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    Quarantine is around the world: competitions are postponed, gyms are closed. Many athletes wonder how to do right in the current situation with the training process? What do TOP athletes do in order not to lose their forms, after all the calendar of competitions shifted?     

      What can I recommend to those who were in active training process and seriously prepared for competitions? I would advise to take a rest 2-3 weeks to give your body a physical and psychological recovery both from the bar and from the informational stress that has hit us all. During this time, it is possible to work qualitatively at home on the development of general physical training, flexibility and mobility, it will never be unnecessary. Many fear that they will lose force during the quarantine. You shouldn’t worry, just read this article.  

    We also managed to get the opinion of several TOP athletes about the quarantine situation, and here is what they said about it:

Rebeka Koha 

      As for me, I still have an opportunity to train, as I have access to a gym where I continue to prepare for the Olympic Games. It is difficult to comment on the postponement of the Games – too many question marks.

      On the one hand, most athletes planned to reach the peak of the form for this summer, and it is a pity that there will be no opportunity to show their PR. But maybe it is for the best: someone will have time to use this time usefully.

      I can give very simple advice – whatever happens, it is necessary to find something useful in it! And to adjust to the situation very well.

      I wish everyone health and patience!

Anton Pliesnoi 

      My training process has no special changes, I continue training in my usual regime, only not at camps, but at home. I significantly increased my work with a rehabilitator and masseur. Fortunately, I have access to the weightlifting gym at any time, so quarantine has no impact.

      I don't worry much about postponing the Olympic Games to 2021 in principle, I am more concerned with uncertainty: there are no exact dates when they will take place. After all it is very important for any athlete to know exact terms for construction of preparation and periodization.

      I advise everyone to minimize being in public places, observe hygiene rules, continue training and not to create panic.

Gaelle Ketchanke Nayo

      I think that there is no more important than health in the world for ourselves and our children as well as our close families. It is true that postponing is difficult for us as an athlete but we have no choice and we have to adapt in the hope that the 2021 games will be the victory over this deadly virus.  


    I train with the means at home and I try to prepare myself physically as well as possible each day and above all stay in shape ... may God protect us all!

    Someone may not know, but the postponing and cancellation of the Games happened earlier, and strangely enough, in Tokyo in 1940 and 1964. Then there were other factors, I wouldn't want very much it to happen again now. I believe that the Games will take place, albeit in 2021, and that will mean that the epidemic is left behind.     

    It is difficult to talk about rules and give advice in the current situation, but the main thing for me and my family now is the preservation of health. Many analysts say that sooner or later everyone will get sick, but the task for me is not to get into the first wave at most, as medicine is only gaining experience and protocols of treatment of this new virus. Physical activity at home is boring, but vital for physical and mental health, so 10-20 minutes of training a day is just necessary. Here is a program for 7 days that you can repeat in a circle. This program can be done with only a broomstick at home. If you are lucky and have a barbell in your home or in the garage, then pay attention to my 5 and 12 week online training programs depends on your goals  (leg strength, speed, SNATCH, PULLS, etc).

      Be healthy, everything will be fine!



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