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Top-3 Spices For Healthy Joints

Top-3 Spices For Healthy Joints

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If someone asks me how an athlete can injure their joints, I would answer: first – lifting too heavy weights, second – wrong technique, third – too heavy weights with the wrong technique.

But even if everything is perfect, why not prevent arthritis right now? For this purpose, 3 spices come into play. 



The turmeric root contains curcumin which is an active substance. It blocks small inflammatory protein cytokine and also turns down the two enzymes involved in inflammation. 

After some experiments, it has been proven that turmeric has the anti-inflammatory effect that smoothes joint pain and swelling. 


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Additionally, turmeric is beneficial for ceasing delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which is common after the heaviest workouts or returning to a gym after a long break. On top of that, curcumin speeds up the recovery after training sessions. 

But for the highest curcumin benefit, it is worth taking it together with black pepper. Otherwise, this substance is poorly absorbed. Therefore, spice producers often combine curcumin with piperine (pepper extract) which enhances the absorption by up to 2000%. 



This aromatic spice is full of cinnamaldehyde and cinnamic acid. They stop cell destruction, which is caused by free radicals. Thus, cinnamon is an antioxidant that prevents arthritis thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect. 

Just like the previous one, this spice is the most beneficial in combination with others. 

Personally, I often flavor cereal or protein shakes with cinnamon. 

Chili pepper

Chili pepper

Chili pepper (especially cayenne pepper) contains a lot of natural capsaicinoids with have anti-inflammatory properties. By the way, this substance determines the hot taste. Cayenne pepper and other kinds of chili are used as a flavor for sauces and marinades.

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But be especially careful with pepper because it may be sometimes too hot. Start with 1-2 pinches or a quarter of a teaspoon.  

As to other spices, try adding half a teaspoon to meals, shakes, or smoothies. You can also flavor cooked or raw vegetablespastarice, potato, couscous, quinoa, and various soups, including cream ones. If you strive to add new flavors and shades to your usual meals, don’t forget about spices. And if you want your diet to bring maximum weightlifting results, have a look at Maximum performance nutrition!

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