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Nutritional yeast, recovery, immunity

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Nutritional yeast, recovery, immunity

Have you ever wondered why weightlifters take brewer’s yeast? Well, the answer might surprise and delight you. This supplement is believed by many athletes to help with faster recovery time after intense workouts as well as increase performance on any given day! Brewer’s Yeast also helps strengthen our immune system so we can fight off infection better when it matters most- during competition season or right before bedtime at night while sleeping calmly.

The unicellular fungi known as yeast are not only found in your kitchen but have been used for centuries by weightlifters and athletes to help with faster recovery. Brewer’s or baker’s yeast is a type of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that can be taken orally because it does not cause any stomach issues! This supplement helps strengthen immunity while also increasing performance during workouts.


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Beer Yeast Fundamentals

Yeast is usually grown on hops or other substrates similar to the plant used in the brewing industry. Yeasts are then harvested and killed so they can be processed into a final product that’s half protein, as well as many B vitamins! Depending on technologies employed this could also mean useful substances such as enzymes which help break down foodstuffs more efficiently than others without them would before being absorbed by your body.

The following is a breakdown of the nutrients found in one serving from yeast nutritional supplements. One serving of 15 grams (tablespoon) will provide your body with: 

  • 6.5 g of protein;
  • 6.5 g carbohydrates (of which 3 g fiber);
  • 12% of the daily requirement of vitamin B1 (thiamine);
  • 35% of the daily requirement of vitamin B2 (riboflavin);
  • 18% of the daily value of vitamin B3 (niacin);
  • 25% of the daily value of vitamin B9 (in the form of folic acid).

What Else Can Yeast Be Useful For?

If you’re training often, long and hard then it’s possible that your immune system might be put at risk. Thankfully there are Brewer’s yeast products out now that can help boost immunity! Studies have shown that a modified brewer’s yeast product can reduce the frequency and duration of seasonal flu.

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To Take Or Not To Take Yeast?

The question of whether or not to take yeast is one that many people struggle with, but the decision is yours. However, if you want to get the right amount of protein, B vitamins, and other nutrients, it makes more sense to focus on a balanced and varied diet.    You can finally stop guessing when it comes to your diet. With our new Maximum Performance Nutrition program, we take into account everything you need for the best possible performance that will take you to the next level!

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