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From Soccer to the Olympic Stage: The Rise of Hampton Morris

In the world of weightlifting, new stars are emerging, and one name that is rapidly gaining attention is Hampton Morris from Team USA. At just 19, Hampton has become a symbol of strength and record breaking, pushing the boundaries of what young athletes can achieve.

Join us as we explore the journey of this remarkable lifter, from his early days on the soccer fields to standing atop the world stage in Olympic weightlifting. Discover the passion, the drive, and the discipline that propels Hampton to gold medal after gold medal.

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Hampton Morris didn’t always know he would be a weightlifter. Growing up in Atlanta Georgia, he was immersed in a variety of sports, with soccer being his first love. As a child, he played in local leagues, running and scoring under the proud watch of his family.


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It was in his family’s garage-turned-gym where Hampton’s path took a decisive turn. Under the guidance of his father, Tripp, a former college soccer player, Hampton began to mimic weightlifting movements, showing early signs of what was to come.

Tripp noticed his son’s growing interest and passion for weightlifting. Encouraging him to pursue his newfound interest, they started training seriously when Hampton was around 12 years old. This marked the beginning of a journey that would steer away from the soccer fields and head towards the lifting platforms.

The support from his family is unwavering. As Hampton grew stronger both physically and mentally, his ambitions too began to soar, shaped by the early realization that weightlifting was his true calling.

Hampton Morris’s ascent in the weightlifting world has been nothing short of spectacular. From a curious child in a home gym to a commanding presence on the global stage, his journey is a testament to dedication and hard work.

The turning point came in 2017, at the Youth Nationals in Atlanta, where a young Hampton not only competed but dominated, catching the eye of none other than Pyrros Dimas, a legend in weightlifting. Dimas’s recognition was not just an accolade; it was a prophecy of the greatness that lay ahead.

Since then, Hampton has amassed an impressive collection of medals.

His first international meets were 2018 Youth PanAms where he clinched a bronze medal in total, competing in 50 kg weight class.

In 2019 he moved to the 61 kg weight category and started to collect all possible medals on his way.

In 2022 he won his first Champions title at Junior Worlds in Greece also lifting 160 kg junior world record in the Clean & Jerk.

Same year he stepped for the first time at the platform of the Senior World Weightlifting Championship in Colombia. At just 17 y.o with the solid 118 kg in Snatch and 157 kg he showed 15th result in the World. And this was a very promising start on the big stage.

Notably, he has clinched the gold at the PanAm Championships three times in a row from 2021 to 2023, a feat that speaks volumes about his prowess and consistency.

At 2023 Worlds in Saudi Arabia Hampton was in TOP 3 position in the starting list, but unfortunately bombed out in Snatch on 123 kg. Surprisingly this failure didn`t stop him and the USA coaching team from continuing this competition.

In C&J Morris easily opened with 163 kg and in the second attempt ordered 168 kg to beat a Junior World record. He was good in clean, but in Jerk it was not enough to secure the bar overhead.

Attempt number 3 was the last chance to rehabilitate his mistakes in snatch and to beat his Chinese rival – Olympic Champion Li Fabin in C&J. And he did it, as well as won Gold and set a new Junior World record C&J – 168 kg.

Morris Hampton at WWC 2023

By the way this record is not just numbers, it is a milestone that has propelled him to the forefront of the sport, marking him as the first American to claim a gold medal at the World Championships since 1972.

The road to the Olympic Games is paved with challenges and milestones, and for Hampton Morris, this competition was a crucial stepping stone.

To secure his Olympic spot, a few months later Hampton Morris competed at a very important qualification event for Paris 2024 – Qatar World Cup in Doha. This time he was able to complete only opening attempts – 122 kg in snatch and 170 kg in C&J.

By the way in C&J he was attempting to break world record in C&J 174 kg, but this time it was too heavy. As a result – bronze medal in C&J and 5th place in total.

Later, in 2024 Team USA made a decision to skip PamAms due to some political issues and instead unofficially participated in the Europeans in Bulgaria to get a chance to improve Olympic qualification total.

In snatch Hampton was a bit tight on his 122 kg opener and the bar was in front, but he was able to focus and in the second attempt secured this weight. Then the coaching team ordered 126 kg and Morris made a beautiful Snatch, setting a new PR in this exercise.

In C&J things went even better:

  • First attempt – 168 easy
  • Second attempt – solid PR 171 kg
  • Third one – +2 kilos and one more PR 173 kg and Total PR as well – 299 kg.
Hampton Morris at 2024 IWF European Championships

After this performance Hampton has already marked himself as a strong contender for Olympic Team USA. He has not only demonstrated his prowess but also accumulated essential points needed for an Olympic spot.

The last qualification event before Paris took place in late April in Thailand. This World Cup was mandatory for all lifters and was the last chance to improve competition for all who dreamed of stepping on the Olympic platform in August 2024.

Hampton’s strategy for the Olympic qualifiers is meticulous and calculated. He focuses on each competition one at a time, ensuring that he remains in peak condition and mentally prepared for the pressures that come with each event.

For this meet Hampton and his team prepared the best ever shape and even in the training hall a few days before the performance it was clear this athlete will lift Big.

He opened with 124 kg in snatch and right after set a new personal record 127 kg. Unfortunately, he missed 130 kg and as a result – 11th place in this exercise, as far as snatch is not his strongest side. Just to compare – his biggest rival Li Fabin from Team China set a World record – 146 kg.

Snatch event definitely set a mood for the C&J: the only way – rise the plank. Hampton decides to open heavy – 169 kg. And suddenly – no lift due to a small press out.

…high stakes, emotional pressure and huge responsibility.

Despite this, the coaching team went forward and ordered 172 kg – and Hamp made it. For the last attempt they put 176 kg on the bar to secure the silver medal in total and to win C&J setting the New World Record.  

Hampton Morris at IWF Weightlifting World Cup 2024
Hampton Morris at IWF Weightlifting World Cup 2024

This performance moved him to second place at the Olympic qualification ranking for Paris 2024.

Hampton Morris’s approach to training is both methodical and intense, reflecting the rigorous demands of elite weightlifting. Under the watchful eyes of his father, and national team coaches, including legends like Pyrros Dimas, Hampton’s regimen is tailored to maximize both strength and technique.

Guidance from seasoned professionals has been pivotal in Hampton’s development. His coaches not only refine his form but also instill a strategic mindset that Hampton carries into every competition.

Hampton’s philosophy is all about progression and resilience. ‘Take things step by step,’ he says. Whether it’s a missed lift or a tough training day, his focus is on moving forward, learning from each experience.

This mindset extends to competitions, where the pressure intensifies. Here, Hampton’s training and philosophy are put to the test, as he remains calm and collected, methodically approaching each lift with the same precision and focus that he practices daily in the gym.

It’s this combination of rigorous training, expert coaching, and a steady, step-by-step approach to challenges that keeps Hampton Morris at the top of his game, pushing the limits of what’s possible in weightlifting.

Away from the weightlifting platforms, Hampton Morris immerses himself in a different kind of culture – the rich world of coffee. An avid coffee enthusiast, Hampton explores the traditions and practices of coffee brewing, making it an integral part of his daily routine.

Hampton Morris at IWF Weightlifting World Cup 2024

This hobby not only relaxes him but also plays a crucial role in his competition preparation, providing a mental and physical boost.

But his interests don’t stop at coffee. Hampton also enjoys reading, delving into novels between training sessions, and listening to classic rock music, which helps him unwind and maintain a balance between his intense training schedule and personal life.

These pursuits showcase a different side of Hampton Morris, one that embraces a broad spectrum of interests that enrich his life and enhance his performance, proving that there is much more to this athlete than just his strength on the lifting stage.

This deep dive into Hampton’s life shows us that true champions are made not just by what they can lift, but also by the richness of their pursuits and the strength of their character.

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Join us next time for more incredible tales from the world of sports. Until then, keep pushing your limits, exploring your passions and remember – warm body cold mind.

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