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Toma Loredana interview

    Toma Loredana conquered love of weightlifting fans pretty fast thanks to her phenomenal technical training and courageous character in competitions. Despite her young age (23 y.o.), she has already won a lot of World and European Championships titles and medals.

Read about Toma’s life and dreams in the article:

- You’ve been in professional weightlifting for a long time and you have a track record of medals but there is not so much information about you online. Tell me how did you get into weightlifting?

    In fact, the story is very simple. In our country coaches come to secondary schools and invite children to train in various sports sections. Therefore, it seems to me, I started weightlifting as all kids did, I guess. One day the coach came to my school and chose me.

- Tell us about your training program, if it’s not a secret.

    Let's just say, the answer is short: I train 12 months a year and all the time I am in training camp. Of course, the training program has its differences and variations depending on the training period, but on the whole my training process is constant and continuous.

- How does your ordinary training day look like?

    My day starts early in the morning. At 8.30 I have breakfast, then at 10.00 I have my first training session, 12.30 is my time for lunch, then some rest till 15.30 approximately, 17.00 is my second training session, 19.30 dinner and time to sleep). For a random person this may seem very boring, monotonous or difficult. For me this is normal, I know that this is the exact way to my sporting results.

- Is weightlifting 100% of your life or you have another passion?

    Weightlifting is my whole world and I think one should dedicate oneself completely to the activity one loves in order to become successful!

- A lot of people say that when you are on a platform you lift the barbell very easy and you can add more kilos on it) I’d like to know how you feel the barbell.

    Yes, it’s true) I can lift more but I have to work hard on my technique) especially in jerk. For world-class results, the technique must be perfect and maybe even better, so you need to constantly work out all the movement elements to automatism. The more I do this, the more I realize there’s still much to be improved.

- What are your records at training session (snatch, clean and jerk, back squat)?

    So my records at training sessions are 112 kg in snatch and 130 clean and jerk. 165 kg in front squat and 200 kg back squat.  

- Please, tell us about your most and least favorite exercises.

    My favorite exercises are snatch and back squat. And I dislike clean and jerk for two reasons: first of all, this is the second exercise at competitions and you are already tired and secondly, as I said regarding jerk, I have troubles with the technique, so I don’t like it). I also do not like snatch pulls, especially when heavy weight should be lifted 3-4 times. I think that many athletes will understand and support me in this.

- Do you have any «figure dreams» which you would like to lift at competitions?

    Yes, I do have a dream) It’s 115 kg for snatch and 140 kg for jerk at the competitions.

- How strongly functional training is developed in your country? Is there any influence on the popularization of weightlifting?

    Functional training isn’t very popular in my country. Perhaps, its popularity has just not reached us from the USA yet. That’s why I can say it has no influence on weightlifting.

- Tell us about your experience of training in one gym with Ilya Ilyin? Maybe some interesting details you have picked up from his training process?

    He is a unique athlete and I really enjoyed talking to him and training with him. But, if to be very honest, I’ve already tried to train following  his program and in 3 trainings I got 2 minor injuries somehow. Such a weird story))))

- What is your opinion about changing weight categories? Which category do you see yourself in?

    I believe that the change in weight categories and the resetting of world records will call more attention and interest to weightlifting. As for me personally, I am quite high for the category of 63 kg and I am sure that the weight gain of 1 kg for the new category of 64 kg will help me to increase my competitive result.

- How was the preparation for the World weightlifting championship 2018? Were there any difficulties?

    I would say that this was the most problematic training in my entire sports career! For some reason, there were so many injuries, especially the back and knees.

- Did you manage to lift something big before the championship?

Unfortunately not (

- How do you like the organization of competitions? What was special about this championship?

    The organization in Ashgabat was excellent: accommodation, food, a place for training and competition. I would also say that these competitions were special, because for the first time athletes competed in new weight categories and set a large number of world records.

- How do you rate your performance? Have you achieved your goals at these competitions?

    If we talk about the preparation for the competition, I would estimate its productivity by 90%, but I did not fulfill the tasks assigned to myself at this World Championship.

- Did you manage to raise PR at these competitions?

    In the snatch I did, I succeeded, but in the jerk and in general - I didn’t.

- What prevented the victory from happening?

    Competitors from Asian countries. 

- How long do you plan to rest now?

    3 days will rest for the new year and for Christmas! Then everything follows the standard program - preparation for the competition and new results.

- What is your plan for future?

   I want to break my records for the European Championship, that is my plan !!!

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