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Hunger & Cutting Weight

Hunger & Cutting Weight

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For most people, cutting weight or fat burning is usually a tough time. We all know that we should consume less energy than our body spends to lose weight. It means that we have to eat less. As a result, it is not weird that we often face a nasty feeling of hunger

 In this article, I will explain what you can do with that: how to build meals and what nutrients and foods must be a priority in order to restrain your hunger.


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Enough Protein in Every Meal 

Protein is the most filling macronutrient. Therefore, every main meal should contain enough protein or hunger will knock on your door very soon. For example, upgraded Maximum performance nutrition has 30-45 gr of protein in every main meal, depending on your gender and weight.  

If you can, add at least 15 gr of protein to your snacks as well. It will ease the gaps between meals and support muscles with amino acids. 

Enough vegetables

Enough vegetables

Vegetables are rich in fiber and water that make us feel full. They take a lot of room stretching the stomach and intestine lining and pushing mechanoreceptors. After that, our brain receives a signal that we are full. 

Vegetables are also essential because they let us eat a big plate and get fewer calories. It is a win-win situation – we are full, but still within our calorie norm. 

Mixed meals 

The best decision is to eat a set of protein, complex carbs, and fats. Therefore, our Maximum performance nutrition contains a mix of all three nutrients in every meal.  

Protein fills you up and complex carbs are digested slowlier than simple ones. Fats are also essential – they control the production of hormones that cease your appetite and/or lessen gastric motor function.

Experiment with the most filling foods 

Healthy Diet for Fat Burning

They may be different for everyone. Someone finds fish more filling than poultry or vice versa. Try to include legumes in your meals as they are incredibly rich in fiber. Legumes can be both an alternative or addition to protein or grain products. 

By the way, did you know that potato is always top on the list of filling foods? Perhaps, the best option is baked or boiled jacket potato. However, mashed potato is far less filling. 

Fruits are also individual. Look not only at the fiber content, but also at your feelings. For example, if you find an apple more filling than an orange, go for it more often.  

First – proteins and vegetables, then – everything else 

It is one of the simplest life hacks that help eat less but be full. If you have a big plate of proteins and vegetables in the very beginning, you are likely to get full sooner. There may be some carbs and fats left on the plate, though. 

Protein should be always a priority since it is not only the most filling but also essential for maintaining your muscles

Don’t be afraid of fruit on a diet

Don’t be afraid of fruit on a diet

One of the main factors that control our hunger is the level of glycogen in the liver. When it goes down, our brain receives a signal that stimulates appetite. So fill up your glycogen supply to feel more full. 

Scientists talk about glucostatic theory stating that low liver and muscle glycogen may be the key factor causing hunger. Still, fructose is the best source of supplying the liver with glycogen. That’s why people eating a moderate amount of fruit feel less hunger. On top of that, fruits contain fiber – another benefit for controlling appetite. 

At last, they are just tasty. 

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Find the best meal frequency 

Some people feel full when they have three meals per day, others eat four or five medium servings. A universal eating pattern suitable for everyone does not exist. Experiment and stick with the most comfortable meal frequency that stops you from feeling very hungry. 

But keep in mind that a fat-burning diet means food and calorie restriction. All recommendations above just help to stay more full.

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