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     I recently released my new training program Muscle Gain Cycle 2.0, in which I mentioned the nutrition program and promised super news. This moment has come. Meet my new MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE NUTRITION, which has been under development for several months by my personal sports nutritionist.

    If you are doing weightlifting and the dynamics of muscle mass and strength growth have stopped or slowed down sharply, it is time to pay special attention to what you are filling your fuel tank with. If your diet is unbalanced in vitamins and minerals, if you are lacking in calories, protein and especially carbohydrates, this may explain why you have stopped progressing.

    Maximum Performance Nutrition was created specifically for women and men who are involved in weightlifting. This is not a template menu with no freedom of choice. Maximum Performance Nutrition is your complete guide to formulating a balanced, varied and flexible meal plan. You decide what you want to eat for breakfast - from the presented options to choose from. 

Key product features:

  1. An emphasis on sufficient carbohydrates is what a weightlifter needs to work out intensely and with quality. In this case, there is no need to take a gainer. Our program clearly shows how you can get the right amount of carbohydrates without additives!
  2. Recommendations for planning meals regarding your training schedule - what to eat and how long before training. This allows you to optimize the fuel reserves in your body, while avoiding discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract. Win-win for a quality workout to the maximum of your physical capabilities.
  3. Portion control - there is no need to necessarily weigh all products before each meal. Using simple tools like a spoon, a glass, and a deck of cards, you can plan your calories fairly accurately, as well as your protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Many products are measured by the piece (for example, fruits and nuts), which does not require any tools at all. Everything is calculated for you, you will have your own ready-made plan.
  4. Bonus - Complete guide to effective sports and dietary supplements worth spending money on.

   Too many weightlifters do not pay enough attention to their diet just because they do not want to weigh their food at every meal. And I understand you perfectly. I am not enthusiastic about the idea that calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats must be meticulously calculated to achieve maximum results.

    Maximum Performance Nutrition is a lifesaver for those who have never weighed their food or bothered about the balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. And also for those who have been weighing food for a long time, but are tired of it and want to feel freedom in planning their diet.

   If you are used to weighing food and this is not a pain for you - in our program, portions are also displayed in grams / ounces. Everyone will win. The required amount of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates has already been calculated - for the athlete's body weight.

   And Maximum Performance Nutrition has a guide to weight management and body composition alteration. Simple and straightforward. There is also a very important section in the product with recommendations on the rate of gaining muscle mass or reducing body fat mass - depending on your percentage of body fat, as well as on training experience and genetic characteristics.

   By the way, our program was developed separately for male and female athletes with an emphasis on maintaining maximum training performance, so the starting calorie content is designed to maintain the current weight and body composition. But as you already know, inside there are recommendations for both gaining muscle mass and reducing body fat. This is an all-in-one guide.

   A special bonus of the Maximum Performance Nutrition program is the detailed sports and dietary supplement manual. You will know:

  • What exactly works and is it worth the money;
  • What dosages of additives are optimal;
  • When and how to take supplements.

    I believe that the supplement manual alone fully pays for the cost of the entire Maximum Performance Nutrition product. Thanks to our guide, you can save a ton of money on dummy supplements. Buy only what really works, and spend the savings on good old protein!

    Still wondering if you need Maximum Performance Nutrition? This is the ultimate nutritional guide that stays with you forever! You are now your own nutritionist.

    This is the perfect combination with my most popular training programs:

Muscle Gain Cycle 2.0

Male 2.0


Master diesel

Weightlifting Bodybuilding





and perhaps your best investment in the best version of yourself as an athlete. The combination of our updated nutrition and training programs is an explosive mixture for maximum results.







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