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How Much Does An Elliptical Cost?

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Whether you want to lose some weight by burning calories or building up your stamina, an elliptical trainer is the best machine to own.

It gives you versatile exercise options that involve a full body especially impacting your lower body and won’t take up too much space. But, before buying, you may ask yourself, how much does an elliptical cost?

How much does an elliptical cost? The cost of ellipticals varies from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Durability, quality, features, and brand name affect the elliptical machine’s price. The lower-priced ones only let you do basic cardio, whereas the advanced ones are more durable, and include more features.

How Much Does An Elliptical Cost?

Elliptical Price Range By Type

The cost of ellipticals can greatly vary depending on the type you choose. The Under-The-Desk ellipticals are the most compact and have the lowest price.

Good standard ellipticals can cost you as high as $2000, but they will last you ages without fault.

Let’s see how much an elliptical is depending on its type.

1. Price For Standard Elliptical

The elliptical machine cost for a basic standard elliptical is around $300. These are stand-up ellipticals; most don’t have an advanced incline option and allow for simple horizontal movements only.

If you want to buy one for the gym, go for a sturdier one that costs around $2000. Machines at the gym are usually under constant use, so they must be more durable.

2. Price For Stepper + Elliptical

Need help deciding between investing in a stairmaster or an elliptical for your cardio? Well, you don’t have to choose. Simply opt for a stepper + elliptical instead.

Such ellipticals allow vertical movement. You can also adjust its difficulty level according to your choice. They are more like stair climbers. They range from about $1500 to $2000 for good quality.

Some brand ellipticals even let you adjust the machine’s verticality, allowing you to adjust the difficulty level according to your preference.

3. Price For Recumbent Elliptical

If you have weak knees or back issues, the recumbent elliptical is for you as it reduces back and knee pain. It allows you to reap the benefits of an elliptical without putting any pressure on your knees or back.

Recumbent Elliptical
Photo by @snapmansfield

The price range of this type of elliptical varies from $350 to $1000. These are great options for older people and ones who don’t want to put extra pressure on their joints.

4. Price For Under-The-Desk Elliptical

Under-The-Desk Elliptical
Photo by @solson_459

Do you want to burn extra calories without getting up from your work desk? Under the desk ellipticals can be put under any desk as they are very compact. As they are very small compared to the size of regular ellipticals, their prices range from about $150 to $250.

regular ellipticals

What Affects Elliptical Price?

A simple elliptical with minimal features and a low-grade motor will only cost a few hundred dollars. A high-end professional elliptical trainer has features like an HD touchscreen, adjustable resistance levels, auto adjustment, and, unfortunately, a hefty price tag.

So multiple factors affect the price of an elliptical — these range from ergonomics to the size and features of the machine. Plus, durability and flywheel size are also important factors that can bring up the price of one of these machines. Here are some top factors that contribute to an elliptical cost.


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1. Features

Features like an HD touchscreen, auto adjustment system, multi-resistance level intensity, and stats tracker are great for your elliptical trainer.

An elliptical trainer with these features has a significantly higher price. Alternatively, if you buy an elliptical that lacks these features, you’ll see that its price is much lower.

2. Ergonomics

Ensure your elliptical trainer is designed considering the ergonomics to get a comfortable and fun workout session every time. It should be inclined and free-flowing with low impact so you can exercise for longer hours without discomfort. If it is designed with such perfection, the price is higher.

3. Size

Small and compact elliptical trainers come at a lower price range. An Under-The-Desk elliptical trainer may cost 1/10th of a fully equipped high-end trainer.

4. Durability

The elliptical trainers that are made for commercial use are very durable. These can last years without any wear and tear. Such ellipticals are pricier as they are made with sturdy material.

5. Flywheel Weight

An Elliptical trainer with a heavy flywheel is more stable, has a smoother operation, and doesn’t make noise. So, the price of an elliptical trainer that has a heavy flywheel is much higher as it gives you a better experience.

Flywheel Weight

How To Decide How Much Budget To Spend On Elliptical?

This entirely depends on what features you want and how you want to use it. If you want to buy elliptical trainers for your gym, choose the super durable ones and provide a better experience. Your budget should be around $1500 – $2500 because this is a good long-term investment.

If you want to buy elliptical trainers for personal use, you can also purchase low-priced ones. Just ensure they have an ergonomic design and come with features you prefer. Your budget for a personal elliptical trainer should be around $300 – $1000.

Elliptical Machines We Recommend

There are endless elliptical trainer options available in the market, from top-notch to budget-friendly ones.

After testing out multiple elliptical trainers, I have some recommendations that will be worth spending your money on and will be a great addition to your gym or home gym equipment.

Elliptical For Most People

Programmable Cardio Elliptical Power Trainer SF-E3890

Programmable Cardio Elliptical Power Trainer SF-E3890
  • Built-In Programs: 24
  • Digital Monitor: Yes
  • Flywheel Weight: 8.8 Lb
  • Resistance Levels: 16
  • Pedal Type: Non-Slip
  • Max User Weight: 265 Lb
  • Pedal Step Height: Min 7.5 In/Max 16.7 In
  • Stride Length: 18 In
  • Tension System: Electro-Magnetic
  • Dimensions: 62.5L X 25W X 67H In
  • Product Weight: 103.6 Lb
  • Warranty: 3 Year Structural Frame, 180 Days Other Parts And Components

The Programmable Cardio Elliptical Power Trainer SF-E3890 comes in classes black color. It is made from alloy steel and has the dimensions of 25″D x 67″ W x 62.5″H.

It offers 16 levels of resistance and will fit well even for big athletes since the machine maximum weight is 265 lbs.

A performance monitor displays speed, heart rate, distance, target heart rate, watt, calories, RPM, program and resistance level.

It also offers electromagnetic resistance control and up to 24 built-in exercise programs. It’s a great product to be used at home, but if you want to buy one for your gym, especially taking into account its budget-friendly price.

PRO Tool For Those Need The Best Machine

NordicTrack Fs14i Freestride Elliptical Trainer

NordicTrack Fs14i Freestride Elliptical Trainer
  • Type/Model: Center-Drive Smart Elliptical
  • Item weight: 287 Pounds
  • Weight Limit: 375 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 58.5″ L x 29.5″ W x 74″ H
  • Display: 14-inch Smart HD Touchscreen
  • Workout programs: iFIT accessibility, Automatic Trainer Control, 26 resistance levels
  • Additional features: Front-Mounted Transport wheels, Bluetooth audio capabilities

The NordicTrack Fs14i Freestride elliptical trainer is one of the top-notch machinesI’ve ever used. It offers a magnetic resistance mechanism and has a 14-inch display screen.

The stride length of 14 inches and a maximum weight of 375 lb makes it efficient for big users. Though the price of this elliptical trainer is high for some, its features are worth every penny.

The NordicTrack Fs14i Freestride elliptical trainer Instagram
Photo by @steshanicole

Its operation was so smooth that once I got on it, its immersive experience made my time on it fly by in a breeze.

The build of this one is super durable too. If you want to invest in the best elliptical trainer, get this one because the experience is unparalleled.


Are Ellipticals Expensive?

Ellipticals might be considered expensive compared to other gym equipment, but their price range varies greatly. You can get good elliptical trainers for a few hundred dollars. If you want a top-notch one, their price is around a few thousand dollars.

Are Ellipticals Worth It?

Ellipticals are worth investing in if you’re looking to do cardio. They are great as they offer low-impact exercise, especially for the lower body. The average elliptical is not small, but some ellipticals don’t take up much space and are very effective for building stamina and burning calories.


While the elliptical trainers with top features are pricey, they’re worth the experience. If you want a budget-friendly one, you can get an elliptical trainer at a very low price. The price depends on the type of elliptical trainer you buy. It is a one-time investment that would last for years if you choose the right option.

Comment below which type of elliptical you would prefer to invest in and what features you think are necessary for an elliptical trainer.

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