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This 5-week weightlifting program is made to improve your results in the Snatch.

Training level: intermediate and higher

5-week program (25 sessions included)

created to develop result in SNATCH

provide neuromuscular adaptation

good for weightlifters and functional fitness athletes

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The main objective of the SNACTH CYCLE training program is to increase your result in the Snatch.  The program consists of 5 weekly microcycles for 5 workouts per week.  Most training sessions are filled with SNATCH variations. At the same time, the program contains a wide variety of Muscle Snatches and press exercises with a high number of repetitions for the arm and overhead strength training. In each weekly cycle, one training day is planned with an emphasis on the Clean and Jerk for “activating the muscle memory”.

The volume is HIGH, intensity is above AVERAGE.

DURATION: 5 weeks (25 sessions)

GOAL: To improve result in Snatch


- off season athletic development;

- for athletes who wants to improve snatch technique and result;

- functional fitness athletes during strength stage;

- intermediate and advanced lifters;

PERIOD: Base / Off-season
INTENSITY: above  Average
FORMAT: PDF (Desktop and mobile version)
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NOTE: For personal use only.
NOTE: Training Programs are Non-Refundable.

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