use it, the more the pedals and the belt will wear out. But with Schwinn, the wear-out doesn’t occur too soon. I’ve been using mine for quite some time, and it still works great.

This is probably because the plastic guard around the belts shields them from dirt and moisture. This guard is also a great safety feature since it stops your clothes, fingers, or ankles from accidentally getting caught in the belt.

5. Fan and Blades

The Schwinn AD6 is a fan bike, which generates resistance through the fan as you pedal. As you pedal, the blades move, which are attached to the flywheel.

The faster you move the pedals, the more pressure it takes for the blades to move, causing an increase in the drag forces. This ultimately results in greater resistance.

Fan and Blades

6. Seat

Why do exercise bikes never have comfortable seats? Well, this is a mystery we’ll never solve. Even though the AD6 doesn’t have the most comfortable bike seat, it’s still quite large. It also has extra padding, making it a little more comfortable.

Although larger and softer, the bike seat could be considered a drawback of the Airdyne AD6. But don't worry; you can easily swap this seat for a bike seat of your choice. Schwinn also lets you adjust the seat height in the vertical plane in the AD6.

7. Pedals

The pedals on the AD6 are self-balancing and contain foot straps. You will maintain your balance if you cycle at a slow, medium, or fast pace while sitting or standing on your feet.

The self-balancing pedals give you smoother pedal strokes and better motion control. These features let you put all your leg muscles to work, both during the down stroke and pedal stroke.

8. Handlebars

The AD6 comes with movable handlebars, letting you exercise your arms and legs simultaneously.

If you want a full-body workout, get up, pedal, and move the handlebars together. On the other hand, if you wish to exercise your arms, you can simply pump the handlebars back and forth while keeping your feet stationary on the footrest.

The grips on the handlebars give added safety, preventing your hands from slipping.

9. Monitor

The Airdyne AD6 has a significantly larger display screen. The larger display screen also means viewing all the workout metrics simultaneously.

You can see your speed, time, watts, distance, pulse, and calories burnt, all at the same time. The RPM monitor at the top also tracks how fast you’re pedaling. This RPM helps me greatly during my HIIT workouts by keeping me motivated to maintain pedaling speed.

The watt display is my favorite. Watts help to measure the power you generate while cycling. If you know your output watts for the day, you can easily compare them to your workout from another day.

As a bonus, while you work out and gain more strength, you’ll see that your output wattage will also increase.

The Schwinn Airdyne AD6 display also has a heart rate display. Unfortunately, the bike does not contain an in-built monitor, but it is easily compatible with even the most basic monitors.

The display screen does not have any power cords. All you need to do is attach two AA batteries, and the screen becomes fully active.

10. Features

The Schwinn Airdyne is a fan bike, so it's obvious that the creators worked hard to make sure the fan of the bike is top-notch.

The AD6 has a perimeter-weighted fan that minimizes friction and lets you enjoy a smooth ride. The fan works silently, so there is no need to worry about unnecessary noise while pedaling.

The single-stage belt drive efficiently transfers power and does not require regular maintenance either.

What I love about fan bikes, especially the Airdyne, is that you can pedal countless resistance levels. This is because the resistance is directly proportional to your pedaling speed.

Schwinn AD6 also has other small features that make it more interesting. The bike comes equipped with a bottle holder and a windscreen. There is also a built-in reading rack to continue reading Harry Potter for the 10th time (guilty as charged), even while cycling.


11. Accessories

Since the creators at Schwinn wanted to make a high-quality exercise bike at an affordable price, they chose to hold back on the accessories. When you purchase the Schwinn Airdyne AD6, you’ll only get the bike and its essential equipment needed for assembly.

Nonetheless, if you want additional accessories, you can easily purchase them from Schwinn or Amazon

12. Warranty

Exercise bikes are an investment, and it’s only fair to consider the equipment’s warranty. You don’t want to spend a solid grand and dish out more cash on repairs.

Luckily, the team at Schwinn is quite generous with their warranties. The Airdyne AD6 comes with a 6-month labor warranty, a 1-year electrical warranty, a 2-year mechanical warranty, and a 10-year frame warranty.

These are some truly impressive stats, especially considering that most other bikes have only a 5-year frame warranty.


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Who is the Schwinn Airdyne AD6 For?

The Schwinn Airdyne AD6 exercise bike caters to a wide range of customers. This bike is great for beginners as well as seasoned athletes. This is because Airdyne gives you complete control of the level of resistance.

Most exercise bikes have stationary handlebars and only let you exercise your legs. The moving handlebars on the AD6 make it a great bike for a full-body workout. You can do a low-impact cardio workout by reducing your pedaling pace.

On the other hand, this bike also serves as the ideal Fitness equipment for HIIT workouts. The faster you pedal, the more resistance it will generate, and your low-impact workout will just as easily turn into a HIIT workout.

It’s also great for people with joint problems and those in rehab due to injuries. The bike is joint-friendly and allows for a wide range of flexibility because of its movable handlebars. You can only work out your legs by keeping your arms at rest. Conversely, you can only work out your arms while your feet rest on the footrest.

If you’re looking to build a family home gym, this one piece of equipment proves to be quite versatile. Everyone from your 15-year-old teen to your 70-year-old parent can easily use this.

There are also no tacky wires or plugs with the Airdyne AD6, so you can put it anywhere around the house without worrying about a nearby pin. This also means that there are no additional electricity costs for the bike. So if you’re worried about your electric bill, this bike is for you.

The heart rate telemetry is also great for those with cardiac problems. This lets you continue your workout while keeping your heart rate in check.

Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Alternatives

Schwinn Airdyne AD6 vs. AssaultBike Pro

A strong competitor for Schwinn Airdyne AD6 is the AssaultBike Pro by Assault Fitness. This bike is similar to the AD6 regarding features, weight, and dimensions. It also has a high-resolution LCD screen that shows multiple metrics simultaneously.

Both bikes have adjustable seats, but Airdyne AD6 also has horizontal and vertical grip options on its handlebars - a feature lacking in the AssaultBike Pro. Airdyne Ad6 is also a bit cheaper than its counterpart, offering almost the same features.

AssaultBike Pro

Titan Fan Bike vs Concept2 BikeErg

Another competitor for the Schwinn Airdyne AD6 is the Concept2 BikeErg, a stationary fan bike. Compared to the AD6, Concept2 is lighter and has a more sleek black design that is definitely prettier.

The Concept2 is a stationary bike with immobile handlebars that do not offer a full-body workout. In comparison, the mobile handlebars on the Airdyne AD6 let you put all your body muscles to work.

Airdyne is also significantly cheaper than Concept2, so you’ll save a few hundred dollars if you opt for the Airdyne AD6.

The Concept2 BikeErg


Is the Schwinn Airdyne a Good Exercise Bike?

The Schwinn Airdyne is a great exercise bike that engages your entire body. The Schwinn AD6 has a 4.6/5-star rating on Amazon and over 3300 reviews. Many users particularly like the bike because of its ease of use and because it offers a full-body workout.

Is the Schwinn Airdyne Good For Seniors?

According to Weitzner, a specialist helping people 40 and above work out, the Schwinn Airdyne is a great option. It lets you do low-impact training while activating your entire body. The machine is also quite smooth and joint-friendly, and those who simply want to work out their arms can just as easily use the AD6.

Is the Airdyne Better Than Running?

The Schwinn Airdyne is not better than running, it’s great for interval training. You can find better equipment for running. If your aim is interval training, then Airdyne is your holy grail, but I recommend investing in a good treadmill to do running cardio.


Overall, the Schwinn Airdyne AD6 is a solid fan bike with a wide range of features and high quality. The bike has all the features and comfort you’d want in an exercise bike. The best part is that the Schwinn Airdyne AD6 is ideal for a broad range of consumers and athletes. It may not be the best fan bike on the market, but it's surely the best bike you can get at its price.

Comment below which feature of the Airdyne AD6 appeals the most to you. If you’ve used the Airdyne previously, let us your experience in the comment section.

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