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Taniela Rainibogi swept all three medals at the 2023 IWF Grand Prix II weightlifting competition in Doha

On the tenth day of the IWF Grand Prix II weightlifting competition in Doha, Fijian Taniela Rainibogi clinched silver in Snatch and two bronze in Clean & Jerk and Total in the 109 kg men’s category.

Snatch Performance

Having finished third in Snatch in the 96 kg men’s category at the 2022 Commonwealth Games and 2021 Oceania Championships, Taniela Rainibogi saw this competition as an opportunity to ignite his career.

Taniela made three attempts. On his first attempt, he completed 162 kg. On his second attempt, he added 4 kilos and lifted 166 kg. On his third attempt, he added another 4 kilos and lifted 170 kg, winning a silver medal. Perhaps 4 is Taniela’s lucky number.

His past records in Snatch in major events were:


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  • 2022 Commonwealth Games – 155 kg
  • 2021 Oceania Championship – 145 kg

With his resilient performance in Snatch on the day, Taniela made a step in the right direction.

Taniela Rainibogi
Taniela Rainibogi at IWF Grand Prix II, photo by

Clean and Jerk Performance

The clean and jerk session was highly competitive and intensive. Taniela made three attempts. On his first attempt, he completed 200 kg. He completed 206 kg on his second attempt. On his third attempt, he completed 210 kg to win the bronze medal.

His past records in Clean and Jerk in major events were:

  • 2022 Commonwealth Games –  188 kg
  • 2021 Oceania Championship – 167 kg

Total Performance

Taniela replicated his past performance at the 2022 Commonwealth Games and the 2021 Oceania Championship, where he won a bronze medal.

He clinched bronze in Total on the day with 380 kg – his personal best.

His past records in Total in major events were:

  • 2022 Commonwealth Games –  312 kg
  • 2021 Oceania Championship – 343 kg

His fighting spirit and strength were noticeable on the day. Furthermore, he made his career-best of six-from-six. He became the first Fiji-native male weightlifter to clinch a medal at a global competition.

About Taniela Rainibogi

Born in 1998, Taniela Rainibogi is a Fijian weightlifter. He previously clinched a bronze medal at the 2017 Oceania Weightlifting Championship.

As the 2024 Olympics looms, Taniela will be eyeing another chance to make his country proud and break more records. However, his performance in this competition made a strong statement and will aid in his ambitions to go to Paris.

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