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    Today we will not talk about the secrets of the snatch and clean and jerk technique and will not analyze the training methodology. This article focuses on the COVID-19 recovery protocol.

    Even in our super sports and weightlifting blog, we have already touched upon this disease several times: what problems it brought us, how to train at home, and how to fully return to barbell training.

    Today, we are forced to admit the fact that a significant portion of athletes have already faced COVID-19. This is demonstrated by the mass of messages from my team (GANG). Athletes are forced to stop their weightlifting training process due to illness. I really hope that most athletes have passed this disease with minimal impact.

    Over the past month, I received a lot of requests for recommendations on how to properly recover strength after an illness. To do this, I consulted with several rehabilitation therapists, and together with the team, we developed a 4-week rehabilitation program for general physical preparation REHAB COVID.

    We set ourselves the goal of helping weightlifters to build loads correctly and smoothly methodically.

    The REHAB COVID program solves the following tasks:

    - improvement of physical condition;

    - reduction of symptoms of shortness of breath;

    - increase in muscle strength and inner energy;

    - improving balance and coordination;

    - reduced stress and improved mood. 

    Each weekly cycle consists of 3 sessions with 6-8 exercises per week. All exercises are taken from the accessory section of my video library. You will need minimal equipment: a lightweight bar, discs, a mat, and a bench. In this program, there are no heavy loads and distribution by intensity zones, the number of sets and reps has variability.

    This program is based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the full version of which can be found HERE.

     If you have already been ill, then I would not advise anyone to return too quickly to intense training. Today, there is a lot of information about the hidden consequences of COVID, so please be patient and work in a light mode for at least 4 weeks to maintain your health and then go into your normal training regime.

    I don't want to seem boring and annoying, but for a high-quality recovery, I recommend taking care not only of training but also of morning exercises, walking outside, breathing exercises, a balanced nutrition and properly organized sleep. This is important for strengthening your immune system!

    If after the end of the REHAB COVID program you still feel weak and not completely return to normal well-being and conditions, you can repeat it or go through the INTRO program, it is more dynamic, intense and will help to smoothly return to weightlifting. the rhythm of work.

    Sleep better. Breathe better. Recover better.  

    Everything will be fine!

    Your Oleksiy Torokhtiy and team!





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