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Asian Weightlifting Championships, Day 4 Recap – Men’s 73 kg: the Indonesian Team Rules the Category with a Great Gap of 28 kilos

Day 4 of the Asian Championships was expected to be full of intriguing and breathtaking moments, which could create the history of this great qualifying event.

Men’s 73-kg Olympic weight division brought us lots of eye-catching lifts of the supposed leaders.

Such a tough battle between the lifters created a competitive atmosphere where top-level athletes proved their constant progress and ultimate mastery.

Keep on watching this video to know more details about prominent lefters’ performances and what weights brought them the winning spots.


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Athlete’s Presentation

Today nine weightlifters were ready to prove their dedication, determination, and perfect physical form to defeat their rivals. Here we have Rahmat Erwin Abdullah, a two-time gold and silver medalist in the men’s 73-kg event at the World Championships in 2021, 2022, and 2023; a bronze medalist at the 2020 Summer Olympics; gold medalist at the 2022 Asian Games.

It needs to be mentioned that he also competed at the 2023 Grand Prix II in Doha in the 81-kg weight category. But, now he weighed down to the 73-kg division just in one month;

Masanori Miyamoto, a gold medalist at the 2023 Asian Championships in Jinju, and a bronze holder at the 2020 Asian Championships in Tashkent. His prior accomplishments include: a gold medal at the 2023 Asian Championships at Jinju; he also won the bronze medal at the 2020 Asian Championships in Tashkent and represented Japan at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Rizki Juniansyah, a silver medalist at the 2022 World Championships in Bogota, a gold medalist at the Junior World Championships in Tashkent, and also the gold holder at the 2022 Junior World Championships in Heraklion, setting a new Junior World Record in Snatch.

Rahmat Erwin Abdullah

He is a silver medalist at the 2022 World Championships in Bogota, also a gold medalist at the 2021 Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya. Rizki also won gold at the 2022 Junior World Championships in Heraklion, where he set a new Junior World Record in Snatch of 156 kg.

So, keep an eye on the intensive battle in the 73-kg weight category between the strongest lifters. Let’s get to know new winners who will succeed in qualifying for the Olympics this summer.


The performance in the Snatch exercise started from _141_ kg.

9: BAK JOOHYO – _141_ kg
8: REYIMOV BEKTEMIR – _145_ kg
7: SUTTIPONG JEERAM – _145_ kg
6: YOKUBOV DOSTON – _146_ kg
4: RASHIDOV BUNYAD – _148_ kg

On this contest day, _52__ % of all attempts were successful which is a _below-average_ rate. We compared this rate with the indexes received at the World Championships in Riyadh.

Top 3 Leaders’ results

Now let’s analyze the Top 3 lifters’ performance:


Masanori Miyamoto from Japan took the 3rd place with 150 kg on the third attempt. He showed his high concentration to get to the Top 3 today. He tried to lift 145 kg on the first attempt, but resulted in no lift. The second try was with the same weight that was successful, and the third lift of 150 kg brought him bronze today.

Rizki Juniansyah from Indonesia lifted 158 kg on the third attempt which brought him the silver medal in the exercise. What’s more, he succeeded in improving his Personal Best in Snatch by one kilo compared to his result of 157 kg at the Asian Junior Championships in 2022. All his attempts were successful: the first attempt was 146 kg, then he ordered 152 kg on the second try, and the last attempt resulted in winning the second spot.

Rizki Juniansyah
Rizki Juniansyah

The winner of the Snatch exercise became Rahmat Erwin Abdullah from Indonesia. He proved his domination by lifting 159 kg at the third try. His first attempt of 153 kg wasn’t successful as the jury members counted this attempt as ‘no lift’. 

Today he improved his Snatch result by one kilo compared to his previous performance at the Asian Games in Hangzhou in 2022 where he also won the gold medal.

Having analyzed the Snatch session performances, we can state that half of all lifts finished with no lifts. Five of nine athletes had two failed attempts we can prove this with the 52% rate if to compare the performances in the 73-kg weight class at the 2023 World Championships in Riyadh.

Also, we can outline the Top 5 easily since they showed almost even performances with minimal weight gaps. However, some of them had red lights while lifting.

Clean & Jerk

The contest in the Clean & Jerk discipline started with a weight of 165 kg.

9: RASHIDOV BUNYD (1st lift) – 165 kg no lift
6: LEE Sangyeon – 182 kg group B 
5: YOKUBOV DOSTON – 184 kg

55 % of all attempts in this exercise were successful which is a _below-average_ rate. We compared this rate with the indexes received at the World Championships in Riyadh during the performance of the same weight category.

Top 3 Leaders’ results

Let’s describe the performance of the Top 3 lifters:

🥉BAK JOOHYO – 186_ kg

The South Korean lifter Bak Joohyo took bronze with his lift of 186 kg he performed on the second try. His first lift was 183 kg, then he did 186 kg, but the last try of lifting 193 kg was unsuccessful. By the way, his personal best in Clean & Jerk was 191 kg he lifted at the Asian Games in Hangzhou in 2023 winning silver in the round. He wanted to surpass his own result by 2 kilos, but he didn’t cope with such weight.

Rizki Juniansyah from Indonesia succeeded in getting a silver medal with a solid 195 kg on the third attempt. Today we witnessed a powerful performance: 180 kg on the first attempt and 187 kg on the second try. He managed to improve his C&J result by one kilo: in 2021, he lifted 194 kg and set a World Record by winning gold at the Junior World Championships in Tashkent.

The gold medal went to Rahmar Erwin from Indonesia who showed excellent performance with all three successful lifts: the first try was 192 kg, the second – 202 kg, and the third was a triumph one of 204 kg. For you to know, it wasn’t his best Clean & Jerk result – today he showed 5 kilos less compared to his performance at the Worlds in Riyadh in 2023 with the result of 209 kg. 

In Saudi Arabia, he set a World Record in this exercise by clinching gold. What’s more, Rahmat shattered two new World Records in Clean & Jerk in a row: 202 kg at the second attempt and 204 kg at the third try.

Considering the results of the C&J exercise, we can state that we had more successful lifts and less red lights compared to the Snatch exercise. Only one athlete bombed out completely of the competition because of three no-lifts, and one lifter had two failed attempts. The other contenders had only one unsuccessful attempt, but soon they rehabilitated and showed better lifts.

Masanori Miyamoto
Masanori Miyamoto

Total Results

4 YOKUBOV DOSTON – 330 kg 
5 BAK JOOHYO – 327 kg 

So, the category’s bronze medalist became Japanese athlete Masanori Miyamoto who got 335 kg overall, falling behind his rival from the second place by 18 kilos.

The silver holder was Rizki Juniansyah from Indonesia who did 353 kg in total which was 10 kilos less than his compatriot Rahmat Erwin.

Today’s winner was Rahmat Erwin Abdullah from Indonesia who showed his peak performance and got 363 kg in the sum of two exercises. He finished with a good cushion of 10 kilos that made him stand out in the 73-kg weight class and indicated his exceptional determination and set to victory.

All in all, the performance in the Men’s 73-kg category was full of interesting moments that kept the audience’s attention from the very start till the end. The supposed leaders secured their authority in the weightlifting community showing great lifts. They also displayed their inner determination and discipline on the way to gain new wins.

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