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WWC 2023, Day 5 – Women’s 59 kg Results: Chinese athletes reign the podium again, the Ukrainians Are following them up

The 5th day of the Qualifying competition in Riyadh was also marked by catchy moments and impressive results. Today we were following the dramatic performance in the category Women’s 59 kg which was remarkable due to the following spots.

Category   Gold Silver Bronze
Snatch 🇨🇳Luo Shifang 107 kg 🇺🇦Konotop Kamila 106 kg 🇨🇳Pei Xinyi 102 kg
C&J 🇨🇳Luo Shifang 136 kg 🇹🇼Kuos Hsing Chun 130 kg 🇺🇦Konotop Kamila 130 kg
Total 🇨🇳Luo Shifang 243 kg 🇺🇦Konotop Kamila 236 kg 🇨🇳Pei Xinyi 232 kg

Two female athletes from China, Luo Shifang and Pei Xinyi, and Kamila Konotop from Ukraine were in the Top 3 today by making their best to the podium. Let’s introduce you the Women’s 59 kg division medalists who showed us great lifts this evening:

WWC In Riyadh 2023 women's 59kg
WWC In Riyadh 2023 women’s 59kg

The gold medalist was Luo Shifang from China who dominated during this session, earning first place with her total of 243 kg, 107 kg in Snatch, and 136 kg in Clean & Jerk.


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Luo Shifang
Luo Shifang from China did a winning Snatch of 107 kg from the third attempt.

Kamila Konotop from Ukraine lost a chance to reign the category and took the silver medal by performing 236 kg totally, 106 kg in Snatch, and 130 kg in Clean & Jerk.

Pei Xinyi from China secured bronze with the results of 232 kg in a total, 102 kg in Snatch, and 130 kg in Clean & Jerk.

Luo Shifang
Luo Shifang performed her award-winning C&J of 136 kg.

This was another day of the Chinese athletes’ triumph by winning three golds and two bronzes. It seems that it’s impossible to leave China behind the podium. If you didn’t know, Luo Shifang had already won total gold in the same category at Tokyo 2021 with 233 kg total, 103 kg Snatch, an 130 kg – Clean & Jerk. Today, she managed to improve her prior results and become a gold medalist in Riyadh.

The Ukrainian lifter Kamila Konotop who won gold at the European Championship in Yerevan 2023 demonstrated almost the same results today. Her Snatch weight didn’t change, but she improved her C&J by one kilogram.

Luo Shifang, Konotop Kamila and Pei Xinyi
Luo Shifang, Konotop Kamila and Pei Xinyi

Speaking about Pei Xinyi, she gained gold at the World Championship in Bogota 2022, but competing in another division of 64 kg. She managed to set five youth WRs there. Also, Pei took silver at the Asian Championship in Jinju 2023 already in the 59 kg weight class and also set four junior WRs.

Unfortunately, Yenny Alvarez didn’t succeed today and didn’t get any medal. However, the Colombian athlete won gold at the World Championship in Bogota 2022.

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