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Dora Tchakounte won Silver in the Women’s 59 kg Category (2024 European Weightlifting Championships)

So far, this year’s European Championships haven’t been disappointing, as we’ve managed to see a lot of action unfold and some terrific performances.

Regardless, the women’s 59 kg can be mentioned as one of the more interesting categories we’ve seen so far, and it did provide us with some athletes coming back on the podium spots. 

One of them was Dora Tchakounte from France, who surprised everyone by winning the silver medal for the category thanks to her incredible performance.

She began strongly by lifting 98 kg on the Snatch, which was enough for the bronze medal in the event, and she continued with the same diligence in Clean & Jerk, where she got 117 kg for the fourth spot in the event.


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Tchakounte Dora
Dora Tchakounte

Tchakounte’s combined total of 215 kg was one more than third-placed Saara Retulainen, but it was enough to give her the silver medal for the category. 

Tchakounte has been competing on the world stage for more than ten years, and she represented France at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, where she finished in 4th place in the women’s 59 kg event. Along with that, she won two European medals – a silver in 2021 and a gold one in 2022.

However, last year, she couldn’t replicate those results, and so for her, this is a comeback result, coming just in time prior to the Olympics. 

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