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IWF Asian Weightlifting Championship 2024 Day 2 Recap – Women 55 Kg

Day 2 of the IWF Asian Weightlifting Championship 2024, the women 55 kg category group A is here to show what they’ve got.

For this group we have four athletes and a huge surprise by the end of the Snatch session with a new World Record from KANG HYON GYONG.

Athletes’ Presentation

  • Chen Guan-Ling who became world champion at 2023 World Weightlifting Championships in Riyadh with a total of 203 kg. 
  • Jumabayeva Yulduz who won the first medal in the history of Turkmenistan of the Games of the CIS countries, taking second place in her weight category up to 49 kg.
  • Abdullaeva Nigora who became the absolute champion, winning three gold medals at the World Championships in 2019. 
  • Kang Hyon Gyong who surprised everyone at the very end of the snatch session by snatching 104 kg, setting a new world record for her category.
Chen Guan-Ling
Chen Guan-Ling, photo by @weightliftinghouse


This session came with such good performances from all athletes, only getting 3 no lifts during the whole session. But it should also be mentioned that only 4 women were competing.  We also got a new world record from KANG HYON GYONG.

Top 3 Leaders’ Results

Now let’s analyze the Top 3 lifters’ performance:


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  • 🥇KANG HYON GYONG, with 104 kg.
  • 🥈Chen Guan-Ling, with 89 kg.
  • 🥉ABDULLAEVA NIGORA, with 86 kg.

The bronze medal went to ABDULLAEVA NIGORA who started her competition with a 82 kg Snatch and a successful 86 kg Snatch for her second attempt, she then went to try 90 kg on the third attempt but resulted in a no lift.

Chen Guan-Ling won the second place with a total score of 89 kg, she started on the wrong foot with a 85 kg attempt that resulted in a no lift, then she went to snatch 85 kg in her second attempt and went for 89 kg for the third attempt that resulted in a good lift.

The top spot and gold medal went to KANG HYON GYONG who started with a 90 kg snatch for her first attempt, then went to successfully snatch 98 kg, for her last lift in this part, she solidly lifted 104 kg and set a new world record.

Snatch Results

This session was such a pleasure to watch, all athletes presented such courage and technique, and we got the pleasure of getting a new world record for the 55 kg women category with a 104 kg Snatch from KANG HYON GYONG.

Clean & Jerk

Top 3 Leaders’ Results

Let’s describe the performance of the Top 3 lifters:

  • 🥇KANG HYON GYONG, with 123 kg.
  • 🥈Chen Guan-Ling, with 115 kg.
  • 🥉ABDULLAEVA NIGORA, with 86 kg.

ABDULLAEVA NIGORA secured third place, she started with a solid 102 kg Clean and Jerk, then went to lift 106 kg for her second and got a no lift on the third attempt at 110 kg after not being able to stand the Clean.

The silver medalist Chen Guan-Ling clenched her second place with all three good lifts, starting with 106 kg, then going up to 111 kg and finishing with 115 kg for her third attempt.

KANG HYON GYONG became a gold winner, she started with 115 kg Jerk making it look easy, then went up to 123 kg successful lift and tried 130 kg for her third and last attempt that resulted in a no lift after the judges delivered on it due to press-out.

Clean & Jerk Results

In this part of the competition only one athlete managed to get all three good lifts, we can add that this could be due to the other athletes taking big risks after seeing that the competition was turning rough. We were shown great technique all throughout, and we can also say that the first two lifts from KANG HYON GYONG looked effortless, demonstrating strength and perseverance.

ABDULLAEVA NIGORA, photo by @weightliftinghouse

Total Results

  • 🥇KANG HYON GYONG, with 227 kg.
  • 🥈Chen Guan-Ling, with 204 kg.
  • 🥉ABDULLAEVA NIGORA, with 192 kg.

The gold medalist in the category was KANG HYON GYONG with a total of 227 kg, the 24 year old came out with all three golds after Snatching 104 kg and Clean and Jerking 123 kg, she would have beaten her world record on total but for a jury decision, her final attempt at 130 kg Clean and Jerk was given a 2-1 verdict by the referees and the jury ruled it as a no lift due to press out.

The silver holder was Chen Guan-Ling who got a total of 204 kg after Snatching 84 kg and Clean and Jerking an impressive 115 kg, letting her secure the gold medal from her competitor ABDULLAEVA.

ABDULLAEVA NIGORA took bronze, she had a solid performance all throughout, but both her last attempts, where she was risking it all resulted in no lifts, she Snatched 86 kg and Clean and Jerked 106 kg, resulting in a 192 kg total and giving her the bronze for her team.

Final Thoughts

The 55 kg women category continued the show of prowess tall these athletes have to prove, we got a Snatch world record and almost got another one in the Clean and Jerk from the same athlete, KANG HYON GYONG, who lifted more than double her body weight but judges ruled it a no lift.

If you want to read more about the IWF Asian Weightlifting Championship, visit our day to day recap here, and don’t forget to comment what was your favorite lift in this category and what surprised you the most in the comment section down below.

Read the full report about each day of the 2024 Asian Weightlifting Championships prepared by our media team. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay updated and follow this great event in the Olympic weightlifting world with us from the very beginning till the end!

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