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6 Best Tasting Protein Bars in 2024

Reviewed by: Jacek Szymanowski (Certified Nutritionist, S&C specialist, M.Sc.Eng. Biotechnology)

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For a delicious and convenient high-protein snack, you can’t go wrong with protein bars. However, not all protein bars are created equal when it comes to taste. That’s why we’ve made this list of the best-tasting protein bars available on the market. 

Our team of certified nutritionists and professional athletes has reviewed 20 products and 6 of the best ones made it to this list. We’ve based our evaluations on 7 key factors and we have spent 3 weeks testing most of these products out. Additionally, we have also analyzed hundreds of online user reviews. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section because our list is regularly updated.

Best Tasting Protein Bars

Top 6 Best Tasting Protein Bars Reviewed

  1. Protein Bars by Legion – Top pick
  2. Protein Puff Bars by Promix – Best Low-Sodium Bars
  3. RXBAR – Best Bars with No Added Sugar
  4. Pure Protein Bars – Best Bars with Low Added Sugar
  5. Protein+ Bars by Transparent Labs – Best Peanut Butter Flavor Bars
  6. Cereal Bars by Promix – Best Vegan-Based Bars
per Serving
Nutrition Label
Protein Puff
Bars by Promix
Pure Protein65.51098910109.5
Transparent Labs649108.58.5109.58.5
Cereal Bars
by Promix

1. Protein Bars by Legion

Protein Bars by Legion
  • Protein Source: Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate)
  • Flavors: Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter
  • Vegan: No
  • Protein per bar: 20g
  • Fats per bar: 11-12g
  • Carbs per bar: 24-29g
  • Fiber per bar: 6-9g
  • Added Sugar: 3-4g
  • Sugar Alcohols: Erythritol
  • Calories per bar: 240-250
  • Sodium per bar: 150-170
  • Bars per Package: 12
  • Bar Weight: 63-68g
  • Price per Bar: ~$3.33
  • Recommended by Athletes: Gage Clark, Grant Tinsley

Starting our list of protein bars that taste good is Legion. Although these work out to be one of the more expensive products on our list, they also offer an excellent all-natural formula with outstanding macros.

Each bar has 240-250 calories, making these a great higher-calorie option for those on a bulking diet. They contain 20g of protein, which is one of the highest protein contents on our list. The rest of the macros are split between 11-12g of fat and 24-29g of carbs. 

These are also a great high-fiber option with a solid 6-9g per serving. With high fiber intake being associated with better overall health, this is something we recommend prioritizing alongside taste when deciding which protein bar is right for you!

Nutrition Legion Protein Bars Review

Keep in mind that Legion does contain erythritol which has been shown to cause digestive distress in some people, as well as being associated with major adverse cardiovascular events, so this may be something you want to avoid. 

There’s a decent amount of flavor variety here with 4 options to choose from. We recommend Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for its especially high fiber content at 9g per serving!

Finally, the biggest drawback to Legion’s protein bars is their price. As you’ll see from our list, high-quality protein bars can be pretty expensive, and at ~$3.33 per serving, it’s understandable if you want to go with a slightly cheaper option.


Legion earns its spot at the top of our list by offering great macros and a high-quality formula. Just keep in mind it is one of the more expensive options available.

Macro Breakdown:0
Fiber per Serving:0
Micro Breakdown:0
Nutrition Label Transparency:0
Value for Money:0


  • One of the highest protein contents on our list
  • High in fiber, especially if you choose the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Flavor
  • Most reviews on Legion’s site rave about the taste

Could be better:

  • One of the most expensive options on our list
  • Does contain erythritol which may cause digestive issues

2. Protein Puff Bars by Promix

Protein Puff Bars by Promix
  • Protein Source: Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Flavors: Vanilla, Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate, Blueberries & Cream, Strawberries & Cream, Coconut (+ Variety Pack)
  • Vegan: No
  • Protein per bar: 14-15g
  • Fats per bar: 3-4.5g
  • Carbs per bar: 16-17g
  • Fiber per bar: 4-6g
  • Added Sugar: 3-5g
  • Sugar Alcohols: No
  • Calories per bar: 150-160
  • Sodium per bar: 50-60mg
  • Bars per Package: 12 or 24
  • Bar Weight: 40g
  • Price per Bar: ~$2.42 (for 24 bar package)
  • Recommended by Athletes: Odell Beckham Jr, Audrey & Nicole Nourse, Rashaad Slowley

Taking the runner-up spot on our list of the best-flavored protein bars is Promix with their Protein Puff Bars. Delivering a Rice-Krispie-Style texture, this will be a great choice if you’re after a more unique protein bar. On top of this, they have a great all-natural formula, and are the lowest sodium option on our list as well!

These bars contain 150-160 calories, making them a good, low-calorie snack option if you’re eating in a caloric deficit. They still offer a solid amount of protein in each serving despite these low calories with 14-15g per bar. The rest of the macros come from 3-4.5g of fat and 16-17g of carbs. They also have a moderate amount of fiber with 4-6g per serving. 

Protein Puff Bars by Promix instagram
Photo by @promix

Similar to Legion, Promix offers a high-quality all-natural formula. There’s a solid amount of flavor variety here with 7 unique flavors to choose from, as well as a variety pack, which comes with an assortment of 4 different flavors. 

Finally, these are notably cheaper than the top option on our list at ~$2.42. This puts it around the average price for our list, making it a more budget-friendly alternative to some of the more expensive options out there.


With plenty of flavors to choose from and a unique texture, Promix’s Puff Bars make for a delicious low-calorie, high-protein snack option.

Macro Breakdown:0
Fiber per Serving:0
Micro Breakdown:0
Nutrition Label Transparency:0
Value for Money:0


  • Unique Rice Krispie-like texture
  • Plenty of flavor variety
  • Low-calorie option

Could be better:

  • Rice Krispie-like texture may not appeal to everyone
  • Some reviews suggest a dry texture


RXBAR Protein Bar
  • Protein Source: Egg Whites
  • Flavors: Blueberry, Chocolate Sea Salt, Coconut Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate
  • Vegan: No
  • Protein per bar: 12g
  • Fats per bar: 7-9g
  • Carbs per bar: 23-24g
  • Fiber per bar: 4-5g
  • Added Sugar: 0g
  • Calories per bar: 210
  • Sodium per bar: 140-310mg
  • Bars per Package: 12
  • Bar Weight: 52g
  • Price per Bar: ~$3.11
  • Recommended by Athletes: Aliyah Boston, Artavious Marsh, Callie Gullickson

Next on our list of the yummiest protein bars is RXBAR, which delivers the simplest formula on our entire list, being made of only a handful of whole food ingredients. Because of this, these are also the first option on our list to contain no added sugar whatsoever. 

At 210 calories per serving, these fall around the average calorie count for our list. Also, at 12g of protein per serving, these are notably lower in protein than the top 2 options on our list. You can also expect 7g of fat and 24g of carbs in each bar. Despite the whole foods-based formula, these also aren’t especially high in fiber with 4-5g per serving. It’s also worth noting there’s a significant difference between flavors in terms of sodium content with there being 140-310mg depending on the flavor.

RXBAR instagram
Photo by @rxbar

Of course, the main advantage of RXBAR is its simple formula, containing only a couple of basic ingredients. With no added sugar, this allows the natural flavor of the bars to shine. You have 4 different flavors to choose from, which is the same amount of variety offered by Legion. 

For the price, each RXBAR will cost you ~$3.11. This makes it one of the more expensive choices on our list. Ultimately, it’s up to you if it's worth paying a premium for a simple, whole foods-based protein bar.


RXBAR offers the simplest formula on our list, using only a handful of recognizable whole foods for its ingredients. This makes it a great choice for those looking for a naturally sweetened, yet delicious protein bar.

Macro Breakdown:0
Fiber per Serving:0
Micro Breakdown:0
Nutrition Label Transparency:0
Value for Money:0


  • Simple, whole foods-based formula
  • No added sugar
  • One of the few dairy-free options on our list

Could be better:

  • One of the lower protein options on our list
  • Fairly expensive, despite the simple formula

4. Pure Protein Bars

Pure Protein Bars
  • Protein Source: Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate)
  • Flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Birthday Cake, Chewy Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Mint Cookie, Chocolate Salted Caramel
  • Vegan: No
  • Protein per bar: 19-20g
  • Fats bar bar: 4.5-7g
  • Carbs per bar: 17-20g
  • Fiber per bar: 0-2g
  • Added Sugar: 1-2g
  • Sugar Alcohol: Maltitol
  • Calories per bar: 200
  • Sodium per bar: 100-220mg
  • Bars per Package: 12
  • Bar Weight: 50g
  • Price per bar: ~$1.42
  • Recommended by Athletes: Jordan Morello, FlyxSky TV, Garrett Miller

Next on our list of high protein bars that taste good is Pure Protein Bars, which on top of being a great low added sugar option, is also the cheapest option on our list by far. 

Each Pure Protein Bar has 200 calories. They also contain 19-20g of protein making these on par with Legion as some of the highest protein bars on our list. They also contain 4.5g-7g of fat and 17-20g of carbs per bar. It’s worth noting that these are the lowest fiber options on our list with only 0-2g per serving. 

These bars do also contain some of the sugar alcohol maltitol with 6-8g in each bar. They also contain the artificial sweetener sucralose if this is something you’d prefer to avoid. These also offer a solid amount of flavor variety with 5 different options to choose from. 

Arguably the biggest selling point for these protein bars is their price point. At only ~$1.42 per serving, these are easily the cheapest option on our list, being nearly $2.00 cheaper than our most expensive picks!


Pure Protein Bars make for a great high-protein, budget-friendly alternative to some of the more expensive options on our list.

Macro Breakdown:0
Fiber per Serving:0
Micro Breakdown:0
Nutrition Label Transparency:0
Value for Money:0


  • Cheapest option on our list by far
  • Some of the highest protein content on our list
  • Solid flavor variety

Could be better:

  • Made with some artificial ingredients
  • Some of the reviews on Amazon suggest an unpleasant chewy texture

5. Protein+ Bars by Transparent Labs

Protein+ Bars by Transparent Labs
  • Protein Source: Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate
  • Flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
  • Vegan: No
  • Protein per bar: 15g
  • Fats bar bar: 16g
  • Carbs per bar: 23g
  • Fiber per bar: 3g
  • Added Sugar: 5g
  • Sugar Alcohol: No
  • Calories per bar: 280
  • Sodium per bar: 280mg
  • Bars per Package: 12
  • Bar Weight: 60g
  • Price per bar: ~$3.33
  • Recommended by Athletes: Hafthor Bjornsson, Paul Sklar, Sean Harris

If you’re familiar with our lists, then you’re no stranger to the next brand on our list, Transparent Labs. Consistently offering some of the highest-quality supplements on the market, their protein bar is no exception, even if it comes at a premium price. 

Each bar contains 280 calories, making these some of the highest-calorie bars on our list. They may make them a great high-calorie snack as part of a bulking diet. Each bar contains 15g of protein, which is somewhat low for our list considering the high-calorie count. Each bar also has 16g of fat and 23g of carbs. These are also fairly low in fiber with only 3g per serving. 

Protein+ Bars by Transparent Labs instagram
Photo by @leviimack

Transparent Labs is well known for its high-quality formulas, and these bars are made with a whole foods-based formula that rivals RXBAR for simplicity. However, these bars only come in one flavor, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

As mentioned, these bars also come at a high price point. At ~$3.33 per bar, these are tied with Legion for being the most expensive bars on our list.


Transparent Labs’ commitment to quality is clear with the excellent formula of these bars, just be aware that they’re one of the more expensive options on our list.

Macro Breakdown:0
Fiber per Serving:0
Micro Breakdown:0
Nutrition Label Transparency:0
Value for Money:0


  • Top-notch all-natural formula
  • High calorie makes these a good option for part of a bulking diet
  • Comes from a trustworthy, recognizable brand

Could be better:

  • High price point
  • Relatively low protein considering the high calories
  • No flavor variety

6. Cereal Bars by Promix

Cereal Bars by Promix
  • Protein Source: Vegan Protein Puffs (pea protein, rice starch)
  • Flavors: French Vanilla, Chocolate, Cinnamon French Toast, Maple Waffle Crunch, Pumpkin Spice
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Protein per bar: 10-11g
  • Fats per bar: 4-5g
  • Carbs per bar: 19-23g
  • Fiber per bar: 4g
  • Added Sugar: 6g
  • Sugar Alcohol: No
  • Calories per bar: 160-170
  • Sodium per bar: 100-115mg
  • Bars per Package: 12 or 24
  • Bar Weight: 40g
  • Price per bar: ~$2.42 (for 24 bar package)
  • Recommended by Athletes: Odell Beckham Jr., Audrey & Nicole Nourse, Rashaad Slowley

Closing out our list is the second option from Promix on our list. These Cereal Bars are also the only vegan-friendly option we’ll be covering, making them the best-tasting plant-based bars available!

At 160 calories per bar, these are a similarly light bar to the other Promix product we covered earlier. However, these do also have the lowest protein content on our list with only 10-11g of protein per bar. The rest of the macros come from 4-5g of fat and 19-23g of carbs. There’s also a moderate 4g of fiber per bar. 

Like Promix’s other products, these bars are made without any artificial ingredients. On top of this, it doesn’t appear they contain any sugar alcohols either! Similar to the puff bars covered earlier, there’s also a good amount of flavor variety here with 5  different options available.

Finally, the price here is very similar to the other Promix bars at ~$2.42 per serving. This makes these a great pick for anyone after a vegan alternative to Promix’s dairy-based bars.


Despite having a fairly low total protein content, Promix offers some of the most delicious vegan protein bars on the market.

Macro Breakdown:0
Fiber per Serving:0
Micro Breakdown:0
Nutrition Label Transparency:0
Value for Money:0


  • Best-tasting vegan protein bars
  • Good amount of flavor variety
  • No artificial ingredients or sugar alcohols

Could be better:

  • Fairly low in protein
  • Low calories may not be ideal for those looking for a bulking snack


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Why Are Protein Bars So Popular?

If you’ve never tried protein bars before, you may be wondering why they’re so popular. Below we’ll be going over a couple of reasons why people love protein bars, and why they may be a great addition to your diet as well. 

✅ Convenient Source of Protein

First, the main reason protein bars are so great is that they’re a convenient protein source you can take anywhere. Especially if you’re busy at work or school, it can be difficult to find high-quality protein sources to take with you on the go. Protein bars are a perfect solution to this issue as they make a perfect protein-packed snack that can be taken anywhere. 

✅ Easy Replacement to Satisfy Cravings for Sweets

A common struggle people have when trying to eat healthier is avoiding sweets. Especially if you can’t stay away from chocolate bars, protein bars offer a similar taste while also providing much better macros. 

Most standard chocolate bars are packed full of added sugars and fats with minimal protein. While protein bars may not be the “healthiest” alternative, if you have a sweet tooth, they can be a great way to satisfy these cravings in a more macro-friendly manner.

Legion Protein Bar

How to Choose the Best-Tasting Protein Bars?

If you want to make sure you’re getting the best-tasting protein bars, there are a few tips we’ll be covering below so you can find a truly delicious option!

1. Look Through the Ingredients

If a protein bar is made with whole foods ingredients like RXBAR or Transparent Labs’ Protein+ bars, you should be able to have a general idea of what the combination will taste like. 

You can also see what a protein bar is sweetened with to get a better idea of what the flavor will be like. Artificial sweeteners like sucralose tend to have a slightly different taste when compared with real sugar. 

2. Consider Flavor Variety

Beyond the ingredients, taking a look at the different flavors on offer can help you decide which bar to try. Different protein bar brands offer unique flavors that may be more interesting to you than standard flavors like chocolate. 

While there’s no guarantee that unique flavors will be delicious, they can be a good guide for which bars to try. Unique flavors and flavor variety are also a good indication that a brand is prioritizing the taste of its bars, which will usually indicate better taste overall.

3. Check the Reviews

Finally, arguably the best way to see if a bar will taste good is to check the customer reviews. This is a great way to get an idea of what the taste and texture of the bar will be, as well as getting some recommendations for the best flavors. 

We often use customer reviews as a starting point for our reviews to see which products people love and which ones people don’t seem to enjoy. While everyone has slightly different palates, customer reviews are ideal for gauging the general sentiment toward a protein bar or any other supplement!

Legion Protein Bars Package Review

What Else Do You Need to Know About Protein Bars?

Keep in mind that not all tasty protein bars are created equal. It’s important to consider your goals and needs before deciding on which protein bar is right for you. Below we’ll be covering a few tips so you can make a more informed choice. 

1. Some Popular Ones Contain a Lot of Added Sugar And/or Sodium

It’s always important to check the added sugar and sodium content of a bar, as many popular options are very high in both. The average American consumes far more sugar and sodium than is necessary, so adding in more through protein bars probably isn’t a great idea. 

If you eat an otherwise healthy diet, the sugar and sodium from the occasional protein bar shouldn’t be cause for concern. However, excessive sodium intake is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and high sugar intake is associated with diabetes and obesity, so keep this in mind when making your decision. 

2. Consider the Amount of Protein, Fiber, and Calories When Choosing a Bar for Weight Loss

If you’re looking to lose weight, we recommend eating in a moderate caloric deficit of 250-500 calories with 0.7-1g of protein per pound of body weight each day. While a higher-calorie protein bar won’t make or break your diet, there are lower-calorie, higher-protein options that can make it easier for you to stay within your goals.

You may want to consider fiber content as well. High fiber content can increase satiety, which may be beneficial if you’re on a lower-calorie diet.

Consider an option like Promix’s Puff Bars if you’re trying to lose weight. They are under 200 calories, while still having a solid 14-15g of protein per serving, making them a good fit for the nutritional goals outlined above! 

Legion Protein Bar in Hand

What to Eat With Protein Bars to Make Them Taste Better?

One of the main issues people have with protein bars is palating the texture. Even if they taste great, many protein bars are somewhat chalky or too chewy. One of the best ways to counteract this is to eat your protein bars along with a glass of water or milk. This will help clear your palate in between bites!

As for snacks to pair with protein bars, we recommend prioritizing options rich in micronutrients. Because protein bars aren’t especially high in vitamins in minerals, choosing other nutrient-dense snacks can help make your snack more complete. Try fruit if you want something lighter, or nuts if you want a more calorie-dense option.

Pack of Legion Protein Bars


What Is the Best Protein Bar With 20 Grams of Protein?

The 2 options on our list that contain 20g of protein are Legion and Pure Protein bars. With that being said, protein bars don’t necessarily need 20g+ of protein to be a good addition to your diet. Be sure to also consider other factors like ingredients, fiber, and price as well!

Do Protein Bars Taste Good?

Although protein bars often get a bad reputation for having an unpleasant taste or texture, there are plenty of delicious protein bars available. We created this list to highlight some of the protein bars that deliver a more pleasant taste than many other options out there. 


If you’re looking for some good-tasting protein bars, we hope this list can help you find an option that’s right for you! While protein bars don’t have the best reputation for delicious flavor, we believe there are plenty of great choices available. 

If you’re looking for the tastiest protein bars available today, we recommend checking out Legion’s Protein Bars. 

Do you have any recommendations for protein bars that actually taste good? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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