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Women’s +87 kg Division Recap – IWF European Weightlifting Championships 2024

The last day of this grand European Weightlifting Championships displayed an impressive lifting session in the Women’s +87-kg weight category, where 9 female athletes were performing in the Group A. 

The battle in this weight category proved the solid determination, strong willingness, and inner power of the female lifters. These super heavyweight sportswomen of the Top 3 were competing till the end showing extreme weights.

Let’s observe this battle and outline the winning lifts in each exercise. Keep following our highlights and news about the upcoming event to know the details of this world-class tournament.

Campbell Emily
Campbell Emily

Campbell Coming Back to the Great Game by Taking Gold to Her Collection 

Let’s see the TOP 3 weightlifters who gained the highest awards due to their extreme weights on the bar: 


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🥇CAMPBELL Emily (GBR) – 112-151-263
🥈HOTFRID  Anastasiia (GEO) – 117-140-257
🥉CEVIK Fatmagul (TUR) – 107-131-238

The winner in today’s weight class was CAMPBELL Emily from Great Britain who lifted 112 kg in Snatch on the first attempt, 151 kg in Clean & Jerk on the second try, refusing to lift on the third attempt, and a total of 263 kg.

The second place was occupied by HOTFRID Anastasiia from Georgia who got in a total of 257 kg, she lifted 117 kg in Snatch on the third try, and 140 kg in Clean & Jerk on the last attempt.

Hotfrid Anastasiia
Hotfrid Anastasiia

The bronze medalist was CEVIK Fatmagul from Turkey: she lifted 107 kg in Snatch on the last try, 131 kg in Clean & Jerk on the third attempt, and got 238 kg in the sum of two exercises.

Top Athletes’ Review

The Women’s +87-kg weight category winner CAMPBELL Emily, a British weightlifter who in 2021 became both European champion and the first British woman to win an Olympic medal, namely silver at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. In 2022, she won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games with a new Commonwealth Games record. Campbell is also a three-time gold and bronze medalist at the European Championships. While at the World Champs, she took silver in 2022 and bronze in 2021.

Speaking about the silver medalist, Anastasiia Hotfrid, a Georgian weightlifter who won a gold medal at the 2016 and 2018 European Championships, while getting silver and bronze in Yerevan and Tirana respectively. Also, she took gold at the 2017 World Championships.

The bronze holder Fatmagul Cevik, a Turkish lifter, claimed gold and silver at the 2023 European Junior & U23 Championships.

The USA was represented by a weightlifter THEISEN LAPPEN Mary who snatched 116 kg, lifted 155 kg in the Clean & Jerk round, resulting in 271 kg. By the way, it was the best lifted weight today, so she could become a winner if she was officially enlisted in the entry list of the competition.

Snatch results:

The Snatch session was remarkable as almost all lifters performed well, with a minimal percentage of no-lifts. The Snatch leaders showed the following results: 

🥇HOTFRID Anastasiia (GEO) – 117 kg
🥈CAMPBELL Emily (GBR) –  112 kg
🥉KISIL Valentyna (UKR) –  108 kg

Cevik Fatmagul
Cevik Fatmagul

During the Clean & Jerk exercise, there were more red lights compared to the first round. Kisil Valentyna diluted the medal table by winning bronze in Snatch. KISIL Valentyna crowded into the medal table of the Top 3 athletes by winning bronze in Snatch. While a Turkish lifter Suren Tuana withdrew from the competition.

Clean & Jerk results:

🥇CAMPBELL Emily (GBR) – 151 kg
🥈HOTFRID  Anastasiia (GEO) – 140 kg
🥉CEVIK Fatmagul (TUR) – 131 kg

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Detailed results of each day:

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