Front Rack Mobility Secrets

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Front Rack Mobility Secrets

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    Front rack mobility is one of the most common issues in amateur and professional weightlifting and functional fitness as well. This problem solving is very important for safety and clean effectiveness. 

    Incorrect front rack position - when the bar pressure is on wrists instead of

shoulders can lead to upper body joints overload and as a consequence to chronic inflammation. Furthermore, bad upper body mobility and elbows down direction during clean catch position are very dangerous. From my own training experience in the national team about 5% of athletes were injured or even got fractures of wrists bones.

    Today I would like to share with you 4 of the most effective specific exercises which will help to develop front rack position mobility and solving this problem.

    The first exercise is Resistance band elbow stretch.

    Pick the resistance band from 75-175 pounds, usually purple or green. Place the rubber band on the mid palm, the elbow on the bar on the chest level and gently step on the rubber band with your foot to add more tension to stretch your elbow and wrist joints. Hold it for up to 20 seconds and repeat a few more times. Rotate the arm gently from side to side. Feel free to warm up with this drill before C&J exercises and use it as a post-workout routine as well.

   The second exercise - PVC elbows rotation + tall muscle clean.

   This exercise is a must have warm up drill before any main clean or front squat exercise. Work with a light stick will help to activate muscles feeling and adjust correct positions for further dynamic work. Work at a slow tempo, focus on movement quality. During tall muscle clean pay attention to elbows up movement as close as possible to the trunk. You can also use this drill during technical sessions before starting to work with the bar.

    The third exercise - shoulder external rotation stretch with PVC.

    Using this simple stretch with the PVC can definitely improve your range of motion. You can increase overall upper body mobility and prevent injuries when doing this stretch regularly. Do this exercise for 15-20 seconds for 2 rounds as a warm-up before clean and jerk training.

    The fourth exercise is front squats with straps.

    The main idea of front squats with straps is the development and correction of the front rack position all the way during exercise execution. Be ready for some stretching and discomfort in the beginning. But trust me – very soon this life hack will definitely improve your front rack mobility. My advice for athletes with poor front rack mobility is to front squat with straps only with light weights up to 2-3 sets as a warmup before any main clean or front squat exercise. For advanced weightlifters with optimal mobility it is ok to include straps into working sets from time to time.

   Please keep in mind that pre-workout stretching and activation are a very important part of a training session. Same as a post-workout routine. Weightlifting dynamic exercises require muscle elasticity, joint mobility, and intramuscular coordination. Using auxiliary exercises will definitely help you with solving and developing front rack mobility.






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