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7 Best Urethane Dumbbells in 2024

Reviewed by: Oleksiy Torokhtiy (21 years of Oly Lifting experience)

In this article, I’ve chosen the top urethane dumbbells available online. I’ve comprehensively reviewed each one, looking at the features, materials, design and given the pros and cons of each brand. I’ve taken out the hard work and helped you to make a good decision when adding a set of urethane dumbbells to your home gym.

Walk into any gym and you’ll find a range of fixed path resistance machines, free weights, cardio machines, and cable stations alongside other accessories.

Dumbbells, along with kettlebells and barbells are part of the free weight family. They move freely depending on how you activate your muscles. Dumbbells are extremely versatile making them an excellent addition to any home gym setup.

Dumbbells consist of a central handle commonly made from either steel or iron and may feature a knurled non-slip grip pattern.

At each end of the central handle is a weighted dumbbell head. The heads vary in shape, size, and casing material, which determines the dumbbell weight usually in pounds or kilograms.

Dumbbells can be fixed or adjustable, made from different metals such as cast iron and steel, and may be encased in different types of natural and synthetic rubber. The heads can be round or hexagon shaped or feature flat indents.

With so many different dumbbell types and designs to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to start. In this article, I’ve methodically reviewed the best urethane dumbbells available online and picked the top options so you don’t have to.

I’ve researched the weight choices, dumbbell design, materials used, and overall quality. Let’s dive into my top urethane dumbbells.

7 Best Urethane Dumbbells in 2024

Top 7 Best Urethane Dumbbells Reviewed

  1. Rogue Urethane Dumbbells — Top-Pick
  2. Titan Fitness Urethane Dumbbell — Runner up
  3. Yes4All Premium Urethane Dumbbells
  4. ZIVA Hexagon RPU Dumbbells 
  5. Power Systems Urethane Dumbbells
  6. Vitos Fitness TPU Urethane Dumbbells
  7. Relife Rebuild Your Life Dumbbell Set
Titan Fitness589.5101010108.5
Power Systems53.58.599998.5
Vitos Fitness5198.588.58.58.5
Relife Rebuild Your Life5088.588.58.58.5

1. ROGUE Urethane Dumbbells — Top-pick

ROGUE Urethane Dumbbells
  • Weight Range: 5-150 lbs for each dumbbell
  • Weight Increments: 5 lb increments for the full range
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 6’’ L / 1.22’’ W (for 45 lbs); 1.34’’ W (for 50 lbs) / 5’’ H (for 5–15 lbs); 8’’ H (for 130+ lbs)
  • Materials: solid steel heads with fully over-molded urethane plating, welded on a 6’’ straight hardened chrome handle

Rogue Fitness, renowned for their premium and top-quality gym equipment, delivers us their urethane dumbbells.

The extreme weight range of 5–150 lbs with 5-pound increments will have you covered regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or a very seasoned pro. The very attractive fully over-molded urethane playing welded to solid steel chrome-plated handles will leave you stunned in amazement.

ROGUE Urethane Dumbbells Instagram
Photo by @roguefitness

The top-quality material will ensure the dumbbells are resilient and will protect your floor from sustaining damage when dropped.

While their width may present a challenge during certain exercises (depending on your fitness level and body build), it pales compared to the full-package that you’re getting when choosing this product. A well-deserved top-pick!


Rogue Fitness, renowned for their premium and top-quality gym equipment, delivers us their urethane dumbbells. It is the best choice of urethane dumbbells regardless of your level of fitness.

Weight Range:0
Weight Increments:0


  • The impressive weight range will cater to all fitness levels
  • Top-quality urethane over molded heads
  • 5 lb increments ensure flexibility and steady increases in weight
  • The chrome handle is sturdy and non-slip

Could be better:

  • Higher price tag compared to some others on this list
  • The head width might be cumbersome for some exercises

2. TITAN FITNESS Urethane Dumbbells – Runner-up

Titan Fitness Urethane Dumbbells
  • Weight Range: 5-120 lbs for each dumbbell
  • Weight Increments: 5 lb increments for the full range
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): L varies x 6’’ W x H varies
  • Materials: Solid steel handle with a chrome finish and has high-quality rounded urethane molded around the handles. The handles are knurled.
  • Warranty: 1 year

The runner-up, TITAN FITNESS Urethane Dumbbells is a premium-quality product.

It features a solid steel handle with a knurled chrome finish with high-quality urethane round molded around the handles. The weight range comes in 5 lbs increments and goes from 5–120 lbs per single dumbbell (sold in pairs).

These urethane dumbbells are not only sleek and attractive looking, but are built to last. The urethane will protect itself and your floor if dropped. It is extremely resistant to damage, thus ensuring product longevity – which is what you want when you pay a hefty price for a piece of equipment.

All the wights are indicated with a non-scratchable white paint alongside the TITAN Fitness brand name and logo.

In order to boost user trust in their brand, TITAN Fitness offers a 1-year long warranty on their dumbbells, showing us their determination in their craft.


The runner-up, TITAN FITNESS Urethane Dumbbells is a premium-quality product. It features a solid steel handle with a knurled chrome finish with high-quality urethane round molded around the handles.

Weight Range:0
Weight Increments:0


  • Steel 1 piece dumbbells
  • Knurled chrome handle
  • Huge 8 year warranty
  • Aesthetically pleasing design

Could be better:

  • Round dumbbell heads may roll

3.  Yes4All Premium Urethane Dumbbells

Yes4All Premium Urethane Dumbbells
  • Weight Range: 5-50 lbs for each dumbbell
  • Weight Increments: 5 lb increments for the full range 
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 10 lbs: 9.25 x 5.51 x 5.51, 40 lbs: 11.42 x 7.28 x 7.28
  • Materials: 6 inch straight hardened chrome handle, solid steel dumbbell core, urethane rubber finish
  • Warranty: 6 years

Yes4All produces a wide range of high-quality dumbbell types. The brand was founded in 2010 and mainly produces home sporting goods.

Yes4All aims to get people fit by providing everything you need to get fit at home. Yes4All believe health and fitness should be for everyone to enjoy and they are committed to providing great quality products at affordable prices.

Yes4All has produced excellent quality, durable sets of urethane dumbbells and are my top pick, scoring the highest overall for weight, design, materials, quality, and price.

The dumbbells are sold in pairs and are available in 5 lb increments from 5-50 lbs, making them suitable for a wide range of exercises, abilities, and goals.

The dumbbells are made from cast iron and encased in durable urethane rubber, fully over-molded to the center. The handle is made from textured steel with a knurled finish to ensure a strong grip during use.

The urethane rubber can withstand temperature changes and exposure to sunlight, making the dumbbells durable to use.

The urethane coating is an odorless, non-toxic material that helps to protect your floor at home and reduce the noise when dumbbells hit the floor. 

Each dumbbell head clearly features the brand name and weight amount.


Yes4All Premium Urethane Dumbbells get a 54 for its premium features at a great price point and quality, making it one of the best choices for anyone interested in urethane dumbbells.

Weight Range:0
Weight Increments:0


  • Steel 1 piece dumbbells
  • Knurled chrome handle
  • Huge 8 year warranty
  • Aesthetically pleasing design

Could be better:

  • Round dumbbell heads may roll

4. ZIVA Hexagon RPU Dumbbells

ZIVA Hexagon RPU Dumbbells
  • Weight Range: 5-50 lbs per dumbbell
  • Weight Increments: 5,15,20,25,30,35.40.50 lbs
  • Materials: knurled chrome steel dumbbell handle, solid steel core, urethane rubber head coating
  • Warranty: 30 days

ZIVA is a global fitness brand that sells fitness equipment in more than 80 countries across the world. The ZIVA difference stems from a bold dream, a mountain of Taoist philosophy, and a lot of love.

ZIVA’s core aim is to create a practical, durable, and flexible workout and gym equipment. They sell high-quality dumbbells, wall balls, kettlebells, and gym stations.

The dumbbells produced by ZIVA are high quality and well designed, coming in the runner-up spot.

The dumbbells come in pairs and range from 5-50 lbs in 5 and 10 lb increments, providing a good range of dumbbells for use in the home gym.

The dumbbells are constructed with a solid steel core designed to last. The corrosion-resistant knurled chrome handle helps to keep a strong grip, regardless of how sweaty your hands may get during use.

The dumbbells feature anti-roll head designs with rounded edges, making them convenient to use and store safely. The dumbbell heads are finished with an odorless urethane rubber, designed to withstand the elements and repeated use.

The dumbbells are coated with black urethane and finished with yellow weight markings.


These are great dumbbells, but require a bigger warranty and weight increments should be more varied. We give ZIVA Hexagon RPU Dumbbells an 53.5 for premium performance!

Weight Range:0
Weight Increments:0


  • Hex shaped head design
  • Knurled chrome handle
  • Aesthetically pleasing dumbbell design

Could be better:

  • Smaller warranty
  • Varied weight increments

5. Power Systems Urethane Dumbbells 

Power Systems Urethane Dumbbells
  • Weight Range: 3-20 lb weight options
  • Weight Increments: 3,5,8,10,12,15,17.5 and 20 lbs 
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 
  • Materials: knurled urethane grip handle, cast iron core, cast iron dumbbell heads encased in urethane
  • Warranty: 1 year 

Founded in 1986, Power Systems motto is ‘count on power systems’. The brand prides itself on providing quality fitness equipment with expert service support and education.

Power Systems state that for over 30 years, top commercial health clubs, non-profit fitness centers, and athletic programs have counted on power systems for high-quality fitness equipment and facility design services.

Power Systems Urethane Dumbbells Instagram
Photo by @powersystems

If you're looking for a set of dumbbells fully encased in urethane, the ones made by Power Systems make a great choice.

The dumbbells come in sets of 2 and range from 3-20 lbs. The set options are 3,5,8,10,12,15,17.5 and 20 lbs. This gives a range of options for those who prefer smaller weight increments at the lower weight end. 

The dumbbells are constructed from a solid cast iron core fully encased in a thick layer of urethane. The dumbbell handle features a knurled ergonomic grip, designed to help your grip during use and protect your hands from calluses. 

The full head and handle are encased in a black urethane coating that's neutral and scuff resistant.

The dumbbells are designed with a dual flat head shape to prevent rolling whilst the urethane coating helps to absorb impact and protect your floor if dropped.

Each dumbbell end features a clear, color-coded print with the dumbbell weight clearly marked.


We give Power Systems Urethane Dumbbells an expert score of 53 – not as good as Yes4All, but still great dumbbells. The brand prides itself on providing quality fitness equipment with expert service support and education.

Weight Range:0
Weight Increments:0


  • Very aesthetically appealing design
  • Dual flat dumbbell heads
  • Full dumbbell urethane casing

Could be better:

  • Only smaller weight options
  • Quite expensive

6. Vitus Fitness TPU Urethane Dumbbells

Vitus Fitness TPU Urethane Dumbbells
  • Weight Range: 5-150 lbs
  • Weight Increments: 5lb increments for the full range
  • Dimensions (LxW) 
  • Handle diameter: 32mm (5-50 lbs), 34mm (55+ lbs)
  • Materials: solid steel core, thermoplastic polyurethane dumbbell head coating 
  • Warranty: 5 year structural warranty

Vitus Fitness was founded with the idea that everybody should be able to create their home gym with the correct workout equipment.

The company started small, selling only resistance bands and foam rollers before moving on to large workout equipment such as kettlebells, slam balls, and free weights.

The brand’s mission is to engineer, design, and develop the highest quality fitness products in the world.

Vitus Fitness TPU Urethane Dumbbells Instagram
Photo by @midasmvmt

Vitus Fitness has produced a high-quality urethane dumbbell set, making my top 5 list.

The dumbbells come in pairs with a big weight range of 5-150 lbs, making the dumbbells suitable for higher-level lifters looking to perform heavy, compound movements. 

The dumbbells are available in 5 lb increments for the full range.

The dumbbell heads are made with a solid steel core and welded to a 6-inch hardened chrome handle, creating a solid single-piece dumbbell that moves well and stays strong.

The electroplated pure steel grip rod helps provide an anti-slip grip with the unibody molding making the dumbbells more durable.

The circular dumbbell heads are encased in a high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane material, protecting the dumbbells against corrosion due to temperature changes and the environment.

The dumbbell heads are coated in a black urethane finish with white branding.


Vitus Fitness has produced a high-quality urethane dumbbell set, but without an aesthetic design look. That`s why we give them an 51!

Weight Range:0
Weight Increments:0


  • Clear branding and weight printed
  • Large weight range available
  • High quality urethane coating

Could be better:

  • Circular heads may roll
  • Design could look more aesthetic

7. Relife Rebuild Your Life Dumbbell Set

Relife Rebuild Your Life Dumbbell Set
  • Weight Range: 5-50 lbs max weight for 2 dumbbells
  • Weight Increments: 5 lb increments throughout the full weight range 
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 15 lbs: 11.81 x 9.25 x 5.91 inches, 30 lbs: 11.14 x 5.91 x 5.91 inches
  • Materials: electroplated pure steel grip handle, solid steel core, PEV urethane dumbbell head casing

Founded in 2017, Relife Rebuild Your Life is an international company designing and manufacturing sports fitness equipment for over 220 countries and regions around the world.

They make a variety of equipment suitable for home and light commercial fitness use.

The brand’s mission is to bring health to all of mankind with the values of health, wisdom, achievement, dedication, and excellence.

Relife Rebuild Your Life Dumbbell Set Instagram
Photo by @scottcohnart

Designed and manufactured in-house, these high-quality dumbbells by Relife Rebuild Your Life are well designed and round out my top 5 picks of urethane dumbbells.

The dumbbells go from 5-50 lbs and go up in 5 lb increments throughout the full range, providing a decent range of weight options to use at home.

The dumbbells are made from a solid steel core, designed to be durable for repeated heavy use. The electroplated pure steel grip handle with a diamond knurling finish makes the dumbbells anti-slip and wear resistant.

The dumbbell is designed using electro-plastic molding to prevent any welding and air corrosion issues.

The round dumbbell heads are encased in high-quality PEV material, protecting the dumbbells from the environment, temperature changes, and repeated use.

Each dumbbell features clear branding with the weight printed clearly in white on both dumbbell heads.


Relife Rebuild Your Life is an international company designing and manufacturing sports fitness equipment for over 220 countries and regions around the world. Overall, this is a good choice and the price of the product corresponds to the quality.

Weight Range:0
Weight Increments:0


  • High quality PEV material
  • Thermoplastic molding
  • Clear branding + weight

Could be better:

  • Round head design may roll
  • No Warranty information provided


The latest reviews of must-have home gym training equipment, apparel, and supplements that will enhance your performance and bring you new results.

What are Urethane Dumbbells?

Dumbbells are one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment and are most widely used in the gym and at home. They can help to improve power and strength, work on muscular imbalances and improve sporting performance. 

Dumbbells are usually made from cast iron or steel and encased in neoprene, rubber, or urethane

Urethane dumbbells are made by encasing the cast iron or steel dumbbells in a thick protective type of rubber called urethane. Urethane is similar to rubber but differs in chemical properties making it harder and more resistant to wear and tear.

Once the dumbbell heads and handles are encased in urethane, some handles are finished with a knurled anti-slip grip. The dumbbell heads can have the brand logo and weight amount in different designs and colors. 

The urethane casing helps to protect the dumbbells from the environment, reduce the impact on the floor and make them safer for use at home.

Urethane Dumbbells

Who Needs Urethane Dumbbells? 

Due to the versatile nature of dumbbells, they are suitable for a wide range of ability levels, from beginners starting out looking to improve their muscular strength and endurance to elite-level lifters wanting to add weight to their lifts or athletes performing functional sports training. 

Whatever your goal, adding unilateral movements to your gym program at home is an excellent idea. Urethane dumbbells are harder than most other dumbbell types, making them ideal for lifters who need to forcefully move the weights around. 

The hard material makes urethane dumbbells ideal for customization such as adding brand logos, names, and bright colors.

Tips From the Champ

When choosing urethane dumbbells, focus on durability and comfort in handling. You want the urethane to be top-notch quality to ensure the durability factors are present for as long as possible. An ergonomically designed handle with a comfy grip will ensure smoother and more effective workouts. Next is dumbbell weight. You want to get ones that will fit your needs across the most amount of different exercises/muscle groups. And lastly, look for a good warranty!

Oleksiy Torokhtiy
Oleksiy Torokhtiy

Olympic Weightlifting Champion

Urethane Dumbbell Benefits - Why Use Them?

✅ Durability 

Urethane is a durable, thick material that's made to withstand temperature, weather changes, and repeated heavy use. Urethane dumbbells can take a heavy beating and still look good due to the hardened rubber. 

✅ Customization 

A big benefit to buying urethane dumbbells is the ease of customizing them. If you're adding to your home gym and want to make your dumbbells your own, personalizing them is the best way.

You can easily add a logo or writing of your choice or choose your favorite colors for your urethane dumbbell collection.

Urethane Dumbbell Competition

✅ Increased Stabilization And Muscle Activation

Urethane dumbbells move freely depending on how you activate your muscles. Compared to fixed path resistance machines, you need to work harder to perform a given movement correctly. This leads to greater recruitment of muscle fibers. 

✅ Helps To Correct Muscular Imbalances

Urethane dumbbells move freely depending on how you activate your muscles. Compared to fixed path resistance machines, you need to work harder to perform a given movement correctly. This leads to greater recruitment of muscle fibers. 

✅ Anti-Slip Dumbbell Grip

All the urethane dumbbells reviewed above have an anti-slip knurled handle design. This makes the dumbbells easier and safer to use during intense workouts or around small children and animals.

Urethane vs Rubber Dumbbells 

In simple terms, urethane is a form of rubber with different chemical properties. Urethane dumbbells may also be referred to as polyurethane dumbbells, which is a polymer composed of several urethane groups.

Urethane is a man-made substance whereas rubber is natural, coming from trees and plants. This key difference determines which dumbbell material is a good option for your home gym.

Urethane is generally much harder than rubber making it more resistant to degradation from sunlight changes in temperature.

Urethane Dumbbells Gym Workout

Which To Choose?

If you're looking to maximize the life of your gym equipment, both rubber and urethane weights are good options.

As urethane is harder, it's far more resistant to tears that come with repeated use. If you want to customize your dumbbells with logos or different colors, choose urethane.

To summarize, if you're looking to customize your dumbbells and need them to take a hard beating, urethane weights are worth the extra cost.

MATERIAL ORIGINMan-madeNatural (plants and trees)
DURABILITYMore resistant to degradationLess resistant to degradation
RESISTANCE TO WEAR AND TEARHigh resistance to tearsLow resistance to tears
CUSTOMIZATIONEasy to customize (logos, colors)Difficult to customize
RESISTANCE TO ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORSResistant to sunlight and changes in temperatureLess resistant to environmental factors
COSTMore expensiveUsually less expensive
SUSTAINABILITYLong-lastingBasic, good for general use

Factors To Consider When Choosing Dumbbells

1. Weight

When deciding which dumbbells to purchase, think about the amount of weight you think you'll need. If you're a beginner just getting started on your fitness journey, the smaller weight options will be sufficient. If you're an experienced or elite-level lifter who wants to go heavier on the compound movements, you'll want a higher weight range.

2. Exercise Goals

Consider what goals you want to achieve before deciding which dumbbells to choose. If you're looking to perform accessory movements to complement barbell or fixed path resistance exercises or perform functional sports training, the smaller weight ranges should suffice. If you're looking for progression on heavier lifts, consider the time frame and choose the weights appropriately.

3. Durability

If you're making a big investment, you want your dumbbells to last. Consider the core and stick to durable metals such as iron and steel. Dumbbells encased in different materials will tend to last longer and be safer for use at home. Non-slip grips will prevent you from dropping the dumbbells during vigorous workouts. 

4. Storage

No matter which dumbbells you decide to buy, make sure you can store them efficiently. If you're not using a dumbbell rack, consider the space you have in your gym and storage area and choose accordingly.

4 Ways on How to Maintain and Clean Urethane Dumbbells for Longevity

Urethane dumbbells are popular because of their sleek look and superior feel. But if you want to retain that condition long-term, you’ll need to maintain it properly.

1. Cleaning

Like any piece of gym equipment, it is going to accumulate sweat, dead skin, and dirt. And such a surface is not only unhygienic, but is also a breeding ground for bacteria. In order to keep them in good shape, you’ll need to clean the urethane dumbbells regularly. Use a soft damp cloth and wipe the dumbbells after each session. This will be enough to remove all the sweat and grime.

Urethane Dumbbells Training

Once every so often you can give the urethane dumbbells a more thorough cleaningю Use a mild soap, or a non-abrasive cleaner diluted in lukewarm water to clean the surface. Don’t use strong pH-value chemicals, as they can cause discoloration and eventually degrade the urethane coating.

2. Proper Handling

The urethane coating is very resilient to crashing and chipping damage. It is, however, not indestructible. So try handling the dumbbells with care when using them. Avoid dropping them from great heights. If not the dumbbell itself, this can actually damage the floor as well.

Choosing Dumbbells

3. Storage

If you want to ensure product longevity, then invest in proper storage. Dumbbell-dedicated storage would be best, but if that is not available, then try to store them somewhere safe. This will prevent having them misplaced or missing, prevent accidental damage (to the dumbbells or to you), and make the workout area generally neat and well-organized.

Girls open air workout with Dumbbells

4. Regular Inspection

Create the habit of checking the dumbbells before each use. Twist them and turn them. Look at them from all angles by giving them a visual inspection. Look for cracks, peeling, or any other type of damage, then you might start thinking of replacing them.


Why Are Urethane Dumbbells So Expensive?

Cast iron dumbbells with no coating are often cheaper as no other materials are needed to make them. Casing the dumbbells in urethane required more work and cost. 

Urethane is a high-quality rubber that's extremely durable and resistant to chips and cracks. Whilst the dumbbells may cost more than other types, the price difference is usually reflected in the durability quality.

Are Urethane Dumbbells Toxic?

Urethane, also known as polyurethane, is just a name for a type of rubber that's been modified by changing its chemical properties. This is done to give the material more favorable characteristics such as resistance to weather, temperature, and repeated heavy use.

Urethane is man-made, meaning it's not natural and is often seen as toxic compared to other materials. As long as you use the dumbbell correctly, and keep away from children and small animals making sure the urethane isn't ingested, you can use the dumbbells safely over a lifetime.

Do Urethane Dumbbells Smell?

Many rubber dumbbell types like urethane are manufactured and boxed up ready for storage a long time before they are ordered and shipped. Whilst this long period does lead to the build-up of fumes, the smell is non-toxic.

Once newly opened, allow the dumbbells to air out a little before using. If you want you can sanitize the dumbbells after use and give them a good clean each month to maintain freshness. 

If the dumbbell smell is quite strong, consider adding baking soda or cat litter to your workout area to absorb the smell.

How Long Do Urethane Dumbbells Last?

Urethane dumbbells are designed and constructed to last a lifetime. The high-quality steel or iron core surrounded by a thick coat of rubber protects the dumbbells from the elements and repeated heavy use.

Urethane is man-made meaning it's been altered to give it favorable characteristics to ensure durability. Whilst urethane-coated dumbbells may cost more, the price increase is reflected in the longer durability.

Expect your urethane dumbbells to last a lifetime if used correctly.

Which Urethane Dumbbells Are The Best?

Urethane dumbbells make a great addition to any at-home gym setup. They are durable, versatile and allow easy customization to give them a homely feel

Urethane dumbbells are constructed to last. The steel or iron core with a thick urethane coating makes them more durable than other dumbbell types.

The Premium Urethane dumbbells manufactured and sold by Rogue are my top pick, receiving the highest score for weight selection, design, materials, and quality.

What do you think of the urethane dumbbells I've reviewed above? Show me your customized dumbbells! Share your thoughts and ask me any questions in the comments below.

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