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Gymreapers Lifting Belt Review 2024

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Lifting belts are one of the most widely used accessories in the gym. And it’s for a good reason. They’re great at offering support and stability to athletes while also helping improve their performance, thanks to the intra-abdominal pressure they create.

However, choosing the best weightlifting belt for you is vital, which is why in this article, we will be going through a Gymreapers belt review, so you can find out whether their belts are the best fit for you.

Let’s get started.

Gymreapers lifting belt review

Gymreapers Belts Review: Quick Summary

Gymreapers is a brand created by athletes and for athletes. Its main focus is helping you push your fitness boundaries by offering high-quality and durable products so you can rely on them daily. Along with that, the brand has a serious mission to push for innovations in the gym accessories industry and create products that make your workouts that much better. Currently, the brand offers both women’s and men’s apparel, as well as all kinds of fitness equipment andaccessories. 

1. Gymreapers Leather Weightlifting Belt

Gymreapers Leather Weightlifting Belt
  • Closure type: Buckle, hook and loop
  • Size Options: XS to XL 
  • Material: Leather
  • Thickness: 13mm
  • Certification: USPA
  • Color: Black

1. Price/Quality 

This belt is fairly affordable compared to other ones on the market, and for the price, the quality is simply immaculate. For $39.99 on Amazon, you’re getting a belt that will last through many training sessions and that is supportive enough to be used even by athletes who train with really heavy weights.

2. Support 

This Gymreapers lifting belt is thick and made out of leather, which makes it extremely supportive. You also get the option to choose what kind of closure type you want it to have so that it can secure it as tightly around your body as you might want to. Whilst leather tends to be a bit sturdier and more uncomfortable at the beginning, with this belt, that’s not the case at all, as it’s made from premium leather that doesn’t feel bulky on the waist and doesn’t dig into the hips. 

3. Comfort

For a leather belt, this one is super lightweight, coming in at only 1,5 pounds, and it also has premium metal buckles that make the process of putting it on and removing it easy and quick. The fact that the belt is made out of high-quality, soft leather makes it feel good when put on the body and ensures it doesn’t cause any chaffing on the skin. 

4. Material and Stitching

Gymreapers’s belt is made of reinforced leather and stitching, ensuring its durability and making it stand out from other options on the market that use fake leather, plastic, and velcro. 

Gymreaper’s leather belt is amongst the best ones on the market. It’s super durable and thick, which makes it an especially great choice for powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters. It has a clean, cool design and several options for the closure type so that you can choose the one that works best for you. 


Gymreapers is super durable and thick, which makes it an especially great choice for powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters.

Material and Stiching:0


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Extremely durable 
  • Great for powerlifters and Olympic weightlifter

Could be better:

  • Not so comfortable for HIIT-style workouts 

2. Gymreapers Nylon Weightlifting Belt

Gymreapers Quick Locking Weightlifting Belt
  • Closure type: Buckle, hook and loop
  • Size: XS to XXL 
  • Width: 4"
  • Material: Nylon
  • Thickness: 1"
  • Certification: N/A
  • Color: Many color options available

1. Price/Quality 

Again, you get a high-quality product for a reasonable price here. This nylon belt from Gymreapers is excellent for both beginners and more advanced athletes, which makes it super versatile. It’s made from nylon and has an adjustable buckle that allows you to put it on or remove it quickly. 

2. Support 

This Gymreapers weightlifting belt manages to improve core stability and support through added intra-abdominal pressure, thanks to the fact that it has the same width throughout its entirety. It can be used both by people who train with heavy weights, like powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters, but it’s also suitable for cross-training.

3. Comfort

Nylon belts are typically more comfortable than leather ones, and this one is too. It’s super lightweight, and its buckle is specifically made to ensure that putting it on and removing it happens quickly. 

4. Material and Stitching

The Gymreapers’s belt is made out of 100% high-grade nylon materials and has a heavy-duty metal buckle and reinforced stitching, which all ensure that it can last through the toughest of workouts. 

This belt by Gymreapers is made for all athletes, and it has premium quality and a lifetime warranty. It’s lighter and easier to take off than the previous model we discussed, and it can be used both for heavy weightlifting and for lighter, more cardio-focused workouts. It comes in several different colors, and it’s extremely comfortable. 


This Gymreapers weightlifting belt manages to improve core stability and support through added intra-abdominal pressure, thanks to the fact that it has the same width throughout its entirety.

Material and Stiching:0


  • Lighter and easier to take off
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great for both beginners and more advanced athletes

Could be better:

  • Doesn’t provide as much support and stability


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What Are Gymreapers Lifting Belts for?

The great thing about Gymreapers is that they make belts that can suit different athletes and different types of training styles. For example, their leather belt is a better option for powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters, as it’s more durable and gives the athlete more support. On the other hand, the nylon belt is great for everyday gym go-ers, Cross Fitters, and even Olympic lifters when they’re lifting less weight than usual. And if you want you can even check out a Gymreaper lever belt review to see how those belts can be beneficial to some athletes.All in all, we can safely say that Gymreapers makes belts for all kinds of athletes, and their products are made to serve different purposes. 

athlete with gumreapers lifting belt

Gymreapers Lifting Leather Belt Alternatives 

If you want to see what else the market has to offer, I suggest we take a look at a Gymreaper’s belt alternative that can also be a good option. We will compare the two belts in order to help you decide which one is more likely to be useful to you.

Gymreapers Leather Lifting Belt vs. Warm Body Cold Mind

Both of these belts are made from leather, which makes them more durable and supportive than other models. Along with that, both companies have kept comfort in mind when producing these lifting belts, and so both are made to deliver premium comfort, even though leather belts usually tend to be more sturdy. The biggest difference between them is how they are tightened - with Gymreapers you get a standard buckle, while with Warm Body Cold Mind you only get a double roller stainless steel buckle with four strengthened bol and stitching between the holes, which makes the belt longer lasting.

WBCM Leather Weightlifting Belt

Gymreapers Nylon Belt Alternatives

There are many nylon belt alternatives on the market, as that’s probably the most popular kind of lifting belt there is. Today, we will compare Gymreaper’s one with an alternative we deem to be good enough. 

Gymreapers Nylon Lifting Belt vs. Element 26

Nylon belts are typically lighter, less supportive, and more comfortable to wear. And that applies to these two models as well. Along with that, both companies wanted to make the belt easy to put on and remove, and so they each designed their own buckles, specifically so that the process was easier for the athletes. With Element 26, you get a self-locking mechanism, which is easily tightened and removed with only one movement. On the other hand, with Gymreaper, you also get an upgraded quick-locking buckle that makes it great for functional training. All in all, both belts are made with high-quality material that will last you a long time, and they’re both designed to be used by fitness athletes, thanks to the buckles that make it easy for them to be put on and removed. 

Element 26 Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt


What size Gymreapers lifting belt should I get?

What size belt you should get depends on two main factors: the length of your torso and its width. Most companies, Gymreapers included, have their dimensions in width and height as well so that you can measure and then make an order of the size that’s most accurate to your measurements. 

How does Gymreapers lifting belt work?

The same as normal lifting belts do. You take them, put them around the waist, and then lock them in. They’re made to support your waist and boost your performance, thanks to the intra-abdominal pressure they help create. Overall, there’s nothing that specific about the way Gymreapers’ belts work compared to others on the market. 


As you can see, there are many types of lifting belts on the market, and most companies, much like Gymreapers, choose to offer both leather and nylon options. With that said, our recommendation would be to go for Gymreapers Leather lifting belt, as it’s super durable, highly supportive, and a terrific option for powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters that need thick, sturdy belts that are able to last through many training sessions. Would you like to know more about lifting belts? And if yes, what kind of subjects are you interested in? Let us know in the comments below. 

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