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Venezuela’s Julio Mayora Fights for Silver in Clean and Jerk at IWF Grand Prix II in Qatar

A wave of remarkable performances at the IWF Grand Prix II this weekend in Qatar, and Venezuela sent one of his best representatives to the platform for the men’s 73 kg. He displayed skill and the characteristic Venezuelan resilience in his lifts.

Julio Ruben Mayora Pernia is a seasoned lifter who has made a name for himself at the weightlifting international community. In the Snatch, he started solidly with a successful 145 kg Snatch, placing him 4th after the first attempt.

But things didn’t go well for him in the next two attempts, for his second he faced a 150 kg bar but this one resulted in a ¨no lift¨, as well happened on his third attempt, when he stepped into the platform confidently to face a 151 kg bar, but he wasn’t able to lift this one either, giving him only a 145 kg for the Snatch as a result and placing him at the 6th place.

The story was different for him at the Clean and Jerk. A fight for the top spot became obvious as soon as the competition started. Shi Zhiyong went onto the platform to show off a successful 180 kg Clean and Jerk, then Mayora performed a great 181 kg, but Weeraphon Wichuma stepped into the fight with a successful 182 kg.


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Then Venezuela’s Mayora meant business and showed us that he wanted the top spot and Clean and Jerked surprisingly 186 kg. Shi Zhiyong decided not to lift anymore and Wichuma continued the Thailand-Venezuela fight for 1st place with a 187 kg Clean and Jerk.

In the last attempt Mayora did a successful 188 kg, but that wasn’t enough for gold, as Wichuma from Thailand lifted 189 kg, leaving Mayora with the silver medal that he will proudly bring back home.

For the total, Julio Mayora had 333 kg and got 4th place overall, showing us that the Venezuelan will fight to the end to get his best result.

Julio Mayora at IWF Grand Prix II
Julio Mayora at IWF Grand Prix II

About Mayora

Julio Ruben Mayora Pernia, born in Catia la Mar, Venezuela on the 2nd of September in 1996 is a Pan American Champion and Plan American Games Champion where he competed in the 69 kg category, and now a 73 kg category competitions after the International Weightlifting Federation reorganized the categories.

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