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Italy’s Antonio Pizzolato Earns Bronze Medal at IWF Grand Prix II in Doha (2023)

After being absent for a while, Pizzolato appeared in Qatar with the Italian team to make things interesting for his opponents, despite placing 5th in Snatch and 4th in Clean and Jerk he managed to step onto the podium in third place in the 89 kg category at the IWF Grand Prix II in Doha.

Having seen him last in the 2022 European Championships, where he got a gold medal, Antonio, also known as Nino, Pizzolato started his day in Qatar with a 165 kg attempt that resulted in a characteristically Italian fast good lift, for his second attempt he put 170 kg in the bar.

With a scream he walked to the bar and successfully lifted it, and for his third attempt he wrote 175 kg on the table, he grabbed the bar and pulled under it, but quickly failed the lift forward resulting in a “no lift” , leaving him with a score of 170 kg and placing him in 5th place behind Venezuela’s Keydomar Vallenilla by only 1 kg.

For his first Clean and Jerk he attempted 203 kg, he approached the bar and successfully lifted it, he had 210 kg for his second attempt, he cleaned it and failed the jerk backwards as he could not manage to stabilize it. Shortly after he came back onto the platform for his third attempt with the same 210 kg bar, which resulted in a good lift for him, leaving him with a score of 210 kg and a 4th place on the Clean and Jerk.


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Antonio Pizzolato

Surprisingly for him his 170 kg Snatch and 210 kg Clean and Jerk managed to get him a total of 380 kg, which was enough for a third place in the total and a bronze medal for the Italian lifter.

About Nino Pizzolato

Antonio Pizzolato, born in August 20, 1996, is a 27 year old weightlifter from Castelvetrano, competing currently in the 89 kg category. He has a long list of accomplishments and medals, such as being a three time European Champion in the 85 kg category lifting 175 kg Snatch, a 217 kg Clean and Jerk for a Total of 392 kg.

Pizzolato is also an Olympian, participating in the 2020 Olympic Games and placing 3rd in the 81 kg category with a 165 kg Snatch, a 200 kg Clean and Jerk and a Total of 365 kg.

The 89 kg category was house of a new world record, if you want to know more details about this be sure to visit our day 7 recap on the men’s 89 kg category, and if you want to keep up to date with the whole competition in IWF Grand Prix II in Doha, Qatar, go and read our day to day recap and analysis of all categories and athletes.

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