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     A lot of athletes and devotees of a healthy lifestyle use white rice in their diet. However, this is not a very useful product, because other than being a source of carbohydrates, it gives practically nothing to the body. In order to maximize the benefits of what we eat, I suggest changing from your tasteless, lumpy white rice to black  rice or non-polished rice.

    There’s several reasons why:

  1. Black rice is a cereal that is really rich in useful substances and which, unlike white rice, should be consumed a couple of times a week by everyone! This is because it contains almost 24 grams of protein in one cup. The amino acid profile has a large number of essential amino acids - lysine, valine and tryptophan, up to 45%.
  2. About 10 grams of fiber  in a cup makes this cereal an amazing healer of our gastrointestinal tract, promoting the development of the right kind of microflora.
  3. Black rice is famous for a large B vitamin content. Niacin  content is 50% of the diurnal norm! Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B4, B6 and B9 are also present in the amount of up to 20% of the diurnal norm! All these important micronutrients have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the liver and nervous system.
  4. Black rice contains magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, zinc, manganese and even iron in high enough amounts to be beneficial.
  5. Black rice gets its color because of special biochemical substances - anthocyanins. These are plant glycosides , which have very surprising characteristics on the human body! They actually take part in the assimilation of glucose by muscle cells, which is very helpful to body builders and healthy-minded individuals alike.
  6. Black rice contains cyanidin in a bound state with glucose-cyanidin-3-glucoside  as well as peonidin. Thanks to these substances, black rice reduces blood sugar, affects adipocytes  and increases the level of adiponectin, a hormone that has unique functions, one of which is the reduction of inflammatory processes in the body.
  7. Substances in black rice have a strong antioxidant capacity - they bind free radicals and promote the prevention of aging and cell mutations.

    In addition to all the above functions, this product is simple enough to cook, can be served as a side dish for meat or fish, and even be used in salads.

    About 70 grams of carbohydrates in 100 grams of black rice will give an athlete a tremendous amount of energy before training, and activities such as weightlifting will become much easier.

I have one more reason to add to this list, and it might be the simplest reason of all - taste. Wild rice has flavor!




    3. CARBS

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