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    Normal people measure their lives by events that are understandable to everyone, such as a birthday, a new year, or more significant milestones: graduation from school, marriage, and so on. In the world of sports, everything is arranged in another way. The life of a professional athlete is tied to two concepts: the competition calendar and periodization. Athletes dedicate themselves and build their lives from competition to competition. These time intervals, depending on the level of the athletes, can last from several weeks to many months or even years.

    For athletes of the national team level, one of the most significant and longest training periods is the Olympic cycle. It lasts 4 years from one Olympic Games to the next. For many beginners, this may seem like an incredibly long time interval, but at the same time, history knows some outstanding weightlifters who were able to show the highest sports results over 3 or even 4 Olympic cycles and win medals in these competitions.

    The most titled today is the Greek Pyrros Dimas: 3-time Olympic champion (1992, 1996, 2000) and bronze medalist of the Athens Games (2004).

    Four years ago, my team and I released the MALE competition program. At that time, it was the heart of my personal training experience in the national team. Time has shown that it was an excellent and effective program, which over 4 years passed about 2000 athletes from all over the world.

    We are proud of the fact that they were both amateur and national and international athletes. During this period, we got a lot of grateful feedback about new results, personal records and medals at competitions of various levels.

    Also, during these 4 years we have collected the opinions from our athletes, learned how to make our programs much more visually comfortable, also working on mobile versions and significantly expanded the video library of exercises.

    And this was the foundation  to create the new product - MALE 2.0 competitive program, which brought together a lot of new features and improvements.

    What is the new MALE 2.0 competition program?

    As before, it consists of 12 weeks, since we believe that this is the optimal time interval for preparing for a new personal best and reaching the peak of the competitive form. It consists of 3 periods of 4 weeks, each of which solves own specific tasks:

    General preparatory (weeks 1-4) - the goal is to increase the athlete's ability to perform heavy loads. Various methods are used and combined that develop: maximum and explosive strength, strength endurance, a large number of press exercises and for the development of flexibility and coordination. The total volume is high, the intensity is medium. In this regard, athletes often have to train in a state of incomplete recovery, which is quite acceptable for this stage of training.

    Special preparatory (weeks 5-8) - the athlete develops a power and special base for a new result. High volume and intensity, stress loads are integral characteristics of this period.

    Competition (weeks 9-12) - power and special loads decrease, intensity in the snatch and clean and jerk increase. The task of the athlete is to reach peak shape by the competition date, to recover physically and mentally.

    Also, the MALE 2.0 program has been improved methodologically:

  1. We add a detailed special warm-up, taking into account the specifics of the preparation period and the focus of each workout.
  2. The arsenal of exercises increased by more than 20%. We develop the base largely thanks to the athletes' clarifying questions.
  3. Variations of the main loads were optimized, and a simplified RPE (rating of perceived exertion) scale was applied to a number of auxiliary exercises).
  4. Each week in this program includes my video instructions and recommendations.
  5. We also improved the design of the program, it became even more adaptable and interactive. You can find exercise education videos inside the program. Each video is supported by additional text that builds upon the videos to deepen your understanding. 

     The MALE 2.0 program has two versions:

  • easy-to-follow PDF, so that it is comfortable access all your workouts, also you can print it and use during your sessions;
  • mobile-friendly version to view it on any device.

    In conclusion, I want to say that the MALE 2.0 competition program is a joint result of my team and our weightlifting community torokhtiy_gang.

    I know that it will bring you not only pleasure from an effective programming developed with accessible movements but also satisfaction from reaching your athletic potential and astonishing results in the snatch and clean and jerk.

    I am inviting you to follow through this 12-week journey of building your strength and pursue your weightlifting dreams!

    Thank you, Oleksiy Torokhtiy.






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