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Santavy Boady Robert Won Silver in Snatch At IWF Grand Prix ll

Santavy Boady Robert has remarkably emerged as second place winner in the 89 kg weight class in the Snatch session on the 10th of December, 2023 during the 2023 IWF Grand Prix II that took place in Doha, Qatar.

Who saw this win coming?

Many would have thought. However, Santavy diligently crushed the predictions of weight-lifting enthusiasts and onlookers on who the top 3 winners would have been. The 26 years old Canadian weight-lifter rose to the top 3 as he pushed his limits in the Snatch session during a fierce battle with other 5 top contenders. 

He was beaten 8 kg to the Gold medal by Lopez Lopez Yeison who snatched 180 kg after only hitting 170 kg and 175 kg at the first and second attempt respectively.  Santavy was not one to give up on his goals and he proved that by exerting unrelenting determination with each lift.

At his first attempt, he intensively lifted 165 kg and after putting a lot of sweat and blood into the weight, he finished off by snatching 172 kg passionately and impressively. As a result, he beat the 24 years old Venezuelan weightlifter, Keydomar Vallenilla, by 1 kg. Keydomar Vallenilla finished third place with a 171 kg attempt.


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Santavy Boady Robert remarkably proved to himself and fans that he is, indeed, that fierce and determined world-class weightlifter.

Santavy Boady Robert
Santavy Boady Robert At IWF Grand Prix ll

Today’s feat was no sheer luck as many might have assumed from the 1 kg gap between himself and the third place competitor, Keydomar Vallenilla. Santavy Broady’s achievement in the Men’s 89 Kg Snatch session was a product of unflinching determination and a record of ladder-climbing success.

From a young age of 6 till date, he has had a history of training and competing in weightlifting competitions, steadily securing between the top 8 positions.  

Santavy’s incredible success has beautifully and triumphantly wrapped up the year for him. As he clinched a record-setting silver medal for the Snatch win, he also secured his spot in the upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. This would mark a remarkable feat in his weightlifting career. Santavy also finalized the event with a 6th position win in the Clean and Jerk round.

Final Thoughts

The silver medal win was surely a proud-weightlifter moment for Santavy Boady Robert. It was a reward for days and nights of training upon training. It’s also a stepping stone to other heights of success for him. This win was one secured amidst a battle with other solid contenders, yet Santavy was able to hit personal goals.

Going forward, one thing is certain for Santavy Robert Broady: all roads lead to the Paris 2024 Olympic games. It’s time to smash personal goals. The last time Santavy competed in the Olympics Games was the 2020 Tokyo Games where he came 4th position during the weightlifting 96 kg Men event. Would he surpass his record this time?

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