Despite the fact that BACK SQUATs are considered to be the most effective exercise for developing leg strength, for weightlifters the FRONT SQUAT is more useful. This exercise forces not only your leg muscles, but all the musclesof our body to work as well, in exactly in those "angles" that are most important for CLEAN & JERK. According to a large body of research, leg strength is considered to be optimal when the result in Front SQUAT (1RM) isabout 110-120% of your CLEAN & JERK. 

The technique is the most important in this exercise, not kilograms. The development of the correct trunk position, elbows, mechanics and movement tempo, which makes possible to prepare our body for shock loads in CLEAN & JERKand progress safely. An athlete should always hold the bar with a full grip, if he can’t do it - it is a matter of flexibility and, as a result, safety. The solution is quite simple - FRONT SQUATs with straps, no matter howstrange it sounds.