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Venezuela’s Keydomar Vallenilla Wins a Spot on the Podium in Snatch at IWF Grand Prix II in Doha

The 89 kg category had some of the most popular athletes in the sport right now, between those is Keydomar Vallenilla. The Venezuelan showed up to prove that his insatiable hunger for victory will lead him to fight all the way, he managed to get bronze in Snatch and a 5th place in both Clean and Jerk and Total.

Keydomar started with an attempt of 168 kg Snatch that resulted in a good lift, then he successfully lifted 171 kg for his second attempt, then after some of his competitors lifted 170 kg and 172 kg, he attacked with a third attempt that had 174 kg on the bar, he took a deep breath in front of the bar, pulled it, but wasn’t able to stabilize it and missed the lift backwards, leaving him with a score of 171 kg, trailing behind Canada’s Boady Santavy and Colombia’s Yeison Lopez Lopez by 1 kg and 9 kg respectively.

Vallenilla’s Clean and Jerk performance started with a 207 kg attempt, he successfully lifted it with ease, for his second attempt he had 211 kg on the bar, he pulled under the bar but it sank him to the very bottom of a squat and wasn’t able to get out of the hole and missed his lift, he tried the same 211 kg for his third attempt.

He cleaned it successfully but the squat left him out of breath, he tried to jerk it but wasn’t able to stabilize it and missed the jerk. That left Keydomar with a 207 kg score for Clean and Jerk and a 5th place in the lift.


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His performance on both lifts gave Keydomar a Total of 378 kg, granting him a 5th place, only 1 kg behind Kwang Ro.

Keydomar Vallenilla

About Keydomar

Keydomar Vallenilla Sanchez is a Venezuelan weightlifter, born in 1999 in La Guaira, he has a long record of top ten spots in competitions, like a gold medal in the 2017 IWF World Championship with a 155 kg Snatch, a 192 kg Clean and Jerk and a 347 kg Total in the 85 kg category. He is also an Olympian, he got a silver medal in the 96 kg category in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games with a Snatch of 177 kg and a Clean and Jerk of 210 kg for a Total of 387 kg.

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