Sergii Putsov

Sergii Putsov

Head of Sport Science, PhD

Oly Lifting Experience: 20 years

Best Results:

  • Snatch – 165 kg
  • C&J – 200 kg

About Sergii

Sergii is a professional weightlifter and a National team member in the past. He competed in 94 kg w/c, and has won multiple medals at national competitions.


  • National University of physical education and sport of Ukraine. Master’s degree in “Olympic & professional sports training”
  • International Olympic Academy, Greece. Sport Science, PhD

Nowadays, Sergii is responsible for designing training programs, writing blog articles, doing live commentary of international weightlifting competitions, running sports & fitness educational seminars, including Olympic weightlifting together with Oleksiy Torokhtiy all around the globe. He is also an international level referee in Strongmen.



Research Papers and Articles

  1. Spatiotemporal characteristics in the structure of jerk motion at female weightlifters according to anthropometric indexes. Antonyuk O.V.; Putsov S.O.; Kononets B.V.
  2. Biodynamics of the Technique of Barbell Jerk in Weightlifters of Different Sexes. Oleshko V. G., Korobeynikov G. V., Shynkaruk O. A., Putsov S. O.
  3. Fundamentals of construction of training process female athletes in weightlifting different bunches of weight classes. Oleshko V. G. Putsov S. O.
  4. Competitive activity of weightlifters at the XXXII Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo: results and prospect. V.G. Oleshko, Tаngxun Yang, O.P. Torokhtiy, S.O. Putsoff

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