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    The previous article focused on Turnover theory and today we will pay more attention to the practical aspect and focus on one of the simple but important exercises that will help make Turnover fast, efficient and economical.

    For those who missed last week's article, I recommend reading it to be with us on the same page. In my seminars I always use the sequence of training when first we deal with the theory and after that, understanding the essence, we begin to try the exercise practically. I really like one saying (I don't remember where it came from), but the point is, "Practice without theory is blind and theory without practice is dead."

    I decided to pay detailed attention to the exercise Muscle Snatch, as I often notice that a lot of athletes perform this element incorrectly: start the movement with hands, turn over the elbows during the movement and press the barbell, etc. I propose to each athlete, both beginner and professional, to stand periodically in front of a mirror and slowly and consciously practice the techniques.

    I consider that one of the best exercises for developing the Snatch Turnover is the PVC Muscle Snatch. In weightlifting, we have different variations of the Muscle Snatch, but today we will focus on the Hip Muscle Snatch (VIDEO).

    I recommend exactly the following progression:

  • Take the PVC with the Snatch Hook Grip and place it at the hips. 
  • Move the PVC up, directing your elbows upward, keeping the PVC as close to the body as possible.
  • When the PVC reaches the chest level, continue to lift the PVC up by rotating your elbows.
  • Finish the movement by squeezing your shoulder blades and pushing the PVC up (VIDEO).
  • Move your hips back and knees out to perform the Overhead Squat. Please do this slowly and maintain the position when the PVC is behind the neck all the way from the top to the bottom (VIDEO).

    While in this deep squat position, pause (4-5 seconds) to check the three control points:

  1. Knees should be out and over your toes.
  2. The lower back should be straight and tight.
  3. Scapulas should be retracted by placing the PVC behind the neck.

    When you have checked these control points, stand up, pulling your knees back and straightening your hips. After a full extension, move the PVC back to the hips and repeat the same progression for a few sets.

    Important! Do not rush to do this exercise. Do it slowly to feel how your muscles work during this new movement. Beginners should not do the Hip Muscle Snatch with a bar, only with a PVC.

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