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Wang Zhouyu won Silver in Total (also Silver in Snatch and Bronze in C&J) at IWF Grand Prix II in Qatar

On the ninth day of the IWF Grand Prix II weightlifting competition in Doha, Chinese Wang Zhouyu claimed two silver medals in Total and Snatch and one bronze in Clean and Jerk in the 81 kg women’s category.

Snatch Performance

With gold and silver medals in Snatch in the 81 kg women’s category at the 2023 World Championship and Asian Championship, Wang Zhouyu arrived at this competition on a winning streak.

She won the silver medal at Snatch. On her first attempt, she lifted 120 kg. On her second and third attempts, she failed to lift 125 kg.

Her previous results in Snatch in major events were:


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  • 2023 World Championship – 122 kg
  • 2023 Asian Championship – 115 kg
Wang Zhouyu
Wang Zhouyu Snatch

Clean and Jerk Performance

Wang Zhouyu saw the Clean and Jerk as an opportunity to right her wrongs. She successfully lifted 148 kg on her first attempt. On her second and third attempts, she failed to lift 155 kg and 160 kg, respectively.

Her previous results in Clean and Jerk on major events were:

  • 2023 World Championship – 155 kg
  • 2023 Asian Championship – 146 kg

Having won silvers in both previous events, many expected her to utilize her chances and perform to her best.

Wang Zhouyu Clean and Jerk
Wang Zhouyu Clean and Jerk

Total Performance

Resiliency, Intensity, and Concentration defined the performance on the day. Wang Zhouyu got 268 kg in Total.

Her performance was short of her personal best at the 2020 Asian championship, where she topped 286 kg in Total in the 87 kg women’s category.

Her previous results in Total were:

  • 2023 World Championship – 277 kg
  • 2023 Asian Championship – 261 kg

She won silvers in both events. As Wang did not perform to her best in this competition, she found a way to bring a medal home. Only a few athletes possess such skills.

About Wang Zhouyu

Born in 1994, Wang Zhouyu is a Chinese weightlifter with a successful career. She clinched the gold medal in the 87 kg women’s category at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. She also clinched the gold medal in the 76 kg women’s category at the 2018 World Championship.

As the 2024 Olympics approaches, Wang Zhouyu will hope to gain her top form and reclaim her title in the world. However, her performance in this competition will improve her chances of making it to Paris.

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