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IWF Asian Weightlifting Championship 2024 Day 3 Recap – Men 67 Kg

Day 3 of the IWF Asian Weightlifting Championship 2024, the men from the 67 kg category are stepping on the platform to demonstrate who’s the strongest and who deserves the top spot in the podium.

Come with us to go through what went on in this category.

Athletes’ Presentation

Meet athletes in 67 kg Men’s category:

  • Ri Won Ju who came second in the Total at the 2022 Asian Games. 
  • Eko Yuli Iirawan who has won four medals at the Summer Olympics, five medals at world championships, and three medals at the Asian Games, including a gold in 2018. 
  • Munther Abduljalil born in 1998 who managed to get a total of 182 kg in today’s total. 
  • Enkhchimeg Duurenjargal who placed ninth with a total of 246 kg in the 2022 Asian games. 
  • Akmolda Sairamkez who won gold in the IWF Youth World Championships in 2019. 
  • Teerawat Ratphet who placed second in Snatch and fifth in Clean and Jerk in this competition. 
  • Hu Jyun-Siang who represented Taiwan at the 2019 World Weightlifting Championship. 
  • Muratbek Uulu lshmbek born in 2001 and placed fifth in today’s total with a score of 281 kg. 
  • Elyas Tamin Al Busaidi who placed fourth in the Total with 284 kg score today. 
  • Mohammad Alsawagh who placed 7th in the Total with a score of 200 kg.
Teerawat Ratphet
Teerawat Ratphet


The Snatch session opened with 75 kg lift, performed by Munther Ahmed from UAE. This athlete managed to perform 82 kg Snatch in his 2nd attempt and couldn’t manage to perform 88 kg in third. Now let’s see more about the top lifters in this session:


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  • 6: Enkhchimeg Duurenjargal, with 112 kg.
  • 5: Muratbek Uulu lshmbek, with 120 kg.
  • 4: Akmolda Sairamkez, with 126 kg.

Top 3 Leaders’ Results

Now let’s analyze the Top 3 lifters’ performance:

  • 🥇Ri Won Ju, with 137 kg.
  • 🥈Teerawat Ratphet, with 128 kg.
  • 🥉Elyas Tamin Al Busaidi, with 127 kg.

Elyas Tamin Al Busaidi won the bronze medal, who started with a 123 kg ¨no lift¨ on his first attempt, then went to successfully lift this same weight on his second, and got a score of 127 kg in his third lift.

The second place went to Teerawat Ratphet who started solid with a 125 kg Snatch then went to fail his second attempt with 128 kg and finally lifted this weight in his third attempt, giving him the score of 128 kg.

The gold medal went to Ri Won Ju who started with an impressive 131 kg Snatch on his third attempt, 10 kg more than the next highest first weight of his contenders. Then, on his second attempt lifted 137 kg Snatch and finished with a ¨no lift¨ on his third attempt at 140 kg.

Snatch Summary

Summarizing the Snatch session, we can say that it started slowly with some comparatively light lifts from Munther Abduljalil and Mohammad Alsawagh who lifted less than 100kg in the Snatch, comparing to their contenders who lifted 108 kg + on their first attempt, we saw the fight Hu Jyun-Siang had against the 120 kg barbell that ended up in a defeat after he couldn’t lift it in any of this three attempts.

But at the end of the session Ri Won Ju came in with a strong 131 kg lift on his first attempt, already giving him gold and then lifting 137 kg on his second, that gave him the lead for the Snatch and the top spot on the podium.

Akmolda Sairamkez

Clean & Jerk

The contest in the Clean & Jerk movement started with ¨no lift¨ from Munther Abduljalil with a weight of 100 kg due to press-out. The top results for this category was:

  • 6: Elyas Tamin Al Busaidi, with 157 kg.
  • 5: Teerawat Ratphet, with 158 kg.
  • 4: Muratbek Uulu lshmbek, with 161 kg.

Top 3 Leaders’ Results

Let’s describe the performance of the Top 3 lifters:

  • 🥇Ri Won Ju, with 180 kg.
  • 🥈Akmolda Sairamkez, with 166 kg.
  • 🥉Hu Jyun-Siang, with 164 kg.

Hu Jyun-Siang secured third place after starting with 160 kg successful lift, one of the heaviest first attempts, then went to fail his second attempt at 164 kg, and ended up successfully lifting that weight on his third attempt.

The silver medalist was Akmolda Sairamkez who went three for three on his attempts, starting with 159 kg, then going to 163 kg and finishing with 166 kg Clean and Jerk on his third attempt. Akmolda was the only athlete to successfully lift his three attempts.

Ri Won Ju became the gold medal winner again coming from a high of his Snatch performance. He started with a Clean and Jerk of 170 kg, 10 kg heavier than his next contender, then went to lift 180 kg on his second that resulted in a good lift, and finish with an attempt of 189 kg for his third attempt that resulted in a ¨no lift¨, leaving him with a score of 180 kg.

Total Results

  • 🥇Ri Won Ju, with 317 kg.
  • 🥈Akmolda Sairamkez, with 292 kg.
  • 🥉Teerawat Ratphet, with 286 kg.
  • 4  Elyas Tamin Al Busaidi, with 284 kg.
  • 5: Muratbek Uulu lshmbek, with 281 kg.
  • 6: Enkhchimeg Duurenjargal, with 242 kg.

The gold medalist in the category was Ri Won Ju who got three gold medals for his team, with a 137 kg Snatch, a 180 kg Clean and Jerk for a Total of 317 kg. This athlete just demonstrated impressive strength and proficiency on the lifts, making a visible difference between him and his contenders.

The silver holder was Akmolda Sairamkez with a Total of 292 kg, after snatching 126 kg and clean and jerking 166 kg this athlete showed that he can take risks when trying to get the gold medal.

Teerawat Ratphet took bronze in the Total with a Snatch of 128 kg that gave him a silver medal and a Clean and Jerk of 158 kg that geve him the fifth spot in that lift. This gave him a Total of 286 kg and a bronze medal for his team.

Rewarding IWF Asian Weightlifting Championship 2024 Men 67 kg

Final Thoughts

Both lifts starting slower than expected, the athletes proved that this group is here for a fight, weights went up really fast at the middle of each part and we had demonstrations of Ri Won Ju in both lifts that surpassed all his contenders by more than 10 kg on each lift, giving him the absolute lead on this category.

The 67 kg male category might be over, bot this competition is just starting, if you want to keep up to date with all that’s happening at the IWF Asian Weightlifting Championship make sure to check our day to day recap that is kept updated everyday with the results of all categories for this Olympic qualifying event.

Read the full report about each day of the 2024 Asian Weightlifting Championships prepared by our media team. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay updated and follow this great event in the Olympic weightlifting world with us from the very beginning till the end!

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