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    Many have already said that this year was quite unusual and made us look at life in a new way. Wherever we are and whatever we do, for all of us this year will be remembered for a common pattern, we had movement restrictions and most of my friends had many plans canceled or postponed till further notice.

    Nevertheless, each of us tried to adapt to the new reality and move forward. Therefore, in today's article, I want to share with you the results of the work done this year, as well as plans for the next year. Perhaps my ideas will give you some interesting thoughts and help you take stock of your year, trying to see the positive moments in life.

    Traditionally, my year was tight and long in advance. For 2020, 24 seminars were booked in 20 countries all over the world and 2 international camps in Ukraine at the National Olympic base. Taking into account the responsibility to partners and organizers, our team promised to postpone all events for the next year. Now that there is information about the availability of a vaccine, we are optimistic about and planning events for 2021.

    There is a Slavic saying - "everything that happens is for the best." Therefore, the need to stay at home provided an opportunity to work on the implementation of plans for which there was constantly not enough time.

    I am proud that in January 2020 I realized my dream and published the first part of the Master Classes trilogy -Snatch. The release of the second part is scheduled for January 2021. I am looking forward to its release, as we took into account the wishes of the athletes and made it even more visual, understandable, and therefore useful for those who are interested in weightlifting.

    Another useful result of the "quarantine" was  creating new training programs. We managed to release a record number of new products for our athletes, each of which is the result of the work of both our coaching team and partner athletes and coaches around the world, with whom we are happy to consult and whose opinion is always taken into account.

    If you missed this information earlier, here is a list:

    Home workout - video playlist of training at home;

    Intro program - adaptive training program (the beginner's basic preparation for the full training process);

    Torokhtiy gang - train all year long with a team of like-minded people;

    Clean cycle - improve your technique and results in CLEAN;

    Jerk cycle- all attention to the progress in JERK;

    Weightlifting Bodybuilding - working out the whole body without a snatch and C&J from which you also need to rest;

    Leg killer is for those who want to really train their legs.

Also this year we launched products thanks to which you can get more training variety at a profitable price:

    Oly set - a set of our 3 special training programs SNATCH, CLEAN, JERK;

    Power Set - all real power is here;

    Full set - all programs by the best offer on the market;

    This amount of training and methodological material was also realized in the fact that I entered the teaching profession in the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine, to write a scientific work on the aspects of training and online training in mass weightlifting. I consider it an important decision for myself, since I have been moving towards this for a long time, but postponed it for many years.

    I am also glad that my sportswear and equipment  brand WBCM is developing and growing. We have released new weightlifting straps (Lasso and Lasso Pro), wrist wraps and are in the final stages of launching a series of new products. Soon we will surprise athletes with the release of knee sleeves, a weightlifting belt, very cool collars, liquid chalk.

    Summing up 2020, I can say that it turned out to be completely different from what we planned a year ago, but our team is growing, becoming larger and stronger, and we are moving forward and upward!


    My plans for 2021 are big and ambitious:

    A big and strong family, I really want a Daughter!

    Creating new books and training programs!

    Conducting and participating in interesting online and offline events!

    The growth of our sports community #torokhtiy_gang!


    Strength and health to ALL!

    Gratefully yours, Oleksiy Torokhtiy!

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