Best Christmas & New Year’s Fitness Deals in 2024

The New Year is just around the corner, and many people (especially athletes) are preparing their fitness resolutions and yearly goals. To help you with your goals, we made sure to create an exceptional list of New Year’s fitness deals. Regardless of whether you want to create your home gym from scratch or simply buy a few pieces of fitness equipment, it’s always a good thing to save a buck or two.

Take advantage of the various New Year’s fitness offers below and transform your New Year’s gym resolutions from wish into reality.

New Year’s gym equipment deals – Let’s go!

Best Christmas Deals

TOROKHTIY Exclusive Coupon Codes

New Year’s Weightlifting Equipment and Gear Sales

  • WBCM: Use promo code TOROKHTIY to get a clean 10% discount on high-quality weightlifting gear.
  • Element 26: Use code OLEKSIYTOROKHTI to receive 10% off innovative lifting equipment.
  • ELEIKO: Premium weightlifting gear by a renowned brand.
  • 2pood: Use code OLEKSIY10 for a 10% discount on holiday mystery boxes and enjoy a 25% sitewide discount.
  • Iron Bull Strength (US): Enter code OLEKSIYTOROKHTI for a 10% discount on lifting gear in the United States & Canada.
  • Homegrown Lifting: Get 10% off homegrown weightlifting equipment by using code Torokhtiy.
  • Bells of Steel: Check for various great deals on bundles!
  • Barbell Jack: Use code torokhtiy to get 10% off core weightlifting equipment.
  • Rogue Fitness: Check for daily shipping deals, Hundo Pricing, and other hot deals on a wide range of gym items. 
  • Titan Fitness: Grab 20% off Husafell Stone Carry and up to a whopping 50% off selected equipment.
  • REP Fitness: Enter 12 days of Liftmas! From 12/12 until 12/24 (end of the day, MST). Chance to win the $3500 grand prize by building the dream rack build. Check the REP Instagram page!
  • Vulcan Strength: Grab amazing deals on top-quality training equipment.
  • Kensui Fitness: Use two promo codes to get amazing discounts. Code HOLIDAY20 for 20% off a total spending of over $300. And use code HOLIDAY for 15% off under $300.
  • GymReapers: Check for amazing discounts during the holiday season!
  • Rip Toned: Grab deals and discounts on various weightlifting accessories.
  • Tuffwraps: Free shipping on all orders above $99 (wrist wraps and gym apparel).
  • Living Fit: The holiday season gives you the chance to use various deals on fitness and wellness products.
  • Picsil: Christmas-designed wristbands + free shipping (in Europe) on all orders above $50.
  • Lifting Large: Discover many discounts on various quality lifting gear.
New Year With Sport

New Year’s Fitness Equipment Sales

  • NordicTrack (US): Holiday Sale – up to $700 off on Bike Commercial X32i!
  • ProForm: Up to $500 off on Treadmill Pro 9000 during the New Year’s sale!
  • Concept 2: Discover amazing deals during the holiday season!
  • Flybird: Seize the opportunity – 35% discount on all products!
  • RDX: A massive 50% off sitewide on MMA/boxing gear!
  • Xmartial: Use coupon code TOROKHTIY to get a 10% discount on martial arts equipment (apparel + gear).
  • Sunny Health & Fitness: Discover a plethora of discounts on quality home workout equipment.
  • WalkingPad: Grab amazing deals on both compact and foldable treadmills!
  • Enjoy an up to 30% discount sitewide, including special ‘buy 1 get 1’ deals (get JYM BCAA).
  • Urikar: Check for bewildering deals on a wide range of fitness apparel & equipment.
New Year’s Fitness Equipment

New Year’s Workout Recovery Equipment Deals

  • Achedaway: The code OLEKSIYTOROKHTI will give you $25 off weightlifting recovery tools!
  • Ice Barrel: Grab $150 off plus a free gift with purchase during the holiday sale!
  • Spartan Ice Bath: Code TORWOD will get you $100 off on orders above $500 (you’ll also find bundle discounts).
  • Fire Cold Plunge: A huge $1000 off on Fire Cold Plunge for post-workout recovery!
  • Renpho: Holiday Special – buy more and save more (up to 25% off)
  • OPOVE: Great deals on an amazing range of recovery tools.
  • Freebeat: Use this chance to save $300 on bikes. Spin for the holiday win!
  • Viribus: Save up to $480 on the Trio electric tricycle during the Christmas Sale!
  • Aipa Bike: A huge 42%($540) discount on the A2 Elite Folding Ebike + Spin the Holiday Wheel to get a chance to win a discount!
  • Lumi Therapy (UK): Use the code TORWOD for a lean 15% off on all orders over £100.
  • Deep Dive Wellness: 30% Christmas Sale + Free Shipping on various wellness products.
  • Ekrin Athletics: Use TOROKHTIY20 and enjoy a 20% discount on top of the 15% off during the holiday sale!!

New Year’s Supplement Deals

  • Cellucor: Get 3 free gifts along with your purchase, including e-books and sample stick packs.
  • Transparent Labs: Take advantage of New Year’s supplement sales and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $99! 
  • Bulk Supplements: Free shipping on orders above $59, with a variety of supplements available.
  • Future Kind: Discover juicy discounts on vegan-friendly supplements!
  • Myprotein: Take advantage of discounts using these two codes; code NEW45 45% off all products. Code BEST for a minimum of 50% off over 100 items and bestsellers, plus up to 60% off on activewear.
  • Enjoy an up to 30% discount sitewide, including special ‘buy 1 get 1’ deals (get JYM BCAA).
  • Huge Supplements: Limited Christmas product offer on the website. Check now!
  • Jacked Factory: Discover various limited Christmas deals and products.
  • Promix: Pick any 3 (or more) items and enjoy a 15% discount + free shipping!
  • Naked Nutrition: Limited New Year’s deals on products and a whopping 50% off on Protein Cookies. Yum!
  • Kaged: Get gift cards ranging from $20 to $100 by spending $100-$300!
  • 4gauge: Grab super deals on many fitness supplements.
  • Plant Fusion: Take advantage of the holiday season to get great deals on plant-based supplements.
  • Orgain: Find New Year’s specific limited products (including unique protein powder flavors).
  • Crazy Bulk: Use promo code SALE20 to get a nice 20% off bodybuilding supplements.
  • Legion: Up to 40% sitewide + $60 in free gifts on all orders over $99!
  • Iherb: Up to 60% off specials, and 20% off on cold/flu products (as well as other discounts).
  • Ora: Looking for organic supplements? Grab amazing deals and discounts during the holiday season.
Christmass Fitness Equipment

New Year’s Fitness Certification Course Sales

  • Take this opportunity to grab a massive 75% off on the Personal Trainer Bundle.
  • Use this chance to get 50% off certifications to boost your fitness career.
  • Get amazing deals on a wide range of fitness certification courses during the holiday season.
  • Kononov: Promo code TOROKHTIY will bestow a 30% discount on specialized lifting items.

New Year’s Fitness Apparel Sales

  • Under Armour: Grab an extra 30% off holiday-wants using code UAHOLIDAY (valid through 12/23)
  • Reebok: Save up to 50% on Nano, Club C, and many more styles by using the code GIFT.
  • On Running: Enjoy up to 40% discount on On Running products!


Is There Such a Thing as a New Year’s Sale in the Fitness Industry?

Of course! As with many other industries, New Year is a time of the year when you can expect and more easily find New Year’s exercise equipment deals. Companies capitalize on the surge of motivation towards health and personal fitness that customers usually have for the upcoming year. These deals are not limited just to gym gear, as you can often find New Year’s supplement deals as well.

What Fitness Brands Offer the Best New Year’s Deals?

Renowned names in the gym industry, such as Rogue Fitness, Titan Fitness, or NordicTrack, have a history of giving out promotions and having exceptional New Year’s fitness sales.

When Is the Best Time to Buy Fitness Equipment?

If you’re looking to save on gym equipment or fitness gear, you’ll be able to find deals throughout the whole year. However, the most attractive deals usually pop up at the beginning of the year. This is why New Year’s workout equipment sales are so sought after.


The New Year is the prime time to take advantage of various New Year’s fitness equipment sales. There are deals covering gym equipment, various supplements, as well as fitness gear such as shoes or clothing.

Regardless of what you’re looking to buy to kickstart your fitness journey or upgrade the existing setup, you’ll likely find amazing deals and New Year’s fitness equipment coupon codes that’ll benefit you in this article. New Year is a great time to start your gym adventure and invest into your health and general well-being.

Happy New Year!

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