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Valeo Lifting Belt Review (2024)

Valeo has been in the game for 40 years now, and they are known for their products that not only have excellent quality but are also affordable. In this Valeo lifting belt review, we’ll be looking at some of their best products, along with a few more products.

Valeo Lifting Belt

Valeo Leather Lifting Belt Review

Valeo Leather Lifting Belt

Valeo’s contoured weightlifting belt is one of Valeo’s leading products in their line. With its thick leather construction, it is highly durable, thus, it’s perfect for heavy lifts. The belt has been positively reviewed to provide the best value for money.

1. Price/Quality

The belt’s contoured design especially helps during heavy lifting by maintaining the posture and supporting the back and abdomen. It is really affordable for a belt that is made from 100% leather. The quality of this Valeo weightlifting belt makes it ideal for different kinds of squats and deadlifts.

2. Support

This leather belt from Valeo provides great support by stabilizing your spine during heavy lifts, thus, also preventing injuries. The belt also has double loops for extra safety.

3. Comfort

One of the key highlights of this belt is its suede lining. It covers the inbuilt foam lumbar pad, thus providing excellent comfort during strenuous workouts. The padding also helps with the contraction and compression against your mid-section while you lift. 

Most of all, it fits comfortably as you can also adjust it according to your waist size, and it prevents discomfort while lifting. The only issue is with the holes and the buckle of the belt, as they appear to be a little fragile.

4. Material and Stitching

The belt has been made from 4-inch wide cowhide leather, which is why it is so sturdy. Its double-stitched edges not only provide safety but also comfort when you carry heavy loads.

5. Package

The belt comes packed comfortably, and it is pretty easy for you to fold and pack in your gym bag.


  • Affordable price
  • Double loops for additional security
  • Made from high-quality leather

Could be better:

  • Buckle could wear out in some cases
  • Flimsy belt holes

Valeo’s contoured weightlifting belt is one of Valeo’s leading products in their line. With its thick leather construction, it is highly durable, thus, it’s perfect for heavy lifts.

Material and Stiching:0

Valeo Nylon Lifting Belt Review

Valeo Nylon Lifting Belt

Valeo’s nylon lifting belt is a highly flexible product that is deemed to be ideal for weightlifting, considering all its features.

1. Price/Quality 

This weightlifting belt has a price range that differs according to the size you choose, but overall, it has been reasonably priced for a good-quality nylon belt. This product has been positively reviewed for its quality, flexibility, and durability. 

2. Support

The belt stays on and provides full support while you perform heavy lifts. It reduces the stress applied to your spine and muscles by keeping them stable while lifting. The 4-inch thickness of this belt ensures that the pressure applied while lifting is evenly spread in your abdomen and lower back. 

Not only does it increase stability, but it also prevents injury and provides maximum support. You only need to make sure that you adjust the belt properly, or it could move up the torso while you squat, and nobody wants that to happen.

3. Comfort

This belt’s waterproof memory foam provides superior comfort during intense lifting by conforming to your body. Two of the belt’s key features are its brushed tricot lining and soft edges, which provide a lot of comfort when it is against your skin.

In some cases, the soft edges could also be a bit uncomfortable for the user. Overall, to sum it up, this belt does take care of your comfort.

4. Material and Stitching 

This nylon belt has a composition of 52% EVA foam, 25% polypropylene, 13% polyester, and 10% nylon. It is highly flexible, and it also has a cam buckle and locking ring for better adjustment. Furthermore, this belt can be washed by hand.

5. Package

The belt comes safely wrapped in a package, and it is easy to carry around with other objects in your gym bag.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Comes with waterproof memory foam
  • Affordable

Could be better:

  • Could ride up the torso during a lift if not adjusted appropriately
  • Edges could be uncomfortable

Valeo’s nylon lifting belt is a highly flexible product that is deemed to be ideal for weightlifting, considering all its features.

Material and Stiching:0

What is Valeo Lifting Belt for?

Valeo has numerous lifting belts that are all generally ideal for strength training, powerlifting, and fitness. These belts cover a wide range of exercises and are suitable for people with different kinds of fitness regimens.

Valeo belts are ideal for beginners and intermediate gym goers who are purchasing their first weightlifting belts. Similarly, they also make for a great training tool for competitive bodybuilders, weightlifters, and cross-fitters. These belts can be used for various exercises, including squats, deadlifts, rows, and pulls.


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Valeo Lifting Belt Alternatives

Valeo has some great lifting belts, but in case you decide to go for a different product, here are a few alternatives with their comparisons.

Valeo Lifting Belt vs WBCM Lifting Belt

WBCM Lifting Belt

Although you can use any belt according to your preference in the gym, one con that you might experience with Valeo weightlifting belts is that they are not approved for competitive powerlifting. But, this WBCM weightlifting leather belt, on the other hand, is approved by IPF and USAPL.

This belt is made from pure leather, and it has a heavy-duty buckle, thus, making it an ideal piece of equipment for bodybuilding and Olympic weightlifting workouts. With this lifting belt’s comfort and support, you will also see at least 10% increase in your best lifts.

Valeo Lifting Belt vs. Element 26

Element 26 Belt

Valeo has some amazing weightlifting belts, but this Element 26 weightlifting belt stands out due to its self-locking feature. The buckle is easy to use. It releases when you pull the roller, but it won’t ever open or slip down your waist during a heavy lift. 

The self-locking feature of this belt plays a crucial role in preventing injuries. Furthermore, its 4-inch thickness makes its design perfect for athletes, bodybuilders, and powerlifters. Also, this belt has been cleared to use for Olympic and fitness competitions.


What Size Valeo Lifting Belt Should I Get?

While choosing the ideal size of the belt, some lifters depend on their pant size, which is not the right thing to do since a lifting belt is always worn at or a bit above the belly button, and not on the hips.

If you want to choose a perfectly sized belt, measure your waist at your belly button without sucking your stomach in. When you get the measurement, check which size range is ideal for you.

How Do Valeo Lifting Belts Work?

The working of weightlifting belts is pretty straightforward. There are two types of belts, one that tightens with velcro and one that tightens with a buckle. For wrapping the velcro belt around your body, you need to thread the strap into the ring and pull it back according to the tightness you require. The harder you pull, the tighter it gets. 

For the belts with the buckle system, you need to thread the strap through the buckle and insert it into the hook according to how tight you want it. Once you adjust the tightness properly, you are ready to lift.


Valeo weightlifting belts are great for regular gym goers, but in terms of comfort and support, there are a few places where you could feel that these belts fall short. So, my top pick for the best weightlifting belt would be WBCM’s leather weightlifting belt. In the end, it all comes down to your specific requirements. Which weightlifting belt do you think is ideal? Let us know in the comment section. 

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