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Liu Huanhua Fights for Two Silvers and Gets Onto the Total Podium at IWF Grand Prix II in Doha

Proudly representing the China team, Liu Huanhua fought the whole way this past December 12 in Qatar to show that he should be not only there, but come on top of the group in the 102 kg category at the IWF Grand Prix II, he managed to get Silver both in Clean and Jerk and the Total.

For the Snatch he started early with a 170 kg attempt, a weight some other lifters had put on the table, he approached the bar looking strong and confident, it was a “good lift” for him.

For his second attempt, he put 176 kg on the bar that resulted in a “no lift” due to press out at the bottom of the snatch, shortly after he attempted the same 176 kg which resulted in a good lift, this placed him 4th in the Snatch with only a 4 kg difference from Garik Karapetyan’s 180 kg.

In the Clean and Jerk he had 210 kg written on the table for his first attempt, he looked solid when he successfully Jerked it, then, a fight for gold broke down between him and Fares Ibrahim Elbakh, after Fares lifted 221 kg, Liu attempted 222 kg that resulted in a good lift, then Fares lifted 224 kg and that made Liu attempt 225 for his third attempt, but this resulted in a ¨no lift¨ as he failed the clean and that led to him winning silver for the Clean and Jerk.


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For Liu’s total, combining his 176 kg Snatch and 222 kg Clean and Jerk, he got 398 kg, placing him second behind Fares Elbakh’s 400 kg total.

Liu Huanhua

About Lui Huanhua

This Chinese lifter, born in August 2001 has had a great career in the weightlifting sport, earning a bronze medal in the 2022 World Championship with a total of 381 kg in the 89 kg category, then winning three gold medals in the 2023 Asian Championship in the 96 kg category, the 2023 World Championship in the 102 kg category and the 19th Asian Games on September this year in the 109 kg category with a 418 kg total.

Liu came to Qatar to show he deserves to be at the 2024 Paris Olympics and if you want to get more details, come and read our 102 kg category recap to get all the information about all podium athletes, and of you want a convenient way to see the day to day recap of the IWF Grand Prix II in Doha, Qatar, con se our full competition recap.

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