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Choosing A Training Program

Choosing A Training Program

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When someone wonders how it all started with my training programs, I always go ahead with this “ancient” story. When I moved from the junior national team to the senior one, my coach Valeriy Nikulin said: “I can’t stay with you at the training camp. I have to go back to the sports school – another 40 young and ambitious athletes are waiting there, they really need me.”

It turned out to be a great challenge for me so I decided to take over this responsibility. Of course, I could follow the national team’s program – it wasn’t bad at all. But my coach had shared all the knowledge with me, that had already shaped my own vision of the workout process and planning by that time. My training and competition experience was just enough, moreover, I was deeply into physiology and methodology which would give me the courage to try out something new and learn from that. 

I must admit that I haven’t managed to create the ideal training plan yet, still, I have made some success. I keep on learning and try to figure out what approaches are the most workable for different groups of athletes.

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While creating training programs for either professional or amateur athletes, for me, the most important points are:

  • a goal: preparing for a competition, exercising just for pleasure or additional help in other sports (American football, functional fitness, basketball, track and field, martial arts);
  • the duration and cycle of a program: professional athletes may start the preparation for an international competition 6 months in advance, for beginners or national-level athletes the number may be 3 months, or sometimes, we have only 4-6 weeks and can cope with that too;
  • the preparation level (beginner, advanced, proficient) defines the volume, intensity, and training methods;
  • training tasks: well-balanced competition preparation, technical work or mistake correction, fulfilling your potential in the snatch and clean&jerk, building strength and a firm base for sports during the off-season.

In order to find all the answers and come to the best decision, go to the website and read through all the programs, described in detail. 

All of them are grouped according to their special features: 

Masterclasses are basic programs – we work on weightlifting techniques and biomechanics.


They will work for: 

  • those who are new to weightlifting exercises;
  • athletes who want to correct and improve particular technical points;
  • coaches who are eager to have a deeper understanding of the weightlifting methodology.

Now we have a course on the snatch and clean. As to the jerk, we are currently working on it. 

In the “Prepare for Competitions” section, you can find well-balanced preparatory programs for Olympic weightlifting. We have plans for male, female, and master athletes. 

those who are new to weightlifting exercises

We stick to the proper periodization and load structure in order to build a firm base and improve the technique. Then we bring you to a new result and make you reach the pinnacle at the platform on the competition day. 

In “Mental Preparation” you can find my book Сompetition Day – X. It will be helpful for both experienced athletes and those who plan to start their amateur journey and hit the platform for the first time.  

I also have a separate block of training programs for athletes whose particular exercise falls behind: the snatchclean, or jerk. Personally, I used to struggle with the snatch. During a 5-week cycle, we are going to cope with a “troublesome” exercise.

the snatch, clean, or jerk

In this program, you focus on a particular exercise, solving some technical and strength hitches. Yet, you stay on track in your general weightlifting process because all kinds of loads and exercises are included (though their volume is reduced). 

    I have also a huge range of versatile programs for:

Can I see what the training plan really looks like? 

Go to the landing page of any training program, click DEMO and download the first week. If you have any doubts whether the loads fit your abilities, check it out to understand what exercises are used and what equipment you will need. Then make up your mind.  

Feel free to get in touch with my team at [email protected] to ask any questions or get advice. 

Individual or team workouts? 

If you feel comfortable working on your own towards your goal, pick any program and start at your own pace. If you decide to join my team Torokhiy Gang, you become a part of a unity and get their feedback as well as my coaching on your videos from time to time. Athletes get their training plan in Torokhiy Gang via an app. Apart from a program and team assistance, you get a convenient visualized form of loads and your progress statistics. All in all, consider your schedule and preferences. 

If you are completely confused, take our QUIZ and figure out what program is best for you.


Just a few additional questions and I will suggest the best training decision. By the way, we have a lot of discounts and special offers inside the QUIZ. You should definitely check it out: find out more about the programs and get the best price! 

By the way, from time to time, I give some of my training programs for free!!! To take this opportunity, you should subscribe to my email newsletters. Do it in one click on:

No doubts that the goals and approaches of beginners and experienced athletes differ a lot. Newbies shouldn’t be overambitious. Keep in mind that mastery demands long years and there are no miracles here. Therefore, it’s better to rein in your ego and stay patient.  

If you need a personal approach, I’m here to help! While writing an individual training program, I take into account all the information provided by an athlete, their goals, and tasks in order to choose appropriate and effective loads. I pay a lot of attention to the contact with an athlete, their questions, feedback, and controlling videos. It is essential for load correction and optimization in a program. 


The comparison table includes all the instruments of personal programs to consider the benefits and level of support. 

It’s important to understand what level of support you need to make the training process comfortable and effective.   

Training programs are a good choice because of well-balanced workouts, and consistent logical load structure. As a result, you can successfully handle them to improve the technique, boost explosive strength, increase the general capacity, and, of course, hit new PRs. 

You should always listen to your feelings while performing an exercise but regular expert analysis and feedback will surely help to track the progress, find mistakes and offer solutions as well as optimize a plan.


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In case an athlete wants everything at once, I suggest getting a bundle of training programs – both convenient and affordable. 

They are also different: 

  • masterclasses + cycles for improving particular exercises;
  • periodized bundles for a competition preparation with strength and recovery cycles;
  • FULL SET – a whole range of my programs for the best price. 

I’m always here to give a hand and accompany any athlete on their way to the Dream PR!

Best wishes, Oleksiy Torokhtiy!

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Sergii Putsov

Author: Sergii Putsov
Head of Sport Science, PhD

Experience: 20 years
Best ResultsSnatch – 165 kg,
C&J – 200 kg

Sergii Putsov, Ph.D., is a former professional weightlifter and National team member, achieving multiple medals in the 94 kg weight category at national competitions. With a Master’s degree in “Olympic & Professional Sport Training” and a Sport Science Ph.D. from the International Olympic Academy, Greece, Sergii now leads as the Head of Sport Science. He specializes in designing training programs, writing insightful blog articles, providing live commentary at international weightlifting events, and conducting educational seminars worldwide alongside Olympic weightlifting expert Oleksiy Torokhtiy.

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