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5-week weightlifting training program, aimed at developing jerk.

Training level: intermediate and higher

5 weeks program (25 sessions included)
created to develop result in JERK


provide neuromuscular adaptation
good for weightlifters and functional fitness athletes


version compatible for mobile devices

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The main objective of the JERK CYCLE training program is to increase your result in the Jerk. The program consists of 5 weekly microcycles for 5 workouts per week. Most training sessions are filled with JERK variations. At the same time, the program contains a wide variety of press and balance exercises with a high number of repetitions for the overhead and core training and squats variation for the leg strength. Each week cycle is planned with a certain volume of Snatch exercises for “activating the muscle memory”. A special warmup routine with an impact on mobility and prehab before each session will help to prepare the full body for safe and effective work training.
The volume is HIGH, intensity is above AVERAGE.

DURATION: 5 weeks* (25 workouts)
GOAL: to develop result in JERK
- male and female athletes;
- offseason athletic development;
- for athletes who wants to improve jerk technique and result;
- functional fitness athletes during strength stage;
- intermediate and advanced lifters.

INTENSITY: above Average
FORMAT: PDF (desktop and mobile version)
BONUS: FREE video library access
* adjustable for 7 weeks training
NOTE: For personal use only.
NOTE: Training Programs are Non-Refundable.

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