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  Strong legs and back are the foundation of almost all sports. Not all professional athletes need this strength on a titanic scale, but having a margin of safety to be confident in their bones, ligaments and joints will not hurt any person.

    Of course, in sports where real strength, power and speed are needed, everything is measured in more serious categories. In weightlifting, powerlifting and American football, hardly anyone can be surprised by 150 kg squats.

    One of our top-selling programs LEG STRENGTH is already 4 years since I launched it. It came as a surprise to me that during this period about 1500 athletes from all over the world successfully passed it. I really think that's a huge number. I was inspired to create this program by frequently asking questions from athletes at my seminars. Their general meaning was: snatch and C&J are important movements, but what is the secret of building strong legs, how long should I train to get bigger legs? I tried to convince professional athletes not to train their legs in a completely separate way. When I trained in the national team, if the legs “do not lift”, the coach rebuilds the emphasis in squats only for a certain cycle. But we still continue to do the snatch and C&J, since our main task is to progress in these competitive exercises.

    It was LEG STRENGTH that was the answer to this question. It will sound loud, but one of our athletes had progressed in back squats in 5 weeks - 30 kg: from 90 to 120 kg. I was very happy, of course, although I am sure that he himself did not know his capabilities at the beginning of the program)))

    We just recently redesigned the LEG STRENGTH program.

    What has improved?

    - visualization of training sessions and exercises;

    - the jumping load has become more varied;

    - accessory exercises are reprogrammed according to the RPE scale;

    - 50+ videos and exercises demonstrating;

    - bonus tool - video demonstrations of general warm-up and stretching.


    To all athletes who purchased this program from us earlier, we sent the updated design completely FREE. Thus, we reminded them that strong legs are always necessary)))

    Surely you will have a question: what are the fundamental differences between LEG STRENGTH and another powerful program - LEG KILLER?

    The answer is: these programs have one thing in common - they are incredibly effective and make your legs strong, powerful and explosive. I recommend both of these programs to all of my athletes.

    What are the differences between them?

    LEG KILLER is a leg strength training program designed not only for professional weightlifters. Each training session consists of a fairly large introductory block, the purpose of which is to prepare for the main work. There are no snatch and clean pulls in this program, as they are not always performed by athletes from other sports. Also, this program has a flexible structure, which consists of 4 basic weekly blocks, and a wave-like load allows you to work on it for 4-8-12 weeks. The main part of the program does not use complex technical exercises from weightlifting. But for weightlifters who do not want to completely "move away from dynamics" for this period there is a separate additional technical day of training.

    LEG STRENGTH - does not have such variability and is intended more for weightlifters who want to focus on strengthening the legs for weightlifting and not forget about the snatch and C&J load. The duration of this cycle is 5 weeks. The small warm-up block includes traditional hyperextension and Gakk squats, as well as snatch and C&J sets with a load of 50-70% for light and explosive work.

    What should you choose? Assess your goals and timing, download demo versions and make a decision. Remember that I am always happy to give you my advice on any training question. Just text me - I'm always happy to help!


    Strong legs to all!

    Yours Oleksiy Torokhtiy!

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