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8 Best Gluten-Free Protein Powders in 2024

With many people experiencing either Celiac disease or general gluten intolerance, it can be difficult to find products that suit these unique dietary needs. This is why we’re covering the best gluten-free protein powder. 

Luckily, protein powders are one of those foods where there are plenty of gluten-free options available. Use our gluten-free protein powders review to find a product that suits all your dietary needs. For those looking to avoid gluten in their diets for whatever reason, these 8 products are all excellent choices.

Our experts, certified & professional nutritionists and athletes have tried and tested over a dozen different branded gluten-free protein powders to determine which 8 are the best.

With 150+ hours invested over the span of 4 months, all the tested products were ranked based on Macronutrient Breakdown, Taste/Flavor, Nutrition Label Transparency, Mixability, and Value for Money. The list below is the result of that testing. The list will be continuously updated as the market provides more challengers to the current rankings.

8 Best Gluten-Free Protein Powders in 2024

Top 8 Best Gluten-Free Protein Powders Reviewed

  1. Naked Grass-Fed Whey – Top Pick
  2. Garden of Life Sport Whey Protein – Runner-Up
  3. Simply Tera’s Organic Whey
  4. Promix Whey Isolate
  5. NOW Sports Nutrition, Whey Isolate
  6. Transparent Labs Whey Protein Isolate
  7. XTEND Pro Whey Isolate
  8. Plant Fusion Complete Protein
Nutrition Label
Garden of Life47.591010108.5
Simply Tera’s478.5109109.5
NOW Sports45.5998.5910
Transparent Labs45998109
XTEND Pro4398899
Plant Fusion43810898

1. Naked Grass-Fed Whey – Top Pick

Naked WHEY Grass Fed
  • Best for: Improving Recovery, Building Muscle, Cutting
  • Suitable for Vegans: No
  • Protein Source: Grass-fed Whey
  • Serving Size: 30-38g
  • Price per Serving: ~$1.25
  • Protein-by-Weight Ratio: 66-83%
  • Proteins: 25g
  • Carbohydrates: 3-8g
  • Fat: 2g
  • Added Sugar: 0-5g
  • Company Founded: 2014
  • Recommended by AthletesKenzie MarianoDaniel Victor

First on our list, and the top pick for gluten-free powder is Naked’s grass-fed whey. Just like all of Naked’s products, this gluten-free whey protein supplement is simple and effective. Grass-fed whey protein refers to whey protein derived from the milk of grass-fed cows

One of the key points that separates this product from the rest of our list is where the whey is sourced from. Naked prides itself on sourcing its grass-fed whey from free-roaming cows from small dairy farms in Northern California and Idaho. They state that these cows ultimately produce higher-quality milk.

Naked also highlights that their product is fully gluten-free with a Gluten Allergen test result showing less than 0.15 micrograms (or one-millionth of a gram) of gluten per serving. On top of this, they also run heavy metal tests that show similar results for the presence of arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury.

In terms of value for money and protein quantity by weight, Naked’s product falls around the average range on our list, at ~$1.25 per serving and 83% quantity by weight. And at 25g proteins per serving, it is around the average as well. Keep in mind that these numbers are for the unflavored version and the flavored varieties do have lower protein-by-weight ratio.

What truly separates this product from the others isn’t its nutritional information, however, but Naked’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients, and its rigorous testing to avoid gluten and heavy metals.


Naked’s Grass-Fed Whey is distinguished by its commitment to premium ingredients, rigorous testing to ensure gluten and heavy metal absence, and competitive pricing and protein content per serving.

Macronutrient Breakdown:0
Nutrition Label Transparency:0


  • Rigorous testing for both Gluten allergens and heavy metals
  • Whey sourced from grass-fed, free roaming cows
  • Single ingredient product (unflavored)

Could be better:

  • On the higher end in terms of cost
  • Flavored options have lower protein-by-weight ratio

2. Garden of Life Sport Whey Protein – Runner-Up

Garden of Life Sport Whey Protein
  • Best for: Improving Recovery, Building Muscle
  • Suitable for Vegans: No
  • Protein Source: Grass-Fed Whey
  • Serving size: 33g
  • Price per serving: ~$2.15
  • Protein-by-Weight Ratio (%): 72%
  • Proteins: 24g
  • Carbohydrates: 6g
  • Fat: 0.5g
  • Added Sugar: 0g
  • Company Founded: 2000
  • Recommended by AthletesNate DiazSantia DeckLauren Reid & Kelly Collins

Next on our list is Garden of Life’s Sport Whey Protein. One of the longest-standing companies on our list, Garden of Life has been creating high-quality supplements for over 2 decades.

Similar to Naked’s product, Garden of Life prides itself on using high-quality grass-fed whey. Grass-fed whey protein refers to whey protein derived from the milk of grass-fed cows. They stress that on top of coming from small sustainable Irish farms, their product is Antibiotic Free and Non-GMO.

For those looking to make conscious choices regarding the environment, you’ll also be glad to hear that Garden of Life is certified by Carbonfree.

Garden of Life Sport Whey Protein Instagram
Photo by @ilie_chicago

Moving on to the nutritional facts, the product is rich in CFU probiotics on top of being a standard whey powder. Each serving contains 2 billion CFU, and while the recommended daily dose for general health and immune support is 5 billion CFU, this is a great start if you are not already taking a probiotic supplement.

Where Garden of Life loses points is its cost per serving and protein-by-weight ratio. At ~$2.15 per serving, it’s the most expensive option on our list, and at only 72% protein-by-weight, it has one of the lower rankings of this metric as well.

While it’s certainly a high-quality product, keep in mind that its value for money does leave something to be desired. It is ultimately up to the buyer if factors like the company's sustainability, and additions like probiotics are worth the added price tag.


Garden of Life's Sport Whey Protein offers high-quality grass-fed whey, Antibiotic Free, Non-GMO, and CFU probiotics, but it comes with a higher cost per serving and lower protein-by-weight ratio compared to other options on the list.

Macronutrient Breakdown:0
Nutrition Label Transparency:0


  • Certified Carbonfree company
  • Protein is coming from high-quality grass-fed whey
  • Product contains a rich amount of probiotics in each serving

Could be better:

  • Most expensive option on our list
  • Produced in a factory with gluten, so cross-contamination may be possible

3. Simply Tera’s Organic Whey

Simply Tera’s Organic Whey
  • Best for: Improving Recovery, Building Muscle, Cutting
  • Suitable for Vegans: No
  • Protein Source: Organic, Grass-Fed Whey
  • Serving Size: 28g
  • Price per Serving: ~$1.86
  • Protein-by-Weight Ratio: 75%
  • Protein: 21g
  • Carbohydrates: 2g
  • Fat: 2g
  • Added Sugar: 1g
  • Company Founded: 1999

Up next on our list is Simply Tera’s Organic Whey. One of the lesser-known companies on our list, Simply Tera has still been producing whey protein for well over 20 years, but how does it stack up to the other options on our list?

Once again, Simply Tera’s uses organic grass-fed, pasture-raised dairy. Similar to the past two entries on our list, they pride themselves on not using any GMOs, antibiotics, or rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone).

Where this gluten-free organic protein powder truly falls short is the amount of protein in each serving. At only 21g, Simply Tera’s has the lowest protein content of any product on our list. While not everybody is looking for 30+ grams of protein in each serving, if you are one of these people, this probably isn’t the choice for you.

Simply Tera’s Organic Whey Instagram
Photo by @simplyteras

Finally, as shown in an Amazon review, there is a warning right on the packaging that reads “Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Cadmium”. However, on Simply Tera’s FAQ page, they state “we do not have any detectable amounts of heavy metals in our products”.

It appears this is simply a proposition 65 warning, which is a California law requiring many products to include this label, despite being completely safe. Although cadmium exposure has serious negative effects, it is incredibly unlikely that this product will expose you to any harmful chemicals.


Simply Tera's Organic Whey offers organic grass-fed, pasture-raised dairy, but with only 21g of protein per serving, it has the lowest protein content on the list, and some caution regarding the cadmium warning on the packaging.

Macronutrient Breakdown:0
Nutrition Label Transparency:0


  • Product is sourced from organic milk from grass-fed dairy cows
  • Completely recyclable package
  • Only 4 ingredients

Could be better:

  • Relatively high price per serving, especially considering the amount of protein
  • Produced in a factory with gluten, so cross-contamination is possible

4. Promix Whey Isolate

  • Best for: Improving Recovery, Building Muscle, Cutting (Depending on flavor)
  • Suitable for Vegans: No
  • Protein Source: Whey
  • Serving size: 34g
  • Price per serving: ~$1.16 (5lb) or ~$1.48 (2.5lb)
  • Protein-by-Weight Ratio: 88%
  • Protein: 30g
  • Carbohydrates: 2-9g
  • Fat: 0.5-1.5g
  • Added Sugar: 0-5g
  • Company Founded: 2011
  • Recommended by AthletesOdell Beckham Jr.Audrey & Nicole NourseRashaad Slowley

Up next is Promix, which is one of the more recently founded supplement companies on our list. However, with their impeccable design and product line, they have quickly stood out as one of the highest-quality brands out there.

Similar to Naked, Promix showcases their lab testing results to quell any worries consumers may have surrounding the presence of heavy metals, or allergens. They show that gluten has less than 5.0 ppm (parts per million) in each serving.

The product has only two ingredients – grass-fed whey, and sunflower lecithin – making for a simple and effective product. Especially at 88% protein-by-weight, it is one of the most densely packed protein powders on our list.

Promix Whey Isolate Insta
Photo by @promix

Promix also offers a subscription service where you can save 10% on their products. With it already being at a reasonable price, this only sweetens the deal. On top of all this, Promix is a participant in 1% for the Planet, a network where businesses volunteer to donate 1% of gross sales to environmental causes.

Promix’s unique packaging also uses 67% less carbon than the traditional tubs that other protein supplements come in. Because they already offer such a great product, these factors just help solidify Promix as a great option.


Promix offers a high-quality grass-fed whey protein powder with lab-tested results and a simple ingredient list at 88% protein-by-weight, while also supporting environmental causes through their 1% for the Planet participation and eco-friendly packaging.

Macronutrient Breakdown:0
Nutrition Label Transparency:0


  • Rigorous testing for heavy metals and allergens
  • One of the highest protein-by-weight ratios on our list
  • Company dedicated to sustainability

Could be better:

  • Some negative reviews of the unflavored version
  • Some reviews suggest poor mixability as well

5. NOW Sports Nutrition, Whey Isolate

NOW Sports Nutrition, Whey Isolate
  • Best for: Building Muscle, Improving Recovery, Cutting
  • Suitable for Vegans: No
  • Protein Source: Whey Isolate
  • Serving Size: 28g
  • Price per Serving: ~$0.90
  • Protein-by-Weight Ratio: 89%
  • Proteins: 25g
  • Carbohydrates: <1g
  • Fat: 0.5g
  • Added Sugar: 0g
  • Company Founded: 1968
  • Recommended by AthletesDan McDonoghBianca Summer MacedoDanielle Colaprico

Next up is Now Sports Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate. Easily the longest-standing supplement company on our list, NOW also provides some of the best value for money by far.

At only ~$0.90 per serving, NOW is the only option on our list below a dollar per serving, easily having the lowest cost per serving out of all 8 products. On top of this, it also has the highest protein-by-weight ratio, just barely edging out Promix with a score of 89%. Talk about value!

NOW Sports Nutrition, Whey Isolate Instagram
Photo by @zpcarlso

It’s worth noting why this supplement is so much cheaper than the other options we’ve covered. Most of the whey supplements on our list are completely grass-fed and organic, and many of the companies have some sort of pledge to be as sustainable as possible.

It doesn’t appear that NOW’s product is organic, nor does it seem like they are taking any real steps toward sustainability. If these things are important to you as a consumer, then this probably isn’t the product for you.

However, if you’re just looking for a source of high-quality protein at a great price, then you’ll be hard-pressed to find a supplement at a better price point.


NOW Sports Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate stands out with its excellent value for money, being the most affordable option on our list at around $0.90 per serving and boasting the highest protein-by-weight ratio at 89%.

Macronutrient Breakdown:0
Nutrition Label Transparency:0


  • Best value for money on our list
  • Longest standing company on our list
  • Very low carbs and fat with high protein make it great for cutting

Could be better:

  • Not organic or grass-fed whey
  • Company that does not appear committed to sustainability

6. Transparent Labs Whey Protein Isolate

Transparent Labs Whey Protein Isolate
  • Best for: Building Muscle, Improving Recovery, Cutting
  • Suitable for Vegans: No
  • Protein Source: Grass-Fed Whey Isolate
  • Serving size: 32.96g
  • Price per serving: ~$1.82
  • Protein-by-Weight Ratio: 84%
  • Proteins: 28g
  • Carbohydrates: 1g
  • Fat: 0g
  • Added Sugar: 0g
  • Company Founded: 2015
  • Recommended by AthletesHafthor BjornssonPaul SklarSean Harris

Next up is one of the most highly trusted supplement companies out there, Transparent Labs. Often featured on our lists, Transparent Labs simply makes great products, and their Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate is no exception.

Similar to many other options on our list, this protein comes from grass-fed cows and promises to be completely GMO-free. Like all their other supplements, this product also contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

With very few ingredients and a great macronutrient profile (0g of fat and 1g of carbs), this would be a great protein powder for anybody looking to cut some weight. It’s worth noting that it is rather expensive, but you are paying for a high-quality product.

Transparent Labs Whey Protein Isolate Instagram
Photo by @daveyfisher

One minor downside worth noting is that the brand claims an 88% protein-by-weight volume, even though it is actually 84%. They rounded down their scoop size from 32.96g to 32g to make the ratio appear better. This is a very minor complaint, but it’s worth pointing out the rare oversight from a company that is usually more transparent with its claims.


Transparent Labs Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate is a highly trusted and reliable option, free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives, and with a great macronutrient profile for those aiming to cut weight, although it falls on the expensive side.

Macronutrient Breakdown:0
Nutrition Label Transparency:0


  • Great for cutting based on the macro profile
  • Totally free from GMOs, artificial sweeteners, coloring, and preservatives
  • Sourced from milk of high-quality dairy cows

Could be better:

  • Slightly misleading claim about protein-by-weight ratio
  • Relatively high price

7. XTEND Pro Whey Isolate

xtend pro
  • Best for: Building Muscle, Improving Recovery, Cutting
  • Suitable for Vegans: No
  • Protein Source: Whey Isolate
  • Serving Size: 32.4g-35.9g
  • Price per Serving: ~$0.97-1.11
  • Protein-by-Weight Ratio: 70-77%
  • Proteins: 25g
  • Carbohydrates: 3-4g
  • Fat: 0-1g
  • Added Sugar: 0g
  • Company Founded: 2018
  • Recommended by AthletesCorey BrooksPaula LeyesTrevor Bell

Coming up next is XTEND’s Pro Whey Isolate. One of the most recent and less recognizable brands on our list, XTEND still delivers a great protein supplement.

First off, XTEND has a solid amount of protein per serving and is relatively cheap – especially if you’re buying their 5lb option. It gets even cheaper if you opt into their subscription service, which will give you a significant 30% discount.

One thing to note that is odd about this product is that the flavors have noticeably different serving sizes. Although they have the same macros, chocolate comes with a slightly larger serving size, thus having fewer servings per container. This makes vanilla the obvious choice if you’re looking to maximize protein-by-weight, and the value for your money.

XTEND Pro Whey Isolate Instagram
Photo by @shanenickels

Also, for the price, it doesn’t appear like XTEND is using organic, grass-fed whey like many of the other options on our list. If this is important to you, this may not be the best choice. However, this is still a great overall supplement, even with this taken into consideration.


XTEND's Pro Whey Isolate is a budget-friendly protein supplement with good protein per serving, but it may not use organic, grass-fed whey like some other options on our list.

Macronutrient Breakdown:0
Nutrition Label Transparency:0


  • Subscription service offers up to a 30% discount, giving great value for the money
  • Contains 7g of BCAAs
  • XTEND offers a 60 day money back guarantee

Could be better:

  • Chocolate flavor has less value for money than vanilla
  • Not sourced from grass-fed cow’s dairy

8. Plant Fusion Complete Protein

PlantFusion Complete Vegan Protein Powder
  • Best for: Building Muscle, Improving Recovery, Cutting
  • Suitable for Vegans: Yes
  • Protein Source: Vegan Blend (Pea Protein Isolate, Chia Seed Protein, Whole Algae Protein, Artichoke Protein)
  • Serving Size: 30g
  • Price per serving: ~$1.53
  • Protein-by-Weight Ratio: 70%
  • Protein: 21g
  • Carbohydrates: 2g
  • Fat: 3g
  • Added Sugar: 0g
  • Company Founded: 2009
  • Recommended by AthletesGracie B FitErin BrooksMadeline Cait

Finally, we have the only gluten-free vegan protein powder on our list, coming from Plant Fusion. Of course, if you’re vegan, then this is the best choice for you. However, even if you do drink dairy, this is still a great option.

They have a unique formula of pea, chia seed, whole algae, and artichoke proteins that contribute to their blend. With many vegan blends containing things like wheatgrass, which aren’t gluten-free, it can be difficult to find a gluten-free plant based protein powder. At 21g of protein per serving, it is certainly on the lower end of our list, but considering that it’s vegan, this is a pretty solid number.

Plant Fusion Complete Protein Instagram
Photo by @plantfusion

This product also features Plant Fusion’s proprietary enzyme blend, which contains alpha-galactosidase, and bromelain. Bromelain can help with protein digestion, but A-galactosidase is more useful for digesting carbohydrates. These are added to help with the product’s overall digestibility, which may be something you’re specifically looking for if you have trouble digesting other protein powders.

Finally, this product comes in a solid mix of flavors, including creamy vanilla bean, rich chocolate, red velvet cake, cookies and cream, and natural. While not having any flavors that are too out there, these additional flavors may be interesting to you if you’re getting tired of the same old vanilla and chocolate.


Plant Fusion offers the only gluten-free vegan protein powder on our list, featuring a unique blend of pea, chia seed, whole algae, and artichoke proteins, making it a great choice for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Macronutrient Breakdown:0
Nutrition Label Transparency:0


  • Only gluten and dairy free protein powder on our list
  • Contains added digestive enzymes
  • Solid list of unique flavors
  • Subscription model will save you up to 25%

Could be better:

  • Relatively low protein content per serving compared to whey protein
  • High price for the amount of protein in each serving


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Why to Avoid Gluten?

Several factors will go into anyone’s reasoning for avoiding gluten. The main reasons are that someone has celiac disease, someone has gluten sensitivity, or because they simply think a gluten-free diet is healthier.

First, when people with celiac disease consume gluten, it causes severe reactions that will inflame and damage their intestinal tracts. For those with celiac disease, a gluten-free diet is necessary to avoid these painful symptoms.

Next, many people appear to have negative symptoms when consuming gluten, despite not having celiac disease. These people are often referred to as being gluten sensitive, a condition is known as non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and their symptoms usually involve bloating and abdominal pain. Not much is known about why this happens, but it may be best for people who experience these symptoms to follow a gluten-free diet.

In recent years, it has become more and more popular for people to avoid gluten as a way to improve their overall health. It’s important to note that the current research dictates that for the vast majority of people, a gluten-free diet will make little to no difference in your overall health.

Overall, the main reasons people should avoid gluten are either celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. If you have neither of these conditions, there is likely no real reason to follow a strict gluten-free diet.

Gym workout

What Makes Gluten-Free Protein Powder Different From Others?

In short, gluten-free protein powder is different from regular protein powder because the manufacturers have made a point to avoid gluten in their products. While most protein powders do not contain gluten to begin with, they are often manufactured in facilities that do carry gluten-containing products.

Take Garden of Life and Simply Tera’s on our list, for example. Even though their products do not contain gluten, they are manufactured in a plant where gluten is present. While these products are suitable for those looking to avoid gluten, they may not be advised for those with celiac disease.

If you want 100% confidence that there will not be any gluten present, look for a product that specifically tests for gluten as an allergen. Naked and Promix on our list both test for gluten in their products to ensure that there is none present – this is the best way to determine if a product is truly gluten-free, especially if you have celiac or a severe wheat allergy.

Why Can Protein Powder Contain Gluten?

If you’re wondering, is protein powder gluten-free? The answer is more often no than yes. There are a few circumstances where protein powder can and does contain gluten.

Often, a protein powder will contain gluten because it was manufactured in a facility that carries gluten-containing products - this is known as cross-contamination. Although there won’t be large amounts of gluten in these products, if someone is severely allergic to wheat or has celiac disease, there may still be enough to cause serious issues.

Another reason protein powders may contain gluten is that they contain ingredients like wheatgrass and barley grass. Fairly common in vegan protein blends, these are great sources of protein but usually aren’t considered gluten-free.

Man is balancing on board

How to Find the Best Gluten-Free Protein Powder?

Several important factors go into deciding on what protein to buy, be sure you’re considering all of these before making a decision. Of course, finding your favorite may take some trial and error, so there’s no harm in trying multiple products before finding one that you want to stick with.

1. Macronutrient Breakdown

One of the most important factors in making a choice is the macronutrient breakdown of a product. This is especially important if you have specific fitness goals in mind, such as cutting weight. Even a few extra grams of carbs may make the difference in whether or not a product is right for you, so be sure to read the label before buying.

Ultimately, protein is the most important macro to consider in a protein powder, so be sure the product you’re looking at has a good amount of proteins per serving, and that the protein-by-weight ratio is at least above 70%.

2. Taste/Flavor

Of course, because you might be drinking it every day, you want your protein powder to taste good. Although many people drink protein purely for the nutritional benefits, it doesn’t hurt if you enjoy drinking it too! This is doubly true if you’re planning on baking with the supplement as well. Taste is very subjective, so you may have to try a few different brands and flavors before you find one that you really love.

Man is training in Gym

3. Nutrition Label Transparency

Another very important metric is whether or not the nutrition label readily tells you all the information you need to know. This will involve checking the ingredient list to make sure there’s no unwanted fillers like artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

There are a lot of supplement companies that use tons of fillers in an attempt to make a higher profit. Always read the labels before choosing to avoid these products. We try our best to make sure all the products we cover on our lists are as high-quality, and transparent as possible.

4. Mixability

Mixability is also crucial to consider before deciding on what product you’ll use to make your gluten-free protein shakes. There’s nothing worse than getting a whole tub of new protein only to find it stays completely clumpy when you try to mix it up! A good way to check for mixability is through Amazon reviews – you should be able to quickly get an idea of if the protein mixes well or not.

protein and gym training

5. Value for Money

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is the value you’re getting out of the product. Protein powders aren’t cheap, so there should be a high level of protein in each serving and a high protein-by-weight ratio. Double-checking both of these things, as well as how many grams of protein you are buying in a whole tub and the overall quality of the protein source, will help you ensure you’re getting good value for your money.


Is There Such A Thing As Gluten-Free Protein Powder?

Yes! There are plenty of gluten-free options available for protein powder – in fact, the majority of protein powders are gluten-free. It’s just important to check that a protein company states they are fully gluten-free so you don’t accidentally buy a product that may contain gluten. 

Are Whey Protein Powders Gluten-Free?

Yes, whey is a dairy product which doesn’t contain any gluten. For this reason, the vast majority of whey protein powders are gluten-free. The only reason a whey powder wouldn’t be gluten-free is if it contained additional gluten-containing ingredients, or if it was produced in a facility that carried gluten-containing ingredients.


If you follow a gluten-free diet, it can be tough trying new products not knowing whether or not they’re 100% gluten-free. This is especially true if you have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and may have a serious reaction when eating gluten.

It's always a good idea to read product labels, consider personal dietary requirements, and consult with a healthcare professional or registered dietitian for personalized recommendations. If you’re in the market for a gluten-free protein powder, our top pick is Naked grass-fed Whey, but all the options on this list are great choices as well.

Do you have experience shopping for gluten-free protein powder? Have you tried any of the products on our list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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