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Weeraphon Wichuma Takes gold in Clean and Jerk and Secures Podium Finish at the IWF Grand Prix II at Qatar

We just witnessed an exciting performance from Thailand’s Weeraphon Wichuma, he came first at the Clean and Jerk, giving him the total he needed to step into the final podium at the men’s 73 kg category.

Wichuma could have done better at the Snatch, he stepped confidently into the platform facing a 145 kg Snatch, but this one resulted in a ¨no lift¨, on his second attempt, he faced the 145 kg bar again and made a successful lift, but he decided no to step to the platform again for this movement and got a sixth place for the Snatch, he was saving the best for last.

On the Clean and Jerk, Wichuma surprised everyone by clean and jerking the heaviest weight , a wooping 182 kg. Only Julio Mayora from Venezuela lifted more in the second attempt  attacking with a 186 kg Clean and Jerk, but Wichuma came back with 187 kg for his second attempt, making him the heaviest again. Tension was really high for the third round, where the Venezuela and Thailand fight continued when Mayora did a Clean and Jerk of 188 kg, but Wichuma meant business and successfully lifted 189 kg, giving him the gold medal in Clean and Jerk.

The total of both his lifts resulted in 334 kg, that was enough for him to step into the podium on the third place, giving himself and Thailand a bronze medal from the Qatar Grand Prix II.


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Weeraphon Wichuma at IWF Grand Prix II

About Wichuma Weeraphon

Born in August 10, 2004 in Thailand, the 19 year old lifter is no short of accomplishments, in September 2023, at the World’s Championship he showed us an impressive 154 kg in Snatch and a Junior World record of 194 kg Clean and Jerk. We’re sure the youngster is here to make more story as he has a long career in front of him in the weightlifting world.
For more insights on the 73 kg men’s category, you should go to our detailed recap here. This article is going to give you all the details, including more about Wichuma’s performance. And if you want to stay up to date with all qualifying athletes heading to Paris 2024, be sure to visit our recap of all the categories here.

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