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IWF Grand Prix II: Doha Competition Preview

During the next two weeks in Doha, we will be watching a real thriller unfold in the world of weightlifting as nine Olympic gold medalists, nine current world champions, and 13 world record holders will be competing for a spot in Paris next year.

The Olympic qualifier, held in Qatar, will also include a formidable DPRK team that has three women who set world records less than two months ago.

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Even though there are some key absentees, including Akbar Djuraev, Neisi Dajomes, Kuo Hsing-chun, and Lasha Talakhadze, the level in this second IWF Grand Prix is not that far off from the World Championships standard. 

Out of the nine Olympic champions, Shi Zhiyong from China is only ranked 78th in the 73kg category as he has been unable to participate in competitions for the last two years due to injuries. However, he should still be taken into consideration for a good finish, as he is the reigning champion from Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 and feels that it’s time for him to return to the platform.


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Along with that, the two Indonesians that have been starring in this category, Rizki Juniansyah and Rahmat Erwin, are not among the entries for the Grand Prix in Doha, and so Shi’s competition is likely to include European champion Ritvats Suharevs from Latvia, the world champion Weeraphon Wichuma from Thailand and the Pan American champion Julio Mayora from Venezuela, along with other improving competitors from all around the world. 

In the women’s field, Li Wenwen – China’s super-heavyweight record-breaker and multiple champion, is slowly returning to the platform after sustaining an injury at the World Championships. The rivalry between her and the two Americans – Sarah Robles and Mary Theisen Lappen is bound to be interesting as well. 

Through all of the competition days, our media team will be there to cover everything that happens, so expect exclusive news, results, and more compelling content for the next ten days. Make sure to follow our posts on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can be the first to learn about all the exciting events as they unfold.

The importance of this competition shouldn’t be underestimated, as out of seven qualifying opportunities for Paris, it is the fifth one. The IWF Grand Prix in Doha begins tomorrow and will end in ten days on December 14th. 

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