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This training program is based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization to support self-management after illness caused by COVID-19.

REHAB COVID program is a FREE 4-week general physical preparation training program which will help to regain muscle strength that have weakened due to illness.

4-week program with 3 sessions per week;
Created to regain muscle strength;
Video lab access;
Desktop interactive PDF.

REHAB COVID program is recommended for men and women who have had COVID-19 or had difficulty fully embracing exercise and physical activity during the pandemic.

This training program will help you to:
- rehabilitate the physical shape;
- reduce symptoms of short wind;
- regain muscle strength;
- improve a balance and coordination;
- improve your thinking;
- reduce stress and improve mood;
- increase self-confidence;
- increase the level of internal energy.

We recommend training 3 times a week.
In the program, you will find the recommended range of sets and reps for each exercise. Rest breaks between sets should be determined by well-being until breathing is fully restored. If the exercises seem too difficult for you, reduce the number of reps in the set. Listen to your body. Take it slow, and gradually reintroduce physical activity to your routine.



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